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    Hey guys,

    I’m new to this site, but not so with SE–my first bout with SE was in 2000 (freshmen year in college) worst possible time. I was on my way to regular sex, girlfriends, the whole bit. Of course, I didn’t know what it was at the time. I thought I busted my organ. This caused me to clench my abdominals; you know they say you keep your stress and emotion in your stomach. So true. The stress levels were up and I was constantly clenching my stomach, which caused body pains in my stomach/testicles and penis. The symptoms from this were what is commonly known as prostatitis. In actuality, it was chronic pelvic pain syndrome from being stressed out all the time and clenching my gut. If you’re curious about this, there’s a great book called, Headache in the Pevlis: Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome. But let’s be clear, I was always a heavy masturbator. But it didn’t seem to matter too much until college.

    It all started when I was 1) masturbating way too much (my first experience having a computer/my own dorm room/access to internet porn) 2) experimenting with sexual enhancement (penile ballooning, jelqing and kegel exercises–forced testosterone into my prostate causing enlargement thus freaking me out like crazy). After that, I was officially out of commission. My organ was hardened and hurt. It hurt just being up against my pants. Then I plunged into a huge depression–luckily I was in college, so I had plenty to distract me from my problems. I focused on classes and my fraternity. Stayed at school an extra two years in graduate school and the problem continued. It wasn’t until I came home that I finally had some time to think about how to fix my problem.

    Once home, I started going on a strict diet where I couldn’t eat any chicken, unless it was steamed. The diet regimen was supposed to be in conjunction with these chinese herbal supplements. They did seem to be working, but they were far too expensive (after taking 1 round of the supps, I still wasn’t healed–then they told me it might take more than 2 rounds). I said a hearty no to that. It was way too involved. So that’s when I did the master cleanse and had nothing but lemon juice, maple syrup with a pinch of cayenne pepper for about a week. The problem was this did little to help my problem. It was during this time that I considered flying to China to have an operation (I thought that my problems were due to prostate calcification and there was an expensive operation to fix this). Luckily, I didn’t do that. There’a a whole other forum on the net that discusses this by the way. Yeah, it’s been a while. . .

    Anyway, after I realized that I was suffering from sexual exhaustion (by this time, I surfed back to Dr. Lin’s website, finally forgiving him and the website for what I thought were irreversible damage). So I took some of his supplements, but these really didn’t help unless taken consecutively for at least two months. Unfortunately, I could never bring myself to do this and not masturbate.

    But I found this document on the net that talked about replacement vital nuturients in my brain naturally via food supplements that were completely safe and relatively inexpensive. This is when I started taking brewer’s yeast and lecithin granules, along with plenty of liquid fish oil and anti-oxidants (orange juice, blueberries, blackberries etc.), coral calcium, B complex and Vitamin D (oh yeah, and I stopped drinking milk). This was the first time that I felt something was actually working. I stomped lifitng for a while and did mainly pushups and pullups, squats with no weights and pilates. This worked. I was the best I’d ever been, but not 100%.

    The problem with this was I celebrated prematurely thinking that I was okay, starting up masturbating again and lifting heavy. Now I’m back (not quite to square 1, but a few steps back). And I haven’t figured out how I can control my sexual urges. I would go for a while not doing it, but the moment I slipped, I would continue to fall all the way down. I don’t know what this cycle would look like within the bounds of a sexual relationship because I’ve never really had one. I’m not a virgin, but I’ve only had sex once with this 35 year old divorcee with two kids. I met her in church of all places, but that’s neither here nor there.

    Point is, I’m 26 and I’ve never really experienced true intimacy with a woman I’ve loved and I feel like I’m developmentally handicapped compared to other guys my age. And I have masturbation to thank for all of this. I first started when I was thirteen. I think I was the first of my friends to start. My dad gave me a stack of mags and considered that our sex talk. I don’t know. Growing in sexually repressed America and growing up Protestant didn’t help in any case.

    So I finally have upped my social skills enough to be able to have relationships with women and have enough faked confidence (for the times when I feel the symptoms of SE) to be able to make a good impression. But I’m still falling backwards at times and finding myself in a rut, so I need help. I went to a sex addicts support group, but that really was a waste of time. Probably because my understanding of it is more a result of biochemical imbalance, which I see a lot of you guys on this forum as accepting more than the lack of God in my life. Honestly, maybe a combination, but I think actually putting the time in to educate myself and allow time for recovery using this forum and other things is better than prayer alone.

