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    Regular excersize plays a large part in neurochemisty and has been proven to be the best way to elevate neurochemicals such as serotonin and dopamine. The plan now is to join the gym, start off slowly and eventually start going almost daily! This along with a healthy diet I beleive could be the answer. Has anyone even tried this? It seems we are all relying on miracle drugs and supplements. We all know in todays society we have poor diets with no nutritional value – so how are our bodies suppose to recover without proper nutrition.

    I have also kept track of my ejaculations this year and it appears by the end of this year I will have ejaculated on an average of 52 times, which works out to once a week but I have actually masturbated more in certian months than others and not at all during some. I plan to cut my ejaculations by half next year and regulate it to every 2 weeks.

    I beleive this with healthy diet and excersize could be the answer, but before I get too into it I want to know if any of you have tried this.

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    this should help but if you have a thyroid problem, diet is basically useless.

    i spent 4 years on diets and supplements with little results, then i found out i had hashimotos.

    only if i would of got blood work 5 years ago




    Max, how is thyroid linked with erections? In your case if you fix your thyroid problem do you expect to recover from SE?




    thyroid is more important for erections than testosterone.

    needed 5 grains of armour to help him.

    im only at 2 grains of armour and i’m noticing i can last much longer.

    also mentally im completely different, i go out alot more, i talk to random women in the mall and im actually seeing a girl right now.

    i also found out i have very low iron levels ( low ferritin ) getting my ferritin up will help me out alot.

    im actually planning on writing a whole recovery plan in the next month or so.




    wow… thanks Max.

    can u tell me where you got armour from? is it like a herb? your erections are improving after you started taking that?



    How do I know if I have a thyroid problem? Plus, how do you know you were on the correct diet?



    the diet and exercise are critical. sometimes though, and if you have a hormonal problem, you might need more than that. but that is a good basis. i would add massage to that list as well.



    max it sounds like you are almost recovered…a sluggish thyroid can also increase prolactin levels… i am wondering if your latest blood test would show a drop..i need to work on my thyroid…sluggish thyroid also causes more liver damage and vice versa…i might go down the route of armour eventually when all is said and done.



    thyroid disorder is becoming an epidemic, espeically in america.

    maybe all the soy and processed foods?



    IF someone has a thyroid problem, are they going to have to stay on Armour for life?



    maybe, i have heard of people be able to come off thyroid meds.

    but i think alot have to take it for life.

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