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    Hallo gentlemen,

    because my health is once again declining, despite the fact i am still celibate and haven’t looked at porn, i got very frustrated once again and searched the net for new solutions.

    I stumbled over this site: [MOD EDIT: URL Removed] , which propose, that candida can cause many, many symptoms, which no doctor can find a cause for. I have many of the enlisted symptoms and i want to here your opinion guys:

    Could this be the solution for some of us?

    I made the saliva self-test on the site and it was positive for me, so i am a little curious if this might be the solution, even when i always rejected such parasite diagnosis.

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    thats why I like to do colon cleanses

    on a side note have you done a saliva cortisol test






    I have had some symptoms of Candida as well, so I am currently using Candida Clear, from Now Foods. I chose this one because it was getting good reviews from people who have been dealing with Candida.






    you got to be careful about doing these colon cleanses, they can be harmful.

    just follow a clean organic diet, thats enough to cleanse and rebuild.

    will these cleanses solve SE; in my opinion no.



    colon cleanses will go quite a long way if you value your prostate and suffer from prostatits, among of course other things.

    however, they won’t cure any hormonal or neurotransmitter imbalances.



    I think there are 3 really serious way to explain why ure dopamine level shut down (especially 3/4 days after orgasm for me)

    – excessive catecholamines turn over (must be cured by a normal level of serotonin + Gaba + acethylcholin )

    – lead/mercury intoxication (destroying enzymes)

    – clostridia or candida yeast (eating tyrosine and releasing neurotoxins )




    an important point



    Some scientists think a lot of disease are connected to the yeast (ADHD, autism… ). I don’t look for a lab test for it now beacause i’m more concerned by the 2 others.









    colon hydrotherapy I believe is only for medical procedures. its very rough on the stomach and it certainly isn’t the type of cleanse you do. I should have posted this earlier on but the cleanse I did was:

    1-) whole psyllium husk- The starting amount would be 1 teaspoon morning and night. I’ve gradually worked up to 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 teaspoons.

    2-) activated charcoal- 2 caps morning and night

    3-) herbal tabs/herbal caps. basically these having something like senna leaf/extract, licorice root/extract/(whatever), peppermint extract, etc… the senna is quite important.

    Starting dosage is 2 in the morning and night and you can increase to 3 or even 4 tabs or caps morning and night.

    this cleanse is mild, done for 30 days and you don’t have to change anything about your diet, except to perhaps as Max said eat more healthy.

    hope this helps.



    I think the problem is : why doing a colon therapy if you don’t know what is your parasite ? Maybe a general therapy on the intestine ?

    I think clostridia and candida yeast must be checked fisrt beacause they are directly linked to dopamine. That’s why in this case only, i think a dopaminergic anti-depressant could be better than amino-acids beacause it could prove the dopamine role in SE without boosting adrenaline and don’t need to take the path of intestine, where the yeast can change the assimilation.

    post edit


    In this case, bloodtest will reveal the progesterone level. That’s easy.

    Low progesterone => Low Gaba => High catecholamine turn over



    because the building blocks to an effective parasite cleansing program should always include the removal of the waste in the colon. it is this toxic waste that creates the environment in which the intestinal parasites thrive and propagate.



    Alpha, you are anecdotal evidence that there is more than just abstinence to cure yourself. Certainly, ejaculation will put additional stress on a already weakened endocrine system (and produce symptoms) but I highly doubt sex/maturbation is the root cause to anyone’s problem on this forum.

    From the read on some of your threads, it appears you have various cycles of immune type responses.

    I would be highly suspect of an allergen or number of allergens causing the problem. (This could be causing a GABA or other type of deficiency). Unfortunately, we come in contact with so many allergens they may be tricky to isolate. First try a elimination diet to see if any foods are causing the problem. (this may reduce the overall immunoglobin response enough the pain goes away.) Try the Master Cleanse (simple program) to go a step further.

    Net, net, you must increase your T1 immune response and reduce your T2 (internal) response to the offending substance.

    Other things to try (use Google):

    1) Chelation (Detoxamin)

    2) Dr. Clarks zapping protocol

    3) NAET

    4) Paragone Supplements

    5) Liver/Kidney Cleanse

    4) Immune Building Related Supplements

    5) Your doctor

    (BTW – Ejaculation is NOT a sin but that’s another subject…)



    What is the fiability of this test ?

    I will redo the test next morning to be sure . . .

    I have do the test 5 time, it’s positive each time positive even with a clean mouth. A lot of long strings from the surface to the bottom.

    Is candida finaly the key ?

    Have you make the test ? Positive ? Negative ? I really doubt this test is serious …




    Ok, this test is bullshit.

    Damnit, it’s an irritating situation. On a side we have some theories who have a little chance to explain biochemmical imbalances (clostridia/candida yeast , mercury/lead/copper intoxication) and other side stupid charlatans try to exploit this theories and destroy them.

    – Chronicle candida infection is heavily disputed

    – Clostridia yeast infection is heavily disputed

    – Lead or mercury intoxication is heavily disputed

    – over-sensitiveness / muscle tremors is heavily disputed.

    And what about sexual exhaustion ?

    99% of docs think it’s bullshit or have nevre heard it

    And in the last % , there’s a lot of charlatans.

    I’m very pessimistic about healing sexual exhaustion. Without a scientist we have no chance.

    Is this one serious ? :

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    – For now, dopamine is the key of sexual exhaution (our best explanation anyway)

    – They think yeasts can disturb the metabolic path from tyrosine to dopamine. ..



    I think you over-analyze too much Jim. But I’m having second thoughts about what editman said.



    Lyme, Heavy metals, Yeasts… so many test to do

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