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    i think i figured out my progress.

    started in august, and went on alpha gpc, 5-htp, zma, multi, then added glanduars, and bingo was nearly healed! at least 85% healed. ok so everything was great. then i started getting my old symptoms back about a month ago, would lose erection and get PE and all that stuff. now the thing i remember i was doing Urine Theapry, thats right. i believe when i was about 85% healed is the same time i was doing UT. and surprisingly when i stopped UT my exhaustion seemed to come back a bit. now the thing is, i recently started doing UT again, and wouldn’t you know i bounce back up to about 85% healed.

    i do believe the cod liver oil and borage oil nearly cured all my pain and pre-cum. I’m having my doubts about the alpha gpc, although 5-htp did make me feel good. I’m not sure about the glanduars, i think they make my urine more potent. I dont think Glandluars will cure someone but i think they deffintiyl help the process of healing. Oh btw the way, UT will only work if you get night/morning or spontaenous erections.

    i finally was able to clear this up.


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    UT will only work if you get night/morning or spontaenous erections.




    it will work just not as well..

    when you sleep you produce alot of Testosterone / HGH / sex Hormones, hense the erections while you sleep… your first morning urine is full of these chemicals.

    i wish everyone to try this and let me know if you notice any differences.




    Okay, since I’m relative new to this forum, I now found myself squeezing raw egg yolks into my morning Vanilla mix and this appears to have enormous health benefits… I’m also cycling with TongKat Ali but believe the eggs yolks may be more powerful… Still have to find a way to reduce the ejaculation frequency… (surely addicted in this dept) – Yeah I’ve tried the “no ejaculation” (even during intercourse) but that doesn’t last more than a week.

    Im fairly open to about everything (Heck I’d even blow myself if I could)…

    (who need a partner then… )

    …BUT WHAT THE HECK IS URINE THERAPY? (Let me guess – you drink your own morning urine?) – I see about 28,000 hits off google but interested what is the protocol for anyone who has done this>




    Max, I thought in one of your previous posts some time back I read that before your recovery you had no morning/spont. erections and when you had one it was only about 70%.

    so you think the UT gave you back these erections?



    well, i suppose i should clear that up.

    i always got a weak morning or night erection, i dont think UT really helped with that as much as giving me a hard erection when i wanted. i think like cod liver oil and glanduars and egg yolks really helped get daily good morning erections.

    i think everyone should try UT.



    i emailed to dr.lin a bunch of times, he highly recommends UT for good sex life, he said he has done UT with great successs.



    so you think alpha-GPC is totally useless



    no i think its great.

    id recommend it to those who dont eat egg yolks, if you eat egg yolks its probably wont help to much.



    oh ok

    what was your ejaculation frequency like during this healing period?




    I just read that you should never use first stream in the AM but should catch mid stream in AM and never use late PM… I assume that you start out slowly or better yet mix it with some other liquid?


    How did you start this program and what is the maintenance?



    i have tried it once but didn’t do the mid-stream thing. definitely morning urine and not anytime else. i think its really good but maybe better if done when you are closer towards your healing.



    im starting monday..

    ive tried it just once before.. one drop…. was like an ocean compressed into one drop which gave the same amount of salt

    ive read you can drink it anytime.. morning is best and if you drink it at night it will keep you awake



    ejaculation once per week, i use todo it once every 2 weeks, i may go back to that.

    i did UT for a little while then stopped, then started back up again a few weeks ago. Start small then increase to desired amount.



    by the way Max did AUS customs give you problems with Alpha-GPC when you bought it?

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