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    Does this have video demonstrations of the Anal Breathing Method and Penile Ballooning?

    If anyone owns this, will they be willing to upload and share it?

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    It does not basically contain any information about healing that is not already present on this forum or in places which we are already familiar ( like ).

    It is maybe usable for those who look for orgasm techniques or that kind of information.

    I do not agree at all with dr. Lin that just few hormones rules the whole body. Dr. Lin states that acetylcholine = yin, testosterone = jing, dopamine = yang. It is rather that everything that exist is either yin or yang ( cooling vs. stimulating or parasympathetic vs. sympathetic ).

    We need to have our yin and yang’s in perfect balance.

    He should know better that there are many causes of sickness and it is very misleading to teach that some specific herbs/chemical components will cure 90% of all problems. I thank Dr. Lin however for getting the information out in the first place that wanking all day long with porn can deplete our life-forces or make the already falling apart health more severe.

    As you can read few chapters that I quote here, he is certainly aware of the many concepts of taoist/tcm theories and this makes me question that does he actually believe at all in his supplements himself.

    Why there is no one who has recovered by using his formulas, wouldn’t there be even one guy if them truly cures most of the problems.

    “1.1 What is the “Tao of Love Coupling?”

    Tao is the way or course of nature. There are three Taos in the universe: Heaven (Tien) Tao, Earth (Di) Tao and Human (Zien) Tao. Heaven Tao is the way of the heaven (sun, earth, moon and stars) movement. Earth Tao is the rule governing the biological, physical and chemical phenomena on/in the earth. Human Tao is the sexual relationship of a married couple. Impotence is termed as the inability of performing the Human Tao. Sexual intercourse of a married couple is known as the harmonization of the Human Tao. This means that a married couple should have sex frequently to maintain their marriage. The sexual intercourse with orgasm, known as the Tao of Love, can bring them closer physically and emotionally; otherwise, it could be a problem for their marriage.

    Taoism is the philosophical concept assuming that a happy existence in harmony with the Tao can only be achieved by a life of non-interference with the course of natural events. According to the Taoism, the male belongs to heaven (sky)/fire, and is the positive force, Yang or “+”; the female belongs to the earth/water, and is the negative force, Yin or “-.” Theoretically, both fire and water are very destructive; water can flood and fire can burn. However, if they unite properly, both of them can benefit life. They can cook delicious meals if they work together harmonically. This is what every married couple should pursue.

    Love Coupling is the routine intercourse of a loving couple, resulting in multiple orgasms every time. Taoists do not use “making love” for the Love Coupling since love and sex are the same natural thing for a loving couple. It is not necessary for them to “make love.” Sexual intercourse of a loving couple is one of the Yin-Yang reunions that happen in the nature.

    For the weather, when Yin and Yang forces reunite properly, it rains without violent lightening or thundering. The same philosophical concept is applicable to a loving couple. The Love Coupling can calm their minds, neutralize their sexual energies and re-nourish their bodies by exchanging their sexual energies. Thus, Taoists term the Love Coupling is “the pleasure of cloud and rain.” The following illustrations show the Taoism concept of Yin/Yang reunions.

    (click here for graphs or pictures)

    (click here for graphs or pictures)

    To reach the goal of the Love Coupling, the Taoism view of the universe forces must be applied to the body. Based upon this concept, we can root the Tao of Love for orgasm control into our mind. In the state of neutralization, the heaven force always goes downward to unite the earth force which always moves upward as shown in the following graph.

    (click here for graphs or pictures)

    (click here for graphs or pictures)

    When a man ejaculates, his sexual energy flows downward along the front main energy pathway – the central line of the front body, termed as the Conception Vessel of acupuncture networks, to the prostate gland where the major part of sexual energy is discharged and the minor part is coupled into the spinal cord and the back main energy pathway – the central line of the back body, termed as the Governing Vessel. Therefore, the spinal cord and the Governing Vessel are the recirculating pathways of the male sexual energy. When a woman achieves orgasm, her sexual energy runs upward along the Conception Vessel from her sex organs. Based upon the nature of the universe Yin and Yang forces, we can practice a sexual kung fu called Sexual Chi-Kong (or ChiKong) for a joint exercise of the sexual organs and a circulation of the bioenergy called Chi across two bodies. The Sexual ChiKong for women, named as Tai-Chi Yang-Kong which allows the female to use a belly breathing technique to synchronize the periodical contraction of the vaginal muscle with the love stroke, is to assist the female sexual energy to run upward along the Conception Vessel. The Sexual ChiKong for men, named as Tai-Chi Yin-Kong which allows the male to use another belly breathing technique to expand/relax the prostate muscle and to periodically or constantly squeeze the coccygeal muscle, is to prevent the male sexual energy from running into the prostate gland and therefore, to allow more sexual energy to be coupled into the spinal cord and the Governing Vessel. Hence, the Sexual ChiKong practice can accelerate the female sexual response for achieving multiple orgasms and lock the male ejaculation gate in the prostate gland for prolonging intercourse. The sexual intercourse that follows the natural way of the universal Yin-Yang reunions is called the Tao of Love Coupling.”

