Rushil's tests-Help me out guys.

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    Hey guys posting a few test results and a few others in about 2 days. please recommend me the way forward and what you think is best for me.

    i have had it till my head with doctors. he said my face looked healthy and so i dont have endocrine issues(wtf?)..scumbags all of them…..COUNTING ON YOU ALL TO HELP ME.


    | (CLIA) |

    | |

    | T3,Total 0.89 ng/mL (0.80 – 2.10) |

    | |

    | T4,Total 8.40 ug/dL (5.01 – 12.45) |

    | |

    | TSH 0.75 uIU/mL (0.70 – 6.40) |

    T3,Free;FT3 3.67 pg/mL (2.60 – 4.80) |

    | |

    | T4,Free;FT4 1.34 ng/dL (0.80 – 2.00) |

    | |

    | TSH, Ultrasensitive 0.529 uIU/mL (0.510 – 4.940)


    DHEA-S; 354.60 ug/dL (45.10 – 385.00)

    CORTISOL,SERUM, MORNING SAMPLE @ 8.94 ug/dL (4.30 – 22.40) |

    CORTISOL, SERUM, EVENING SAMPLE @ 6.91 ug/dL (3.09 – 16.66)

    PROGESTERONE @ 0.20 ng/mL (0.21-0.82)

    TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL @ 592.66 ng/dL (265-800)

    ESTRADIOL; E2 @ 37.49 pg/mL (5-45)- this is pretty india this is the only one done.equal to an e2 sensitive.

    sex HORMONE BINDING G @ 25.10 nmol/L (17.1-77)

    Gloucose Fasting 77 (70-110)

    Gloucose PP 86 (max 120)

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    based on this your thyroid looks pretty good. Your T3 total is pretty low but free T3 is good. Free T3 is the more important test cuz its what your body actually uses.. and check out what low T3 total means. I don’t really know. Google it.

    Cortisol should be highest in morning and lowest in evening. So your morning is low, evening is fine. This is a blood test though right? saliva would be more accurate but this is good enough.

    When you get DHT result, if your dht is alright and you dont have hard flaccid then I think Preg cream should fix your cortisol.

    Testosterone should obviously be higher ideally but it should raise when you fix adrenals and lowers estradiol.

    Estradiol is high which is responsible for a lot of your symptoms. Good that you got it tested. I think fixing cortisol and E2 should get rid of most your symptoms.

    Lets wait for rest of results.

    Try to get free Testosterone tested too if possible but its ok if you cant cuz DHT and shbg will show roughly where its at.



    thanx for isocort any good? i dont want to go the preg way?



    Yeah for now I was thinking the same, it looks like Pregnelonone can be part of the solution in your case, .

    You will have some problems to address estradiol though. Lets hope that fixing the liver takes away the damn E2.



    Rushil are you on the methylation trial?

    Cuz I got my methyl folate etc and I dont know if they have to be taken at morning or in empty stomach.

    Took them yesterday and feeling sick today



    its ok to feel sick for up to like a week. It’s the detox reaction its supposed to feel unpleasant.



    your cortisol is low with progestrone, wit high e2

    the other tests seems good.

    I would tell you the same advice i have said to you back in your log, adrenal fatigue will take time to get back to its balance by getting continuous high spikes of cortisol in each morning.




    thanx max. will have have to take this for the next billion years( coz i will live to that age) ……just joking. wanted to know if this will have to be taken for life? or can i stop taking it?



    Yeah today I though about your case and said to myself WTF MAN go and supplement with Pregnenolone!!! If you feel better great it means your adrenals are fixed, if you feel worse then e2 will be rising and/or DHT dropping. Anyway TRY IT. That product Max posted is the one you need, obviously this guy knows his stuff




    and is it dangerous ? can i replace it for dietary cholesterol after sometime? does it have major side effects. how do i determine its right amount?

    and max i just checked the hormone conversion charts and since my dheas id good i was thinking maybe i need to take progesterone coz whereever there is a preg to prog conversion my end hormones are low?

    please explain it to me man….all about preg and this adrenal tinkering.

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