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    In order to stay balanced and calm, we have to take support from something. That something is the earth. It is called a rooting practice to develop a strong connection to the earth, and actually, if you do the natural relaxing correctly you take support from earth automatically whether are you standing, sitting or lying down. If you lose your rooting, you become excessively unbalanced, nothing is held in place ( body, mind ).

    The strongest trees have the deepest roots. Borrowing their strength from the ground, trees are

    able to be upright for hundreds of years. Tai Chi tries to utilize this vast amount of energy in the

    earth as a means to strengthen our bodies. Developing Root is so important in Tai Chi because it

    is root that enables all movement. In push hands, root is so important that you can’t yield or push

    without it. Therefore, developing root is of utmost importance in Tai Chi practice, and any other

    martial art that stands on two feet. Luckily however, a strong root can be cultivated, and its

    effects can be felt.

    There are two types of root: one is static the other mobile. Static root means that you remain still

    while developing root. This is done by holding postures for long periods of time with an

    emphasis on alignment. With practice, the chi will naturally be cultivated as the legs are

    strengthened and your body becomes more relaxed. When your legs start to burn this is the time

    to focus on your breathing directed by the mind to the Dan Tien. Then focus on feeling the

    earths’ energy come up from your heels. It is important in both types of rooting practice to watch

    your alignments carefully so as not to cause any tension or distension of the spine. Make an

    effort to have the full leg be vertical and try to have the knee, hip, shoulder and big toe all line up

    with the navel. During moving root practice this orientation changes as the weight goes into the

    next leg. In effect, you are pulling the root out of one leg and putting it into another, reestablishing

    the alignments above. When the weight is clearly on one leg the alignments

    naturally line up with that leg like a door being slipped onto its hinges. The root then drops into

    the bubbling well like the pin being dropped onto its hinges. This type of sinking into the root

    then creates the posture in the hands and rest of the body. The sacrum then creates a connection

    to the root for the upper part of the body. Eventually, as your sacrum drops throughout the Tai

    Chi form it connects you to the ground by dropping in to the hip joints, which in turn lines up

    with the feet. All the bodies’ movements then derive from the sacrum and function through the

    root. This is how to combine rooting with your movement.

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