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    check the news.. new study has been released :

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    Post orgasm ilness = SE … many symptoms after orgasm, not just flu like symptoms like in the press release (it’s not that accurate).

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    As a representative of POIS, what other symptoms do yourself and others at the forum where you came from experienced that were not mentioned in this study? After ejaculation do you experience weaker sexual functioning? I only took a quick look through the POIS forum and thought it’s most likely the same thing as sexual exhaustion. However this study seems to suggest that there’s some kind of allergic problem going on and is treating it as such.



    That article suggests something completely different.



    Yeah the symptoms are basically all the same. The press release is very brief and only mentions the flu like symptoms but then there’s brainfog, anxiety problems, ED, PE , etc. I myself had all of it.. even the large amount of floaters which bugged the hell out of me especially when reading text. Of course there are variations in the symptoms but the core is always the orgasm after one feels a set of debilitating symptoms and they go away after an extended period of celibacy.

    We have to wait for the full study to be published online to draw some more conclusions. Again the press release itself might be a bit misleading since there is no talk about normal allergy reactions. edit : it’s been suggested maybe the reason why the press release focuses only on the physical symptoms and not the cognitive ones is to not to give readers an idea “it’s all in the head” stuff.

    I for now am not buying into this study. Even though I developed many chemical allergies right after the onset of first heavy SE symptoms. I immediately became allergic to almost every perfume/deodorant + I was diagnosed with a positive reaction to almost all common allergens and doctor wanted to put me on the anti-allergy stuff but I disagreed and never visited the allergologist again.



    No what I’m saying is that what they are talking about is a completely different issue. They don’t mention brainfog and all of that because it’s not part of the condition they’re researching.



    Wait for the study g’damnit.. it’s what the press release says… I’ve read that doctor’s previous studies and he does mention all the other symptoms including brain fog and pretty much everything else. So yes it’s what the’re researching.. it’s just not being mentioned in the press release for a number of reasons.



    Illness is the common factor we all share

    but i believe we are almost the same….

    My symptoms:

    weakness, fatigue ,back pain, headache ,sense of burning in the head, weak muscle, excessive nocturnal emission, pain in the joints specially the knee, shivering hand , hairloss, poor libido , poor erection, depression

    i also suspect that i have a digestions problem which is the cause of my deficiencies

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