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    This is the most scientific approach to se i’ve come across and complements some of the treatments we’ve discovered. So we’re not too off-track. The man obviuosly had se (based on symptoms) and after many years of trying different therapies was recovered through a scientific approach i.e. diagnosis and treatment. Interestingly enough there was some glandular extracts used…interesting read…

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    Great find !!!

    Several minds are better than one. I get a little exhausted once in a while from trying to figure this all out, so it’s great to have the input of others.

    I have been thinking about trying bioidentical hormones replacement, including progesterone, which is mentioned the article that found.

    I actually ordered some from this site.

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    They don’t actually provide testosterone. They provide the raw materials so your hormones can balance themselves.

    First, I am going to get my progesterone checked with my next ZRT saliva test. (These guys are making a fortune off me )

    I want to avoid direct testosterone replacement. That just makes your testicles and penis shrink even more, which I don’t need.

    I am more optimistic than I have been in a long time. I think we are on the right track.

    Also, Dr.Ron doesn’t sell Pituitary glandulars. But from my ZRT blood spot test, I need. I am barely above the “normal” range. I found some from another source.

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    this is looking good.



    Yeah. This is a good find, theres a recorgnition that hormone imbalances, a weakened parasympathetic system, etc can cause ED. This is how I envisioned our doctors should be treating se when presented with it. instead of prescribing an anti-depressant and viagra and telling you that se doesn’t exist. This goes to show that there trully is sexual exhaustion. I like the fact that that the hormonal levels are being tested and monitored; with cholesterol levels as an indicator of progress. Instead of trial and error which is like shooting in the dark.

    Frank keep us posted on every detail



    im going to try out this method… and cleary get the tests done before hand.

    the DHEA dose is very high… just have to see how that goes.. i was going to start injecting testosterone… ive swayed away from that idea…

    for the testosterone i will be using Nolvadex… as far as i can see its the best option.. perhaps some HCG..i need to do a lot more research into the effects of that on the body before i use it though.



    yeah cholestrol levels/lipid profile are important too and liver function as well.



    “Impotency is not primarily a problem of testicular dysfunction or testosterone deficiency. Rather, it involves an imbalance of the entire hormonal axis–pituitary gland, adrenal glands, testicles and even the thyroid gland. All of these glands are governed by the same feedback loops between the brain and the body. They function as a group and have much to do with determining our overall health. Impotency is not simply due to deficiency of testosterone–or Viagra; the treatment of impotency must involve the restoration of health. Science actually corroborates the practices of ancient physicians, who treated impotency by restoring male vigor. This is best accomplished by relieving emotional blocks, often old lingering impediments that still stand in our way, and by taking steps to restore the health of the adrenal gland.”



    some doctors don’t seem to understand this these days.



    I haven’t been to the Dr’s in several years and agree they do not know the concept of balance… Drugs DO NOT balance people (in fact, long term create imbalances.). The underlying cause of high cholesterol is likely linked to the liver congestion and the supplements he was taking appeared to help correct this. In general, I DO NOT agree with long term supplementation (unless it is determined the organ is damaged beyond repair). And the supplement list was quite extensive… The minor joint pain (the last visit) makes me wonder if there was an immune response to some of the supplements. Joint pain including arthritis will disappear once you discover the underlying immune response element.

    I really like lab test as a feedback system. In fact a few years ago, when my doctor gave me the blood work sheet for the lab, I always add the additional tests that I want to the sheet. (I did get caught once becuase I add 15 additional tests but the insurance still paid for it.)

    Keep the success stories coming…

    Time to check the hormone levels… (have to lookup the lab code for those non-standard tests).



    my doctor gave me a sheet quite a while back, and i added some other stuff. i still have it with me and consider going to the nurse these coming days.



    I can’t figure out this website, can I personal message other users? I’m extremely curious as to what the link originally posted on this particular thread was, but the link has been disabled. Could someone please respond to me or send me the link or something? I need help seriously

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