    Well, now I have the knowledge to recover finally after 8 years and it’s just a matter of actually allowing myself to do that without falling into masturbatory habits. I acknowledge that this is the source of my problems, though. Once I’ve recovered, I’d like to get a girlfriend because masturbation is boring to me now and sex can actually work as a healing power, as Dr. Lin suggests. I offically vow not to look at any more porn and only fantasize about women in my life. In fact, I vow that I will only ejaculate when having sex. Otherwise, I will force my sexual energy into other productive areas of my life I’d like to develop. Honestly, I am too much of a deviant because I have wasted so much time thinking about sex and how to get it that it’s embarrassing; I could have been doing something worthwhile with my time, you know.

    The good part about all of this is that I no longer suffer from depression no matter how bad the situation and I can truly be proud of myself for getting through all of this crap. It’s only a matter of time now.

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    holy shit man what a story especially about the operation part

    since you have money for going to china and doing operations and was in collega, you might as well visit this website:

    and order the cortisol 4x and dhea in saliva labs to rule out if you have adrenal insuffiency

    or go to a good doctor and tell him your problem and get treated

    where are you located? might find a good doc for you



    I probably do have adrenal insufficiency, but it doesn’t interest me to find out exactly how deficient I am. But thank you for the thought. Actually, I’m taking Schizandra, which is supposed to replenish the adrenals.

    As for the doctor, I’ve been too many, believe me. Urologists, all of them. They have no clue as to what sexual exhaustion is. Western medicine doesn’t acknowledge it. They tell you it’s all in your head and you should just go out and ‘get laid’. That’s really what one of my doctors said. Yeah, it was a joke. If you meant psychologist, I’ve seen one of those too. He was marginally helpful, just to be able to kind of bounce back what I was saying to allow me to hear it. And ‘accept yourself’ is what I got out of it.

    But medical doctors don’t really understand any of this stuff; at least in my experience. Maybe you’ve experienced different.

    Oh, and don’t be fooled by the fact that I went to college. I am broke like everybody else.



    Oh and I’m from the New York area, so this is supposedly where all the good doctors are.



    im not broke man

    and there are also a set of good doctors and you just don’t know them

    so if you’re still interested in your non regular doctor or urologist or endocrinologist who haven’t a clue about hormones please let me know i will try to find one

    i am trying to feel what you are healing..

    do you really want all your hormones to be balanced or do you only want to get rid of pain in the pelvic/pubic area?

    if the first, then i can help you find a good doc and you won’t be wasting your money

    o yeah.. schizandra is good stuff, it’s in reset ad which i used with great success

    but comparing schizandra to something like hydrocortisone, is well….



    rennie are you willing to come down to philla, PA to see my doctor?



    i don’t know the distances and states and cities in USA because im from the netherlands, but that would be the best option indeed to go visit the doc and health consultant Max is visiting at the moment

    otherwise you can find some good docs on this link, via zip code:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    i am still waiting for some other ppl to give me some names in NYC itself, if i have them ill let you know



    [quote=””]im not broke man

    I was just joking around, but not really. There’s actually a financial crisis around here. It’s not pretty. I work on the college level and a lot of students won’t be able to afford tuition pretty soon because financial institutions aren’t lending out money. It was a little inside joke for Americans.

    and there are also a set of good doctors and you just don’t know them

    so if you’re still interested in your non regular doctor or urologist or endocrinologist who haven’t a clue about hormones please let me know i will try to find one

    Hey, if you know of someone who acknowledges that sexual exhaustion is real and exists, then please let me know. I would be glad to talk to them.

    i am trying to feel what you are healing..

    do you really want all your hormones to be balanced or do you only want to get rid of pain in the pelvic/pubic area?

    So, what you’re asking is how I am going about healing myself. Well, I’m glad you asked. I’m doing the following:

    -trigger point massage on my abdomen to improve circulation and remove blockage from chronic pelvic pain syndrome–have found this to work well. Right now, my pelvic pain is back a little because of SE, but it was gone for a while. And even right now, is still pretty good.

    -good diet (fruits, veg, no milk, no red meat) and moderate exercise (pushups, pullups, pilates)

    -no masturbation or porn (starting now)

    -supplements: coral calcium, b complex, schizandra, korean ginseng, cordyceps, brewer’s yeast, lecithin granules, antioxidants from orange juice, blackberries, blueberries, liquid fish oil, ZMA, mucuna pruriens, and 5 HTP.

    -sex with girlfriend, once I get one.

    -lots of rest


    My goal is to be completely recovered 100% like I was before all this happened. I’ve experienced very close to this, but have fallen back into my problem again. I believe it’s possible to do this without the expensive interference of doctors in terms of time and money–but in the case I’m wrong and won’t be able to completely heal without some kind of hormone replacement therapy, then I’m willing to hear what you guys have to say. But at the same time, I hear HRT causes your balls to switch off and stop producing T–which is why I usually go for the more natural course.

