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    Recovery story

    My story has two parts: how it all began and next how I recovered.

    Chapter 1: the beginning

    My story with masturbation dates back to the middle of 2003 when I was 20 years of age. During that time I masturbated 1-2 times/day for 4 days/ week mostly to porn. no side effects were present. This pattern continued in 2004 with one exception: after a masturbation session I would feel tired and go to sleep or feel lethargic. I felt a slight pain in my lower back and a burning sensation in my prostate/inner thighs as well. In 2005 these symptoms continued but I also suffered from anxiety and mood swings, especially at night-time. The amount of pre-cum I released was also much more than in previous years. In 2006 I noticed that my penis was curved to the right- at around 15 degrees- and that it was smaller in the flaccid state and was hurting from the sides- moderate pain-. I had panic attacks on two different occasions. The remaining symptoms kept cropping up every now and then. I did not experience any hair loss or muscle catabolism however. My ability to study and focus remained intact but quite often I would forget the names of certain things, items, websites or even forget to carry out certain actions I was intending to do. after a period of time or instantly I would remember them. Its suffice to say that my memory was impeded. I can best summarize the effects of too frequent masturbation during those 3 years as equivalent to those you’d get if you were using benzos. The more I think of this the more I realize how long-term damaging it was.

    so to summarize the list of symptoms I suffered from:

    1- moderate penile injury/ mild curvature

    2- burning sensation in the prostate and the inner thighs

    3- lots of pre-cum

    4- lethargy/ sleepiness/tiredness

    5- lower back pain

    6- panic attack on two occassions

    7- mood swings/anxiety

    8- short-term memory loss

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    i was waiting for you to post here ! please be detailed as possible



    section 2: the recovery

    the road to recovery was difficult and at times I thought it was just down-right impossible. I decided I needed a radical change especially that I would say to myself that I would stop this habit and then in the next few days would return and do the same-thing. However I was very determined to get through this stage of my life, no matter what the costs where.

    The first step I took was to completely stop the whole mechanical thing. no more wanking and none of that regulation stuff- at least not at the stage Iwas in.I did not install a porn filter. The thing I did at most was to delete the files and folders where I had the movies downloaded and delete the history of websites visited. Nothing fancy really: what I basically did is I took the idea out of my head completely. Enough is enough.

    The second step, was to get rid of the inflammation. I knew my prostate was greatly overworked and I could feel it. So I experimented with a variety of protocols- from herbs to NSAIDs and other stuff and to be honest, there is lots of things that did work for me so i’m going to list them in no particular order:

    1- Borage Oil- The initial amount I took was 1000mg. As you guys know Borage oil is a precursor to eicosanoids and these are considered anti-inflammatory.they modulate all kinds of things, including inflammation, blood flow, fatty acid oxidation in the liver and. oxidative stress (to an extent). I felt the effects start in 4 weeks. The effects can best be described as ”chilling” sensations in the groin area. Kinda like dumping an ice pack on your skin. They were mild but definitely there. I also noticed less heat when sitting down on the computer for long periods. later on I increased the dosage to 3000mg. The good feelings continued for a while until I started to get pains in the liver area. a liver functions test revealed that my enzymes were very high so I tapered the dosage down to 2g. this is the optimum dosage for me.

    2- herbal combination: it took me a while to figure this one out but this combination is very good for inflammation.

    tumeric + grounded rosemary + holy basil + ginger root. you can substitute the rosemary for green tea extract/powder in there or just drink the stuff like I do. White tea works even better. I still use this herbal combo as of date. The effects kicked shortly after. much better digestion initially (after 3 weeks) and burning in my penile shaft lessened to a good degree after 5-6 weeks of continued usage ====> less headaches and less stress.

    3- Black-Currant Oil. I started with this after I stopped taking Borage Oil. decided to give it a shot. This stuff is simply Borage Oil without the side-effects. you need a higher dosage because of the lesser GLA content- Used 5g- but the effects kick in quicker and I didn’t have the liver pain with it. top notch. I also suspect the ALA content has something to do with it.

