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    Thank u for the informative link

    it seems to me that this research was done long time ago ( more than 40 yrs)




    Even if it’s old, the points still stand.

    Of all members of the mammalian family, civilized man alone is a victim of an exaggerated and morbid sexual urge, a condition which he has inflicted, to a certain extent, on the animals which he has domesticated and which have adopted his diet, especially the dog. Wild animals in a state of nature practice copulation only at certain mating seasons for the purpose of reproduction. Civilized man practices this act at all times, and in most cases without intention to conceive. On the other hand, so-called savages and primitive races leading more natural lives and who follow their natural instincts to a greater extent are far chaste in their sexual behavior, as noted by Havelock Ellis. Such considerations must lead one to the conclusion that the sex life of civilized men is unnatural and that the excessive manifestation of the sex urge among them is due to certain aphrodisiacal stimuli rather than to natural instinct; among such stimuli are a high-protein meat diet (accompanied by physical inactivity), the use of tobacco, alcohol and coffee, sexually stimulating literature, dramas, motion pictures, conversation, etc. For these reasons civilized man has departed from the natural law, obeyed by animal and primitive races, which requires the separation of the sexes during pregnancy and lactation, for the benefit of both mother and child. Violation of this law may account for the large number of physically and mentally defective offspring produced by civilized races as compared with animals and primitive peoples.






    So essentially, the way modern man behaves in relation to sex is highly unnatural and totally unrealistic?

    Sounds about right. Before civilisation we lived in tribes and apparently we travelled along with the prey animals.

    We aren’t rabbits. You only have to look at the fact a woman takes 9 months to give birth and only gives birth to one child to know that unlike things like rabbits we aren’t meant to make love constantly, with frequent large litters like they do for the species to survive.

    Can you imagine if ancient man had sex all the time without all the contraceptives we have now? Jesus the women would all be constantly pregnant all the time and unable to assist in vital duties around the camp or even relocate when needed!

    We have to accept what we really are. All this hypersexed stuff is nonsense. I wonder if even for those who don’t have SE, I wonder if too much sex is responsible for how quickly our bodies age in the west compared to ancient tribes who are still bonking/hunting/working at 80,90 and older!!!

    It’s up to the individual anyway I suppose. I know what my choice is though

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