    “1.8 The Three Treasures: “Jing, Chi, Shen” vs. “Testosterone, Bioelectricity, Response”

    According to Taoism, there are three life forces affecting our daily life. They are Jing (similar to semen in Chinese), Chi and Shen (psyche). This concept is also the foundation of the Traditional Chinese medicine. From my experimental research, they correspond to testosterone, bioelectricity, and response, respectively.

    An experienced Chinese medical doctor can diagnose disarray of a patience from Shen. When there is a lack of Jing in the body, there will be a deficiency of Chi, or Chi flow in the acupuncture networks becomes inharmonic. Without a sufficient Chi or a smooth Chi flow, Shen will be depressed. The three treasures are correlated by the following sequence: Jing can boost Chi to promote Shen.

    From my experiments and studies since 1989 with tonically herbal complex and Methyltestosterone as described in Chapter 8, I have found that testosterone will increase the sensitivity (bioelectricity level) of nervous systems and body awareness, enhance energy flux to body parts, and promote spirit, well-being and immune. Hence, I name “Testosterone, Bioelectricity and Response” as the modern three treasures for the interpretation of the old Chinese medical concept.

    To preserve the three treasures, the following approaches are recommended:

    1. Rejuvenating with tonically herbal complex – retaining a high testosterone level and a balancing Testosterone-to Estrogen (TE) ratio –

    Testosterone level can be boosted by the herbal complex plus a combination of soy and zinc; soy enhances liver function and zinc promotes testosterone production; a proper supplement of both soy and zinc in an aged body will help the body to retain a balancing (TE) ratio and reverse menopause phenomena associated with aging for both sexes. Estrogen helps calcium deposition and maintains bone health in an aging body, but estrogen dominance will create health problems such as heart disease, depression, loss of libido, weak erection or impotence, and obesity.

    2. Methods of charging the sexual battery –

    Testosterone can charge the ANS. Taking tonic herbal supplements before sleeping, napping and meditating will boost the bioelectricity level in the parasympathetic division; having it during an active or aware state of the body will solely enhance the bioelectricity level of the sympathetic division. This is why the so-called sport nutrients can strengthen the athletes. To get a proper charge from testosterone, the nervous system requires a support from the blood circulation and endocrine systems. The blood circulation system distributes nutrients, oxygen and hormones to everywhere in the body. The endocrine system produces the hormones that affect the normal operation of internal organs and support the body activities. Hence, the herbal supplements must be able to promote a cooperative function of these three systems, in favor of the parasympathetic division.

    3. Boosting the testosterone level by five senses –

    Sexual stimulation on five senses can instantaneously increase the secretion of testosterone and mainly give the sympathetic sex nerves a burst charge although the bioelectric pulses generated by five senses can be partially coupled to the parasympathetic division. It is good for women in accelerating sexual response, but not friendly for men in ejaculation control. The burst duration of the testosterone level is from a fraction of one minute to less than one hour. The testosterone burst can help the erection/engorgement of sex organs and the libido as long as there is enough bioelectricity in both the parasympathetic and sympathetic divisions of the ANS.

    4. Regulating the ejaculation or orgasm frequencies –

    The production line of sexual hormones in a healthy endocrine system is regulated by a negative feedback circuit to be described in Section 2-1. A high level of sexual hormones in the bloodstream will slow down the sexual hormone production. Orgasm causes the discharge of bioelectricity and the burnoff of the free testosterone in the bloodstream. It is supposed to stimulate the secretion of testosterone. It is true for the female system because the testosterone in the female body is solely produced by the adrenal cortex which is not in the negative feedback control loop. For the male system, the situation is completely different because the bioelectricity of the ANS also plays a critic role in the control of the testosterone secretion. An overdischarge of the bioelectricity in the nervous system will disarray the male endocrine system. Ejaculation forces the ANS to discharge the bioelectricity. The ANS must get recharged to prime the endocrine system. The source of testosterone to recharge the ANS is either from the adrenal cortex or the seminal vesicle. Ejaculation reduces the inventory of testosterone in the seminal vesicle. If the seminal vesicle is completely empty, the recharge of ANS solely relies on the ability of the adrenal cortex for secreting testosterone. If a man ejaculates too frequently, his seminal vesicle will be empty, his adrenal cortex will not be able to keep up the testosterone supply to the ANS , and eventually his ANS will be undercharged. As a result, his ANS won’t be able to prime the endocrine system to produce testosterone from his testes and DHEA from his adrenal cortexes. Thus, the testosterone level in his bloodstream will run low and he will become impotent. Hence, the ejaculation frequency should be regulated so that ejaculation can prime the endocrine system to energize the body. That is, ejaculation should not empty the seminal vesicle so that the reserved testosterone can instantly recharge the ANS through the bloodstream. After ejaculating, a man should not feel exhausted, but released and energized. A regulated ejaculation will allow the endocrine system to synchronize the ejaculation frequency for the secretion of DHEA and testosterone.

