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    Whats the best place to order a saliva cortisol x4 test?

    Ideally the cheapest solution would be prefered.

    Does anyone have experience with ordering from online labs. So far iv only done testing through Hans and Dr. O but Im lookin into this test on my own.

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    Then there’s also the ‘privatemedlabs’ or ‘privatelabs’ that Max kept linking me and others. They sell individualized tests, but it will probably be same price. Check it out.



    thanks alot apreciate it. wish this shit wasnt all so expensive. I gotta get two of them to.

    Im plannin to do one with no supplementation. And then one 3 weeks later after being on 15mg preg cream.



    Ya bro I need to do the exact same thing,..

    retest after preg or w/e..

    then retest again to see further improvement..

    don’t know how I’m gonna afford it…

    If this is not over by end of summer then I’m gonna be working mainly next year instead of school.. its really annoying wanting to order necessary stuff but not having the $$



    yo hans gave me a solid website that has cheaper prices. Saliva cortisol is only 109. So im gona order from there when I have the money .

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    yo im just saying……..aparently you can order hydrocortisone from allcaychemist. so at least we can get that it would seem.

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