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    Sexual exhaustion is just a name for hormonal and neurotransitter imbalances. As long as your attitude is that SE is something more then that and special you will never take the proper steps to fix your issues. I guarentee you that you have issues in both areas. The only thing diffrent from us and other people with similar issues is that most of us got this as a result from abusing our bodies with drugs and overmasterbation where as others got it from genetic aging. Your job is to do these tests and figure out what exactly is not functioning properly in your body.

    If you still have a porn addiciton or a masterbationg addiction then install a porn blocker. Problem solved.


    1) Total Testosterone

    2) Bioavailable testosterone

    2) SHBG

    4) DHT

    5) Estrodial sensitive ( E2 Sensitive)


    6)Free T3

    7)Free T4

    8- RT3

    9) Total T3

    10) Total T4


    11) 4x saliva cortisol

    12) DHEA Sulfate

    13) Pregnenolone

    14) Progesterone

    These are the minimal baseline labs you MUST run if you want to actually fix this.

    Once you have these labs you will also have to pay out of pocket for a

    urine neurotransmitter test


    urine amino acid test

    to evaluate the status of your neurotransmitters.

    However fixing your hormones is more important and alot harder for the time being and you can leave neuros for last.

    Are you the one whos taking paxil as well to abstain? if your doing that ( or the person who is is reading this) you sould stop that because your only making your problems worse. Paxil is depleting and downregulating your dopamine only making your arousal and SE symptoms worse. And abstainging by itself is useless.

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here

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