    4- Fish oil/ Fish oil + black-currant oil. Fish oil works very well for inflammation but not on its own- it was very useful for my other problems and other things I did not anticipate. Low-moderate dosages combined with black-currant oil are super for inflammation . the high dosages I will talk about later.

    the third step was the issue of Pre-cum: My pre-cum, as I said before was a lot. Borage Oil/Black-currant Oil initially helped a bit with the problem but they were not really a solution. I got completely rid of this issue with:

    high dose fish oil 10-15g (high being relative here)

    the herbal combo

    1-2 Tbsp cod liver oil taken at night-time.

    the cod liver oil works much faster than all of the others I tested: 2 weeks to be exact- probably because it is has more of an impact on the prostate.

    Next was premature ejaculation: the best way to solve this is to improve erection strength and let your prostate heal. For the prostate part the following I’ve had very good success with

    5-epsom salt baths- I do this 3-4 times per week

    6-sitz baths work very well. always feel a cold breeze down there

    7-zinc arginate- 50mg in the morning and 50mg at night-time.

    8-Peripheral Prostate Massage – which is incredible too. thanks to that guy who posted it on his website

    9- Vitamin C 3-5g (powdered form) time release- very effective, indirectly, for prostate issues (and for libido/sex drive)

    I tried the collodial silver water but that was of little effect.

    Erection strength:

    armour was the best to resolve this issue. I started with one grain split 3 times per day and over the course of 2 months I slowly built up to 5 grains 1/2 taken in the morning and 1/2 in the afternoon. 3-5 is the minimum dosage and thats were results start to appear. very important to judge by the symptoms here and fix any cortisol issues. keep in mind that there is no best way to take these. you could divide it into 1/2 dosage in the morning, 1/4 in the afternoon and 1/4 in the evening.

    Penis curvature/pyreonie’s disease

    this is one of the longest things to improve compared to the other stuff. I used:

    10- Vitamin E Oil 2000IU from Gamma sources applied externally

    11- Warm extra virgin olive oil applied externally

    12- ALCAR (powdered form) 1-3g daily

    the oils and ALCAR were used on a daily basis. improvement became visible after 9 months. PLCAR is another good substitute for ALCAR.

    Mood swings:

    I had mood swings, very commonly at night time. one moment very happy the next very anxious, the next I don’t give a shit etc…..

    First thing I did was to supplement with a B-vitamin complex because a deficiency of B vitamins affects every neurotransmitter in your body.

    13-Jarrow formula B-complex (B-right). 2-3 capsules with breakfast. works like a charm for my mood swings

    14- Phenibut (GABA derivative)- powdered form- 1g daily

    Phenibut hit me hard. It is also very effective but tolerance builds up too quickly. after 1 week of usage it has to be cycled.

    Picimalon- not the best for mood swings. probably would be better if combined with l-theanine.

    Panic attacks:

    Although I only experienced these on two occasions I’ve found a number of things to be very useful here:

    15- Magnesium Oratate (powdered form)- 1g in the evening

    16- Calcium citrate (powdered form)- 1g in the evening

    17- Deep Breathing- deep breaths performed for 5 minutes every 30 minutes. the shorter more frequent duration works much better than just one long session.

    I found the Ca:Mg ratio of 1:1 to be spot on rather than the more common 2:1 ratio. I was having muscle cramps with that ratio. Mg is important because it reduces the release of adrenaline. this Ca/Mg combo is very good.

    make sure you guys also check your histamine levels. histamine gives rise to the release of adrenaline by the adrenal medulla and it will be seen later that adrenaline can assume the role of a factor triggering tetany. too much histamine can also cause premature ejaculation.


    The best thing for this is:

    18- restorative yoga. taken from this article on mind and muscle entitled : ”adventures in relaxation II”

    19- Deep tissue massage- performed twice per month and therapeutic massage performed 3 times per week. I now get a 50% discount because I’m a regular customer.

    20-Taurine (powdered form)- this amino acid or shall I say inhibitory neurotransmitter has awesome benefits the least of which is for anxiety. I use it in various protocols. 4g before bed-time would knock me out cold. together with armour it has improved my sluggish liver functioning. I take 1.5g 3x per day with meals.



    to boost this neurotransmitter fish oil was enough and if I’m depressed I’ll use inositol 500mg-600mg spread out three times over the day. 5-htp didn’t go that well. Could have tried L-tryptophan but insoitol worked quite well. I posted an article about its effects.


    1- ALCAR, same dosage for the penis curvature. the ALCAR and even better the ALCARA (acetyl-l-carnitine arginate). Basically what it does is enhance Dopamanergic production.

