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    if u used to smoke a lot, check this out

    There is another way that you can stop porn addiction, chronic masturbation and recover your sexual health without fighting it with willpower. With the right mindset you won't even relapse. You can learn more about the recovery program here



    I dono iv seen some articles like that by him to but i really dont know what to fully believe. I have friends who smoke multiple times daily and as far as I know there sexual functioning is fine. Not to mention I used to smoke alot and I didnt have ED ( before SE). I still think its a good idea to quit though while you have SE and are trying to heal. I dono about all that weed chemicals taking over acetycholine neurons thing but weed definetly can mess with your biochemistry and in our case thats the last thing we need.



    yeah that’s defintely not the case 99% of the time, but the shit he was saying about you becoming fully impotent, ejaculating nothing, unable to orgasm, and basically just having a dead penis forever if you don’t address it right away was really sketch. jacking off high all the time definitely fucked me up and got me imbalanced and exhausted but idk about all that he was saying. i feel like he’s exagerating it and taking advantage of the situation so he can sell his products but at the same time i feel like there’s a lot of truth in what he’s saying



    yo alex i actually got a question……..kinda off topic but F*ck it. I remember when I first posted on this forum you were one of the people to respond. You said you basically took an all natural route to getting better and with time your ED and and PE got better. Iv basically been off most supplemetns with the excpetion of a few experiments here and there for ten days or so. The last couple weeks my ED has been fairly non existant and last night something else happend. I fucked and my PE was gone. This was the firs time since SE that I have been able to cure PE without a single supplement. It was honeslty a total surprize I started fucking and expected the usual one minute in nut but after a couple minutes i was liek holy shit my dick feels mad insensitvie(in a good way). Anyway is this basically what started happening to you or did you cure your PE by doing something else?

    Its also totally posible that this was a total fluke i guess the next time I have sex will confirm it. Maybe the tryptophan i took earlier this week had some effect. who the F*ck knows anymore



    F*ck dr. Lin

    It’s bad enough that he sells dangerous products that actually hard more people then they help, but he’s also gotta spread info that’s not even true..

    Weed is very non-toxic. I guess you shouldn’t abuse it, but it’s nothing like Lin describes. I know pople that have smoked for 20 years, everything is fine. Ask Joe Rogan.



    js, my PE comes and goes for me, but its basically gone by now. at the very least, i know i am capable of making it go away when i’m eating right and getting enough sleep and, most importantly by far, thinking positively. i’ve noticed that if i’m angry about something or depressed or stressed in any way, i don’t last very long. when i am centered and confident and happy with life it goes away. the last 8 weeks (summer term of college) is a perfect example. when i first got there i was having a blast and didnt have a worry on my mind. i was only jacking off like 2 times a week, and when i did was would last like 10 minutes (which is pretty good consider that i was going nonstop and i know how to get myself off well). im sure i could have lasted longer if i wanted to. i got a few blowjobs/handjobs and didn’t even come close to coming b/c it would have taken too long (i was also drunk at the time tho). after all that shit that went down that sunk me into that huge depression (that i’m still dealing with btw), however, my PE came back. I also had a lot more trouble getting up. at the beginning i was popping boners all day just by talking to girls, thinking about them, etc. Basically all i’m trying to say is PE (and other aspects of sexual function and general health) is very connected to your mentality.

    so to sum it all up: to cure (or at least improve) PE naturally, get plenty of sleep each night, exercise (aerobically), have a positive attitude, avoid stressors, eat well, and don’t have sex or jerk off too often or too little.

    i’ve already said this, but sexual exhaustion is much less of a concern to me now. i wish i had to waited a few years longer before i started overmasturbating and doing drugs. sexual exhaustion can be dealt with, but once you miss your pubertal developmental years i dont think you can really do anything. this thought has been haunting me for like a month now- i get hot flashes all the time, i don’t sleep well, and its always the first thing that jumps into my mind first thing in the morning. ever since i became this way i’ve been much less social and outgoing, haven’t been so good with chicks, have a harder time getting up, and don’t last as long. i suffer from extreme depression almost every day, it sucks. my thoughts are so fucked up. the worst part is i have no one to talk to about it and its all bottled up inside of me. anyways all this goes to show how important it is to have a confident, positive outlook is. if you think you can do it, chances are it will happen. good luck with everything



    oh and i think that just being high is not nearly as bad as fucking/masturbating high all the time. i think it was the latter that couldve fucked me up weed wise.

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