    5. Solving chronic pain, numbness and fatigue by Pressure or Vacuum-cupping Massages –

    Chronic pain, numbness and fatigue are caused by blood congestion as a result of poor blood circulation in the body. Poor blood circulation in certain spots of the body will trap the blood flow and the body waste to form a stagnant blood pocket in the capillary web, like a dead-water pond in a river. The blood pocket, which grows with time, will eventually compress the adjacent nerves and arteries and interrupt the supply of hormones, oxygen and nutrients to the downstream. It also intercepts the bioenergy (bioelectricity) flow in the acupuncture and nervous networks. Therefore, the patient will experience chronic pain, numbness and fatigue. When a poor blood circulation occurs in the sex organs, the patient will encounter the sex-hormone unbalance syndrome as a result of the insufficient supply of immediate hormones, oxygen and nutrients for producing the male or female hormones. Estrogen deficiency will cause vaginal dryness and osteoporosis, while testosterone deficiency or an unbalance testosterone-to estrogen ratio will result in lack of libido, weak erection or engorgement of sex organs, female frigidity, and male impotence. The poor blood circulation in the sex organs will not supply enough blood pressure for holding an erection or engorgement during intercourse. Blood congestion kills the three treasures without warning, but it shows the chronic health symptoms such as pain, numbness and fatigue, which are usually misinterpreted by the mainstream medical system. The health problems induced by blood congestion cannot be cured by any medicine, except Pressure or Vacuum-cupping Massages as described in Chapter 7.

    6. Healthy eating with a lower-fat diet for health and sex –

    It takes decades to clog an artery, but the clogging threatens life. Greasy meals and fatty snacks are the main sources to create the blood circulation problem. Clogging the arteries and veins will result in high blood pressure, cause cardiac problems, and constrict the distribution of nutrients, oxygen and hormones to cells and the removal of the metabolic waste from the cells. This is how eating affects aging. When the blood circulation in the genital area is clogged, the blood flow for supporting the engorgement or erection of the sex organs will be insufficient, and the production of sexual hormones will diminish. For living, loving and lasting longer, the pro-vegetable and fruit diet as described in Chapter 8, is recommended.

    In summary, the three treasures are not only for sexual orgasm and pleasure but also for life-term health and well-being. Preservation of the three treasures is called rejuvenation. I believe that rejuvenation is what everybody is pursing and what this book is written for.”



    one thing I like about the anal breathing method is that there is far less tendency to contract the PC muscle. the urgency is much reduced and over-term I think this will do wonders.



    Well I bought the CDROM along with his vacuum message kit and PeniSOS.

    Personally I believe Dr Lin’s products can help people recover, its just the majority of people rely purely on supplements to cure them instead of doing this along side abstinence, exercise, and diet change.

    Don’t think I don’t know how hard it is to change your diet, exercise regularly, and hardest of all abstain from pornography and masturbation; but blaming Dr Lin’s products purely, seems a bit childish.

    We have nearly all the knowledge we need already, all we need to do now is take responsibility and make the changes.

    I remember going without masturbation for 2 months and not recovering, but I wasn’t exercising, eating healthily, or taking the supplements regularly.

    I can almost guarantee that most people on this forum could recover 70% within 2 months if they:

    * Ate a nutritious diet everyday

    * Exercised regularly

    * Practiced the Anal Breathing Method

    * Abstained

    * and took their supplements everyday

    When I break the routine, I don’t go blaming someone else, I take responsibility and try and do better next time. And if I end up to be an impotent youth then in the end its my fault, because I have the knowledge and I’m the one who’s not making use of it.

    When I see someone do all the things I’ve listed for 2 months straight and not get the results, then I’m willing to listen to people on what products work and what doesn’t.

    We all need time to recover, and patience in it; there are no quick fixes with this game.

    Also Dr Lin isn’t perfect, yet he’s the one having great sex everyday, and shares his knowledge for free. I may not agree with him on the once a week ejaculation, but thats only because most of us are severely exhausted; after a good abstinence and recovery, we will need to regulate our ejaculation so we don’t build up seminal stones. He just refers to most cases to ejaculate once a week, because most of his cases are young people, and he believes most could recover from just doing this.

    Blueshark is a good case to go by because he abstained for 2 months and exercised regularly. He also took his supplements and made slight changes to his diet. He may have started masturbating at a later date then some of us, but he put the effort into recovering and stuck to his plan with the knowledge he obtained.

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