    2-L-tyrosine, boosted mainly my NE and E, which is something I’ve only come to realize as of late- so it wasn’t the right one- What I did first is use mucuna puriens for a couple of weeks at night to start building up reserves of dopamine levels. after those weeks I switched over to DLPA- which combines the best of l-tyrosine and LPA- the protocol for this is 5 days on 2 days off, 2g, 1-2 times a day. use too much of the stuff and you’ll get irritated and overstimulated. L-glutamine is capable of enhancing the effectiveness of the DLPA or LPA.


    For acetylcholine, centrophenoxine, which in some countries is considered a drug, was used. Protocol is 1g daily. I’m a non-responder to Alpha-GPC.

    I’ve experimented slightly with Galantamine and it works pretty well for the amount of time I used it for.

    the last protocol is 2-3 dozen raw eggs for 50 days.



    Blue, did you suffer from the loss of mental capacity/ability to study?



    sorry I just saw this after I edited my post. I can tell you that my ability to study and focus remained intact but I suffered from memory loss. I would instantly forget my next action or the names of things and either recall them after a few seconds or sometimes in the middle of doing something else.



    are you taking Copper as well, thats alot of zinc



    I cover that from my multi.



    hey . yes I think abstaining will go quite a long way to help you out, maybe not as extremely as I did it though- perhaps a couple of months. I’ve only had positive experiences with cod liver oil so far- but if there any negatives I sure will report on that- I guess the source of the oil would be important here.

    exercise was another aspect I’d touch upon later. definitely a must, esp. for your nervous system.



    oh this is just the beginning of my story there is plenty more to come.



    well…. YOU ROCK

    keep it going!

    BlueAntone, please give me details of how many grains of armour you started off at and what you are at now, also did you do anything to support adrenals?

    you should also had more details under each supplement, what each supplement did to you to improve your condition.



    blue thx for the story

    im surprised by the amount of different and to me unknown supps you are using

    question: since recovered i see you mention you are still using some stuff.. what id like to know is when do you expect to wake up and not use ANY supplement at all, knowing perfectly that you can sex anytime you want without worrying about it?

    for me it sucks to take pills but it’s the only way at the moment to have sex.. and i take just two or three pills at the most

    while you are recovering and going on after recovery, you still have to pop a multi, a b complex, 3-5 g of vitamin c and other stuff .. thats already over 10 pills??

    like to hear from you about this

    precum issue: how on earth did you get that herbal combo in your head?

    and where can i buy this shit in pill form?

    thx dude



    Keep the info coming.

    I guess you do not take all those supplements every day, only occasionally?




    you said armour helped you with erections. Did you have thyroid issues ? what were your thyroid values ?



    woot woot!

    today was my first day starting on armour im only at 1/2 grain



    yes I suffered from hypothyroidisim. my TSH was good but my T3 was very low and I had symptoms of hypo too. I will add that soon.



    how long have you been using all the supplements for?



    these were my thyroid results

    Free T3 – 2.60 pg/ml (2.6-5.4)

    Free T4 – 10.36 pg/ml (5.86-13.02)

    TSH – 2.510 uiU/ml (0.25-5.0)

    TSH is good but T3 borderline. does that mean i have thyroid issues? heres another thing…when i wake up suddenly especially from sleep i get dizzy and have to sit back down for a few seconds



    you should post this in your case file, this is s post.




    I look forward to your thyroid story. It’s monday and hopefully you are done with exams and done well.

    Now when you say your T3 was low , was it in the normal range or lower side of the normal range or below normal range ?

    Did you self diagnose or you have a doc help you out there ?



    it was totally below the normal range. luckily my Ferritin levels were good. I went to a doctor who then prescribed armour for me.



    it looks like borderline but have you checked your cortisol levels? that dizziness is low blood pressure and perhaps an abnormal temperature.



    hey blue, did the oils cause any burning sensation in your groin when you initially started taking them? i noticed that fish oil and evening primrose oil taken in combination caused a burning sensation in my groin. is this an initial response of the oils to the PGE2 before it quells it or can this combo increase PGE2 and hence the burning?



    yes I did experience that burning sensation but it resided with further use. However the concern you made is legitimate and now I know why.


