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    i thought watery semen (like URINE almost) or no semen, could mean extremely low testosterone

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    If your testicles are not producing normal amount of semen, it is probable that they are not producing normal amount of testosterone either. But it’s also possible that frequent forced ejaculation has depleted body from its semen reserves. Semen takes about 100days to mature so if you start taking supplements that increase semen amount, the results are not visible straight away.



    yeah im just a little concerned about being fertile and being able to reproduce one day .



    Me too. I definitely have semen but as it takes so many millions to father children, I’m not sure if I have enough. It is better to stay away from testosterone replacement therapy if you don’t want to become sterile.



    CX what are you symptoms ?



    Yeah I noticed that one time I had yellowish tint to my semen, it was weird



    semen production can be easily affected by just about anything. something as simple as your diet can make a big difference. you just gotta have everything perfect. the amount alone is not enough. and there are many exceptions to this rule.




    At the moment, my main concern is that I can’t get a strong erection without manual stimulation. I was in blood tests today. My doctor wanted to test bunch of values but not any sexual hormones. I’m getting those measured next month and hopefully then know better what direction to take with my healing.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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