    So, what specifically do you think my plan is missing? I’m not understanding what exactly a doctor would have to offer me. The top urologist in NYC didn’t know what I was talking about when I spoke to him.

    Are you thinking that maybe I caused my body to be like hypothyroid person’s body, so I should take armour?

    I’m not sure what you guys are trying to say to me.



    Max, who is your doctor? And does he acknowledge sexual exhaustion? What kind of treatment is he giving you? I don’t have any insurance right now, so probably not, but I’m willing to hear you tell me more about this person. Thanks.




    okay now that you mention the financial crisis yes im aware of it

    there are doctors out there who may or may not acknowledge sexual exhaustion exists, but they do acknowledge that your issues may stem from a lack of hormones

    that said replacing hormones until undefined organ starts producing it again or replacing what undefined organ can not make would be helpful in restoring the body’s balance

    your assumption on hypothyroid is entirely correct

    suppose someone has not a thyroid gland, would you tell the person to not take hormones?

    so, likewise, we must acknowledge that we may have done too much damage to our bodies, to recover from by natural means at hand

    therefore requiring a doctor who can analyze the case carefully, i.e. taking blood, urine or saliva samples

    these samples then would tell you EXACTLY where the deficiency and/or problem lies

    concluding from this line of reason, a doctor might prescribe adrenal hormone replacement until functioning of adrenal glands is back to normal

    following this line of thinking, suppletion with adrenal hormones might improve the thyroid’s function

    this is monitored by, yet again, blood, urine, or saliva samples

    following results may or may not warrant further treatment

    when it does warrant further treatment, one might add in thyroid hormone and continue to keep on evaluating the numbers until optimized

    finally one might question if testosterone levels have risen enough to a marker which has proven high enough for good sexual activity

    for certain a lab value within range would make one suspect one has good possibility for sexual activity

    ranges vary though and being low on a range is like being low on money, it is not good

    therefore if one would assume a level of 650 ng/dl is normal for total testosterone, a level of 200 ng/dl would make one wonder if one is fit enough for sexual activity

    many times this has not been the case for many a man

    a doctor could help in this case by adding in artificial testosterone to the body, bringing back the body into homeostasis

    one could then reason, if the testicles do not produce testosterone, will they stop producing it all together?

    also, this is unfortunately true, but doctors have found a sidekick to assist the boys in not shrinking down to grape sized peanuts

    this miracle is called HCG, stimulating the testis to produce testosterone, ALONG with the testosterone which is added to the body

    finally one has reached a state of equilibrium

    this glorious moment is celebrated with sexual lovemaking

    to keep doing this glorious activity it is helpful to, in accord with a doctor, keep monitoring hormone levels in the body

    the above requires indeed an expert doctor, and some patience on your side as well

    but will it be worth it in the end?


    one could also try and endeavour on one’s own to keep messing around with different supplements, and taking perhaps false conclusions, continually prolonging healing and getting frustrated

    therefore my friend, take the plunge to yet again find a doctor, a competent doctor

    we will be by your side in suggesting such a doctor

    the dream of having a fully normal functioning body isn’t too real for some of us here, and taking good food alone and your basic supplements will not prove enough, trust me

    whatever ye decideth, good luck on your journey my friend



    You might wanna visit the below one in NY, i am not sure the distance from NYC to NJ, but some more are here:

    Aleksandr Martirosov, DO

    31-00 Broadway

    Fair Lawn, New Jersey 07410

    (210) 475-5006


    Family Medicine

    Addiction Medicine

    Anti-Aging Medicine

    Ostheophatic Medicine


    Forward J Brent MD

    195 US Hwy 46

    Mine Hill, NJ 07803-3163



    Patrick Barrett DO


    4568 Sunrise Hwy Oakdale, NY 11769-1012

    in case I need new doc, good one to ask for reference,

    (84.8 mi – about 1 hour 42 mins (up to 2 hours 20 mins in traffic)

    he works with a lot of bodybuilders, hes a DO and hes a GP




    I appreciate your help. You are a good man. I’ve thought about what you said and it’s starting to make sense to me. It really shouldn’t take more than a couple months for the body to heal from ANYTHING, so why so with SE? There must be something that is undermining the healing process. And why is it that once we are healed, or so we think, that we tend to fall back into having symptoms? Because we aren’t fully healed and/or healthy enough for sexual activity, or for our bodies to properly monitor/modulate our sexual system. It makes sense.

