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    I had my followup with my doctor and we went over my saliva hormone panel here are the results

    progesterone 89 (5-95pg/ml)

    androstenedione 480 (151-350 pg /ml)

    testosterone >200 (60-110 pg/ml)

    dht >125 (22-72 pg/ml)

    estrone 88 (30-58 pg/ml)

    estradiol 7 (1-3pg/ml)

    FSH >750 (<125 uiu/ml)

    LH >250 (10-25 uiu/ml)


    6-8 am 10 (13-24)

    11-1pm 11(5-10)

    4-5pm 6 (3-8 )

    10- midnight 3 (1-4)

    dhea >25 (3-10 ng/nil)

    my doctor said that all my sex hormones look perfect they are actually high, including lh and fsh but the thing is my e1 and e2 is extremely high too. he suggested I take arimidex 2x a week and also start a detox program which include supplements of dim and etc for 6 weeks then a followup.

    he said my cortisol wasnt extremely good or extremely bad. my flow seems to balance out at the 4 to midnight point. the morning was low he said we will keep that in check after the detox and etc.

    from the saliva test it would look like im primary huh ??? or if the estrogen was low on the test would mean primary then right.

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    the doc says nothing bad about cortisol

    first morning reading is 10 while lowest is 13

    ditch the other saliva tests they are useless.. in blood your T is lowish and here it is skyhigh

    some 10 mg cortef in the morning (or preg whatever you want) to support adrenals and based on your lowish T and high E2 i would add vitamin d 10.000 iu, zinc picolinate 50 mg and 2x dim indolplex daily

    this is after you restart of course with like 4 weeks clomid

    who knows? maybe clomid will bring you back online for good i’ve seen cases where it happens



    I have a followup with a doctor thats local down here he explained to me now I could been in 600 range when I was normal and just going down to 400s or 322 as I was would be a dramatic change. apparently something is wrong cuz he normally does bloodwork and if its normal u dont get a callback/followup appointment.

    but these bloodtest I took after I did about 5 or 6 daily hcg from prior week.

    if the saliva test is a bad measurement, its apparent that my estrogen level is high though. I would say since I stopped the hcg it does seem like the shrinkage has stopped for now.



    i went from 700 range to 300 purely based on low cortisol, low thyroid, EBV, and low vitamin d status

    it’s not mathematics.. just add in the stuff you’re missing and you can get your 400 level back up to 600 if you want

    the cortisol is telling in the morning and you may need HC, or could try isocort… after that you should retest thyroid hormones as HC can make use of your thyroid hormones better and thyroid may end up actually being lower

    dim 2x a day is probably gonna do more for you than 1 tablet for your e2 and you should try this and get retested as well

    shrinkage is def from high e2.. when i take a shot and e2 skyrockets arimidex helps with shrinkage

    you have adrenal fatigue (only low cortisol in the morning) and estrogen dominance which is leading to your problems

    incorporate more fats in your diet and add vitamin d, i would do a restart if i were you



    yea the saliva test doctor has me on a detox which is basically the paleo diet with dim supplements, brocolli extract supplments, nac supplement, and a cleanse shake.

    also along with arimidex 2x a week. I been taking 5,000iu for about 3 weeks now.

    im on day 3 of it right now havent been eating any sugars, diary , or etc. just nuts , fruits , poultry, beans , vegatables.

    my shrinkage seems to have stopped with the penis its more with the scrotum and testis now.



    ok protocol sounds reasonably good so just sit it out and look at test results

    if this doesn’t work try some HC in the morning hell even isocort

    add in some raw thyroid or thyro complex as good thyroid OTC supps

    and dim twice perhaps with CDG should help in e2 department as well



    this detox seems to be working with energy and weight so far.

    well I went to the doctors appt with followup the doctor only took blood for total test

    which was at 584 previous my level was 322.

    he told me in a couple weeks he gonna do total t and e2 and etc.

    so that has to be indication that the daily 200 iu hcg was doing its job in that 5 to 6 day frame, only thing though dont know where e2 lies.

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