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    About 6 months ago I went to my doctor complaining about severe social anxiety and he advised I take citalopram. I was desperate at the time to do something so I took it. I have been on an extremely low dose of this drug compared to most people, but I noticed it improved my sexual function. I could last a little longer and I was’nt quite so horny all the time, therefore I had better control. Anyway, I have been comming off the medication for the past 2 weeks and I have noticed I am ejaculating for too easily now, perhaps after a minute or 2 during masturbation. This has never happened to me before and it is a very strange sensation.

    Have any of you here ever taken SSRI medications? Apparently this side effect happens to less than 10% of people who take it and they believe there is no cure. If this is the case then I am truely screwed. I wish I never taken these damn SSRI’s in the first place. The withdrawl symptoms are horrible, I keep getting palpitations, my head keeps spining, I feel faint and I feel really low. This is the last time I listen to a doctor and take any of their shitty medications. Here I am most days on this board preaching about natural medicines. Sadly I did’nt have this knowledge or opinion at the time I took the doctors meds!

    Here is an article I have found on the subject of SSRI’s and sexual dysfunction:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    I hope this side effect dissapears! It looks like my healing could be more of a challenge for me…

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    sorry to hear that…what i would do is completely go off all the doctors subscriptions and just build urself up naturally…and remaining celibate is very important…i havent ejaculated in 19 days now and i feel a major effect on me combined with all the supplements and healthy food im taking…im sure you know all this…im sure with your knowledge you will overcome this problem:)



    You could last longer on it and not horny all the time because of the serotonin increase.

    lol at the side effects happening to less than 10% of people, more like more than 90%

    You can’t last now probably because of a weak erection due to the side effects of the anti-depressant. Try milk thistle + a multi-vitamin for a while and stay away from anti-depressants

    By the way I suffer from social anxiety too



    Exactly, the serotonin increase supposedly suppresses hornyness.

    Thanks for the milk thistle advice, I seen it on Dr. Lin’s website and he recommends milk thistle for ex-SSRI persons to detox the liver. I have actually just bought a book called the liver detox diet and im hoping to do a full detox diet for 10 days. It should include many more benefits, including better absorbtion of vitamins and nutrients and hopefully cure this horrible side effect. I dont think the drugs effected my erection strength, but it has certianly made it harder to maintain one. Damn drugs!!

    How is your social anxiety? I feel I have much better control now and I dont believe it has anything to do with the SSRI’s either. I tried a high glutamate diet for a while and it felt as though it did wonders for my stress control.



    Oh man it’s pretty bad.



    I feel your pain brother. I will rise above it one day I hope!

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