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    Something stuck in my mind from its this: “for some reason, the men whose ejaculations are much larger develop sexual exhaustion more easily”

    Do you guys have this? I definetely had it in the past. Once when I was sick I jerked off and when I was about to clean the bed my father walked in and said “oh you puked?” and I was like “uuhhhh yeah dad, I puked” Thats how big my ejaculations could be, like a small vomit lol.

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    Could be a valid theory, where the person ejaculates a lot of energy or alot of nutrients as mentioned thru various resources.

    I but when you mentioned that your ejaculation is like puke, have you ever measure the volume (ist above 5-7ml)??

    for me i used to have a normal volume, not much or can say when i measure it once back on 2007 it was around 4.5ml…when my prostate was swollen before my other symptoms kicked in.

    I believe the field of sexuality and energy must be studied and verified scientifically,

    here are some studies about SE


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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