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    I’m new here and first of all I would like to express my appreciation for the wealth of information present on this forum. I have learned a great deal so far from reading existing posts.

    I would to ask a question about an recovery times and phases, even though I understand that they are different for everyone.

    Here is a brief background. I’m in my mid twenties, been over-masturbating for at least 5 yrs and probably earlier too. Over time, it has interfered with many aspects of my life including: no spontaneous erections, weak erections prior to intercourse, often erection loss during intercourse, sexual insecurity, muscle weight loss, etc…

    Mostly due to extensive exposure to porn… surfing/downloading for hours while masturbating, with/without orgasm, often trying to masturbate again even if my penis is no longer erect.

    Over the last few months, I started having additional problems problems with PE and leakage. Knowing that porn use and masturbation are the causes, I have tried to quit many times. The longest I ever made it was a month.

    Here is what I have learned so far:

    – it’s hard to make it through that first 1-2 weeks without porn

    – normally the first thing to recover are nightly/spontaneous erections, weak at first.

    – after the intitial recover stage, my libido drops (testosterone drop? – often leading me to wonder if everything is ok and falling back to masturbation again…)

    – over time erections start to get stronger.

    – after a while the enjoyment/desire for porn goes away, and seem replaceable by “normal” masturbation or sexual interactions. Hoewever I always manage fall back into porn. When I do, it actually feels like I have to “train” or “break” myself into it again. But then, it’s back to square one.

    A few questions. Where does PE and leakage fit into the recovery picture? (I haven’t noticed this happening before). What is the most difficult/lengthy element to regain during the recovery? is it hard erections, PE or leakage? Or doea it all just sort of come back at the same time?

    Also, aside from abstinence or limited masturbation, what are the best ways to speed up the process?

    I consider myself to be in very good physical shape and work out often (cardio/weights,4-5x/week). I dont sleep enough. I do eat healthy, but I am a bit cautious about loading up on various suupplements affecting hormone levels. Is it safe, or does it create additional risks for liver, etc?

    I apologize if I am asking questions that have already been asked before. I have been reading as much of the forum as I can, but it’s difficult to process so much information. Any help/comments/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    first welcome to the forum.

    in regards to the recovery period, and this is my personal experience, it takes a good year or so for a severe case. which one comes first or last, not too sure really. my libido recovered very quickly at the beginning but it was the last to achieve the so-called ”final stage”. erections improved more gradually than libido. same with PE

    are there are any boosters that accelerate the process. sure there is.



    What do you mean by leakage?

    If you can, it’d be a good idea to get a full hormonal/thyroid test done either from ZRT if you want to spend the money or go to your doctor.

    It’s a good idea to avoid supplements as long as possible, trying to first get better through good whole food, rest and abstaining to see if you regain your health back, then finally begin to add some supplements. You should definitely take fish oil and lots of it (carlson liquid). If you use cod liver oil use it only in moderation.

    Usually once you fix your weak erections, this usually fixes the PE problem. But each problem of SE is related in some way.

    The best ways to heal besides quitting masturbation, I fun sunbathing to be extremely beneficial (usually in morning or evening hours when sun isn’t to hot)also it is best to keep active by doing fun actives with family and friends, pick up a hobby, I recently started to play guitar, nature walks, start doing yoga or some form of meditation. You have to keep your mind in a peaceful state as much as possible. Also it’s best to avoid things such as TV, newspaper, computer, etc. all forms of media or limit these to 30 minutes each day, i recently read the average american spends 4 hours watching TV daily, so if you sleep for 8hrs, work 8rs, watch TV 4hrs or comptuer 4hrs, there little time to spend with family and friends and other loved ones.



    Thank you for your responses and the tips you’ve provided. It may take some time, but I am very determined to turn things around.


    what I mean by leakage is large volume of pre-cum, also affecting PE and erection. I will check on the fish oil.

    Thank you again for the information.



    Do you have leakage during sleep or when your not being aroused?



    no. i do get it quite a bit when even partially aroused though. i might be confusing the ‘leakage’ terminology here…




    You have made good observations so far. Also the hints and tips already given by Blueshark and Max are good.

    Remember that, when you are exhausted, your body is extremely weak and is very sensitive to all kind of things that normally does not cause problems. These include food insensitivity, allergies, prone to excessive stressing, mental fatique and depression, low in stamina…general weakness.

    Gradually when you will get better, you should notice increased energy levels and you will gain your sexual and bodily forces back the keeps you in good mood and strong.

    If you feel very depressed, weak or have terrible symptoms after masturbating/ejaculating, there is no other option that limit the ejaculation frequency greatly. Ejaculating/masturbating when recovering will rob the body and internal organs/glands from their most vital substances and energies, leaving you exhausted and low in energy afterwards. This will also happen in all men, if they are weak, no matter what is the true cause of their diseases and imbalances.

    The basic tips I get to mind this time are:

    -avoid excessive ejaculation/sex/masturbation/porn for few months in the beginning, and afterwards have great self-discipline how often you can afford to ejaculate. Take this advice now, so you will not have to start over and over again during the coming weeks and months. What is good frequency, depends on the person but based on the info now, I would suggest once every two weeks – 1 month for person trying to recover or gain extra energy reserves. Again, listen to your body.

    -eat well prepared, tasty and versatile diet every day. Eat when hungry, drink when thirsty. Avoid eating other times and also in the evenings. If some foods / supplements makes you feel worse or gives symptoms, then avoid doing and taking it. Finding the own path is the solution. Remember, anything too much is against the nature and will cause problems.

    – whole body massage and stretching every evening. This is to ensure smooth flow of energy and blood in the internal organs and whole body, and to stimulate the lymphatic system. If there are physical stagnations and blockages in the body, it can cause various diseases to arise and cause the recharging to not happen. Walking is terrific exercise too. Avoid too hard exercise to not load extra burden to your already weak parasympathetic nervous system.

    – avoid complex and negative emotional states. We know, that some mental stresses like death of a relative, great sorrow, self-caused hate/anger can literally ruin ones health so even when having tough times, it is recommend to practice positives self-talk, meditation and whatever means to avoid not feeding the negative emotions consciously.

    -take the recovering easy. The above mentioned and all exercises / methods should not take more than 15 – 30 minutes every day to practice. I prefer practicing and relaxing in the evening when going to sleep. The healing process must not come a new stress in your life. Do not stress too much about anything, you will get better.

    -doing the own research and trying to figure out the own path in every aspects of life, is part of the healing process and key to succeeding and introducing happiness to ones life. Do not worry too much about what others do while healing

    – make serious reasoning now and then, is your health getting better or worse, are you increasing or losing energy. This way you can keep track on what works and how you should live to get maximal results.

    Ps. Losing the libido after week or few weeks after last ejaculation is completely normal. My libido usually peaks few days after ejaculating, then gets low for a couple of days. After that the libido and sexual energy rises or gets stronger, weaker based on ‘no one knows exatcly’. If you feel better and get healthier, you are not harming your body. It can be possible though if you are pushing an already tired horse with various stimulating substances and supplements which acts like drugs so avoid these approaches too.



    I would be careful with this advice, yingyang. I would recommend releasing the emotion, exspecially the bad/frightening ones.

    If you try to ignore them and don’t face the truth and surpress the negative emotions, THAN they cause illness and maybe even Sexual Exhaustion, because as your unconsicous is overloaded with negative emotions, it creates physical or mental illness to distract you from your unconscious emotions.

    Surpressing your emotions can be REALLY harmful, better accept whatever you feel and let it out.



    thanks for all the responses, guys.

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