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    I urinated in a empty water bottle one night because I was too lazy to go to the bathroom. the next day I looked at the urine in the water bottle it seemed regular nothing irregular. well I left the urine in the bottle a couple days later I look at it my urine has like small red flakes at the bottom of the bottle . is that normal , is it blood ? , idk or any indication of infection or something.

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    U left urine in a container for that many days. That could be the reason why it looked like that.



    i think its normal since there is a certain number of normal blood in urine , once you have lefted it for days then the blood cells, otherwise why dont you do a regular urine test or a full checkup for urine and prostate to see if there is any infectioninjury or bacteria.



    ok I was just wondering I never left urine that many days before and didnt knwo was it natural or not. when I have done urine test and etc everything always comes back fine.



    piss in a bottle again

    let it stand there for a couple days

    report back again

    problem solved

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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