    And now that you mention it, I do recall my doctor saying that my T was on the low side of low about a year or two ago. But the thing is, they just think that some people are high and some are low; they never think that it’s becasue of something else. I am a high T person. I always have been, so this is clearly not normal.

    What you are talking about sounds a lot like Suzanne Somers book about bio-identical hormone replacement. I remember reading that book and thinking that it was only for old people, but clearly I was wrong. I want to look into this, but I want to do it as cheaply and intelligently as possible. I want to avoid artificial hormones if I can. To be honest, this is the only course of action I haven’t taken. And I hope you’re right about it. By the way, are you talking from experience when you say that this will cure me, or are you saying it should cure me “in theory”?

    At this point, I hope I haven’t prematurely aged my body to the point where I can’t get it back to where it was–but hopefully not becaue I am still relatively young.

    I’m going to do some research about this and talk to some people, maybe some that you recommend. Thanks again.

    By the way, why isn’t there a topic-heading about Hormone Replacement as a viable option on this forum. We should create one.




    yes it works, i take hydrocortisone

    blood pressure became 120/80 again in three days, instead of my low 90-100/60

    it cured a lot of my fatigue

    also dhea i use, this supported my adrenals

    see my before and after labs from hydrocortisone and dhea

    phenomenal increases

    working on finetuning some more values, and yes i can have sex now, but it still can be better, still finetuning



    Wow, that’s really fantastic. I’m glad for you.

    Could you tell me how long you’ve been on the treatment? What kind of gains have you made? And why do you feel that it could be better?

    Also, what kind of DHEA do you use? I heard that snythetic DHEA is actually harmful to the body.

    And where can I get hydrocortisone? Can I get it at a vitamin shop, or do I need a doctor’s prescription?




    half a year about now, less fatigue better boners, i am still improving i did damage to my body and that took years now im recovering its not done in six months

    dhea from my pharmacy, no synthetic is not harmful

    from the internet or better yes from your doc



    hey all,

    a little update: i’ve added licorice root extract, royal jelly and dhea, pregnonelone and progesterone to my supps. all is legal in the US and i have not consulted any doctors at all (i’ve been led by my gut instincts). i take small amounts. i’ve also started eating raw egg yolks every day. with the exception of 1 time, i’ve kept my promise to myself about not masturbating. and i feel a lot more alive and energetic. the world seems brighter and filled with possibilities.

    mentally, i’ve avoided lustful thoughts and negative thoughts, I’ve stopped listening to the radio, watching t.v. and I watch far fewer movies than I used to. amazingly, this has been good for my overall health. thanks, yingyangparantaja. and i’ve stopped lifting heavy weights. my muscles are leaner and i’ve lost weight; part of the reason why is because i eat less and don’t mix certain foods to allow better absorption/digestion i.e. no mixing animal protein and starch or high-sugar fruits–high-sugar fruits eaten alone, starch only eaten with veggies. i notice that i when i follow this routine, it takes less food to give me energy and my stomach digests things a lot faster.

    when i wake up in the morning, i feel like my parasympathetic allowed real healing to take place (because I’m in such a deep sleep, I don’t even recall having a dream sometimes). i feel rested and rejuvenated. my muscles are not sore and actually feel flexible and lighter. i have floaters in the morning, but they subside somewhat as the day goes on.

    i spend more time thinking about useful things, like what i want to do with my life, hobbies, interests and things that i enjoy. i’ve gone on some dates with girls and have had a good time. the only problem is, when they see my lifestyle and eating habits so different than theirs, they get disturbed and see me as being very strange. so it’s been hit and miss. i’m still single, but i’m making my rounds.

    on a side note, where do you guys suppose we can have the greatest success in finding women who share our interests and passions? to me, a lot of women have a passion for money or eating out or shopping or drinking expensive mixed drinks (at least in my experience). and i feel a lot of us are on this forum because we are very sexual beings. i would like to find that in a mate. a girl who loves sex. i don’t think we’d be able to connect if we didn’t have that in common (among other things of course). but maybe women in general aren’t programmed that way. what do you guys think? because i come across very touchy-feely and with a genuine interest in sex (not being crude, though) and the women i see don’t. just a thought.

    anyway, i feel that i’m recovering slowly. i’m going to stay on this plan as long as i see continued progress. it does seem to be a ‘matter of time’ issue at this point. i’m curious as to how my experiences healing compare to some of you other guys. Are you noticing the same things? And if so, at what point did you start noticing even more clear indicators of being healed?




    good stuff..

    to the women issue.. all women like sex whether they are small big fat ugly old young they all love it, probably even more than men.. period

    your story is that you only meet women who are after your money.. please think more about what woman you would like to attract, then focus on going to places that have these kind of interests (yoga class perhaps)

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