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    a Chem panel

    b liver panel

    c kidney panel

    d VAP TM Cholesterol Test (10270X) Quest Diagnostics: Test Menu

    1 Comprehensive Metabolic Panel w/EGFR Comprehensive Metabolic Panel – Quest Diagnostics Patient Health Library

    2 CBC w/ diff

    3 iodine

    4 Calcium

    5 dioxide

    6 Chloride

    7 Copper, serum

    8 Ferritin

    9 Magnesium

    10 Potasium

    11 Selenium

    12 Sodium

    13 Zinc

    14 Alkaline phosphase

    15 ALT

    16 AST

    17 BUN/creatinine ratio

    18 Creatinine

    19 Globulin, calculated

    20 Protein Total

    21 Urea nitrogen

    22 Bilirubin, Total

    23 Bilirubin, Direct

    24 C-Reactive Protein (CRP), Highly Sensitive, CSF – (17401X)

    25 Fibrinogen

    26 Hematocrit

    27 Hemoglobin A1C

    28 Homocysteine, cardio

    29 Lipoprotein (A) Lp(A)

    30 Folate, Serum

    31 Cholesterol, Total

    32 HDL cholesterol

    33 cholesterol/HDL ratio

    34 LDL chol, calculated

    35 Triglycirides

    36 VLDL

    37 Vitamin A

    38 Vitamin B12, serum

    39 Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy LC/MS/MS

    40 T3 Free

    41 T3 uptake

    42 T3,Total

    43 T4,Free

    44 T4,Total

    45 TSH

    46 Glucose, fasting

    47 Insuline, serum

    48 PSA, Total

    49 PSA, %, free

    50 IGF Binding protein-3

    51 IGF-1

    52 Aldosterone

    53 Cortisol AM/PM

    54 DHEA sulfate

    55 Prolactin

    56 FSH

    57 LH

    58 Progesterone, LC/MS/MS

    59 Pregnenolone

    60 Estradiol, Free, LC/MS/MS (36169X) Quest Diagnostics: Test Menu

    61 /———————————— Estradiol, Free (Males (Adult): < or = 0.45 pg/mL )

    62 /———————————— Estradiol (Males (Adult): < or = 29 pg/mL)

    63 Estrogens, Fractionated, LC/MS/MS (36742X) Quest Diagnostics: Test Menu

    64 /———————————— 968-1**Estrone, LC/MS/MS

    65 /———————————— 968-2**Estradiol, Ultrasensitive, LC/MS/MS

    66 /———————————— 968-3**Estriol

    67 Estrogen, Total, Serum (439X)

    68 Testosterone, Free, Bio/Total (LC/MS/MS) Quest Diagnostics: Test Menu

    69 /———————————— Testosterone Total (included in T panel)

    70 /———————————— Testosterone Free(included in T panel)

    71 /———————————— Testosterone Bioavailable(included in T panel)

    72 /———————————— SHBG(included in T panel)

    73 /———————————— Albumin, serum(included in T panel)

    74 Dihydrotestosterone, Free, Serum (36168X) Dihydrotestosterone ng/dL (ADULT MALES: 25-75 )

    75 /———————————— DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE, FREE (DHT, Free pg/mL ADULT MALES: 1.00-6.20 )

    GDX ONE – Optimal Nutrition Evaluation

    Even if you are eating a “balanced” or healthy diet and taking supplements, your body could still lack vital and necessary nutrition. The easiest comprehensive nutrition test available, the ONE requires only the first urine sample of the morning. The ONE will help your doctor understand your individual diet and supplementation needs.

    This unique profile:

    Evaluates overall nutritional status of your patient

    Assesses the functional need for vitamins and minerals

    Provides specific personalized recommendations for supplementation

    Includes an innovative “Interpretation at a Glance”

    Concise-Easy Interpretation

    Provides clear personalized recommendations for treatment




    Essential co-factors

    Amino acids

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    Do you agree with the recommendations? Do you think that those tests are sufficient for the purposes of those here to perhaps find out what’s wrong with them?




    i recommend for everyone to print that list and show there doctors!




    I’m thinking of getting that blood work done at a LabSafe or something. Confusing wading through all their tests though to figure out which of their test “packages” I can put together to get all those tests at the best price possible.



    thats going to be over a 1000$ to get those lab work done.

    in the last 6 months i have got about 5000$ in lab work done all covered by insurance



    im now convinced, getting as much blood work as possible, it the only way to gain back health.

    i do think treating yourself can do some good, but 90%, its an uphill battle without an extensive blood testing.

    its important todo basic vitamin/mineral testing, fix if theres a problem.

    neurotranmitter testing. fix

    then test adrenal/thyroid function, fix if need be, this will raise other hormones

    everyone who has health insurance should take advantage of this.

    the more testing i do the more problems im seeing, and its getting better each day.




    No Insurance here, just a broke grad student who has to work two jobs just to get by….lol.



    you should be still coverred under your parents insurance if your a college student.



    this is a great test, my doctor just got this one for me. so my insurance will cover all of it.

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    can you make this a sticky plz

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