scalp is hot and in depression after masterbation

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    after masterbation last night

    i slept the whole day and i am having negative thoughts and depression and my scalp is also burning …. kindly help if there is any ????

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    your head scalp is hot because your hypothalmus the mother of glands is overheating due to the neurotransmitters drain that happens every time you ejaculate or even masturbate.

    the overheat shall lead to poor pituitary performance , low thyroid , adrenal exhaustion , low testosterone and this shall have a direct impact on your liver hormone synthesis leading you to have high E2 , SHBG , and low enzymes and finally fatty liver

    A what i can tell you to do is to stop masturbation completely for now

    Get a multi vitamin or a b complex , fish oil and borage oil , this can work temporarily in supporting your glands

    the essential step is to Get tested


    Add to them Kidney profile , calcium serum , Parathyroid , Human growth hormone, Vitamin D , Magnesium Red blood count.



    its all must be expensive , pls tell me the most important one step by step …

    thanks alot



    hi dude sameer…..u must be indian??? if so where do u live? i am indian too……i am asking coz we might help each other better if are u know in the same city…….



    Oh god

    His hypothalamus is overheating which is causing his head to be hot?

    You should be banned.

    OP, It could have something to do with low cortisol because when cortisol is exhausted, norepinephrine goes UP, which can cause you to feel a sensation of heat.



    Well diesel good to see you after a long break from here

    now my answer is wrong and yours is the right, when your hypothalamus is pressured by many factors but i believe that the main factor for us is the neurotransmitters depletion or deficiency this leads the gland to it starts to heat up , this shall make you head hot , burning sensation in the scalp, continuous headache and this have a direct impact on your thyroid , pituitary and adrenal since the hypothalamus is the mother gland

    Give my greating to HAN..

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