    Lucius the second route seems to be the one my body is taking . but good to know. this may mean no or little oil for me. are there prescription drugs i can get for dealing with this pge2 issue. or other alternative.

    also please post additonal links on the above diagram so i can research a bit more. thnx



    great, so you figure that this is a normal initial reaction and it should probably die down? i really need to get that burning dealt with once and for all

    yes it should probably go away on its own but did you see the image I posted above. in some people the high delta-5 desaturase levels convert a lot of their dietary fats into arachidonic acid (AA) and eventually to PGE-2. So in this case we need to block delta-5 desaturase levels. this can be done through 1) fish oil and 2) Sesame lignans- giving you what we call enhanced GLA. this might explain the burning sensations you were experiencing before.

    the high levels of delta-5 desaturase are possibly due to chronic inflammation and elevated insulin levels.



    blue.. what do you suggest for erection strength for guys like me?

    i have no thyroid issues the doc confirmed my levels are normal i have no values though

    i know for fact that viagra and other stuff increases my erectile strength.. any other suggestions for long term benefits?




    what tests have you done so far ? I would suggest you get a copy of your results, because all docs keep saying the same thing.



    I agree…ALWAYS ask your doctor to give you a copy of your tests. The normal range of something could be 2 – 50 and if you are 2.5, they’ll say, your tests are normal. The tests ranges are determined by creating a bell curve from a healthy population. At 1.9, you have a disease, at 2.05, you are normal….they don’t seem to understand “sub-optimal”.






    i had a wet dream twice during my abstaining period.






    my testosterene seems to be improving but it looks like I still have to boost it.



    abstaining is necessary. mine was on the extreme side but a good 2-3 months would certainly help.



    where did you recieve armour from>?



    If prescribed,

    What would be the best alternate to this……..I googled this, and found a supplement called thyroid assist. will that help?



    the next best thing after armour would be T3 medication. as from where I found it, I contacted the compounding chemist who has a list of doctors that prescribe it.

    hope that helps.



    you should test your TSH, FT3, FT4 before getting on thyroid supplements

    BlueAntone your damn lucky to have gotten armour and to increase your dosage like that!

    most doctors are highly against armour here in the usa and if they use armour they keep you at like 1/2 grain for months….




    it seems like most doctors just like to follow big pharma’s ideas. either that or their just plain ignorant. I had to change three doctors to be able to use armour.

    what about T-3 medication?






    i will update the neurotransmitter section ASAP, thats the only remaining part I think and then I talk about about my diet.

    i have my final maths exam this week so I’m kinda busy.



    Good luck BlueAntone for exams



    BlueAntone, i was wondering if you could give a breif update of how you are doing and what meds/ supplements you are currently taking.

    thank you



    Good luck for the math finals.

    You said that you used armour for erection strength.Personally I do not know which type of medicine you people are talking about?I am miserable because when I get an erection it is very weak and disappears very quickly if I do not situmulate it with my hand.This is the root of my problems.

    What is armour , where can I find more information about it on the net,what websites do I have to look at?



    armour is from Pig Thyroid, its a natural thyroid replacement for people who are Hypothyroidism.



    hey blue how are you doing nowadays?

    have a girlfriend/sex yet?

    what’s your daily supplement protocol for the time being?

    i was wondering about your thyroid issue.. since it is now becoming relevant for me as well..

    you seem to have built up fast on the armour.. how much did you increase each week? half a grain or something?

    do you feel that dosing armour twice is less effective than three times with one in the evening, due to the shorter half life of the t3 in armour?

    are you still on armour and still 5 grains and do you feel you could step off of it?

    how is your hydrocortison dosing or did you wean off of this? did you start on isocort or directly on hydrocortison (you did a saliva cortisol test?)

    btw.. did you do all of this with a doctor?

    hope you can answer these questions for me thx!



    did you get a urine neurotransmitter test and seen your levels on there? i heard they can fluctuate a lot.. or did you boost dopamine based on prolactin values?

    what about testosterone? is it still low or did it get fixed by adrenals and thyroid.. or are you on a testosterone booster / TRT now?



    Good evening. So your erections are stronger? Can you get aroused? Did your penis sensitivity return? What about morning wood and sleeping times?



    Hi Takid,
    Yes much much stronger now. I can get aroused without touching myself, much more sensitive and I regularly wake up with morning wood.

    How far are you into your recovery?

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