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    My penis leaks semen constantly, even when i do not have an erection. Is there any vitamin or herb I can take to remedy this problem? I used to masturbate daily. I have since stopped masturbating entirely. Also, it would be convienent if I could find something to help premature ejaculation.


    I currently take a B-100 vitamin, Amino Acids, and a multivitamin daily.

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    The only thing that I can suggest for the premature ejaculation is 5-HTP or maybe st johns wort, a higher serotonin level means you can last a little while longer.



    im not to familiar with this, maybe HAN can chime in..

    sounds like some inflammation of the prostate …. possibly fish oil / borage oil would help.




    you need total testosterone and free testosterone in the upper 1/3 range. this should keep the valve closed diet and allow a long last erection



    This part may be in my head, but I feel like I am urinating more frequently than normal. If so, I think it may be a problem with my prostate. What do you think given these two conditions?

    BTW, thank you so much for the help. It means so much because this would be very embarrasing to ask my doctor about. Thanks a million!



    Also, what vitamins/herbs can i take to raise my testosterone to the levels you mentioned?

    I am taking Ginseng, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, a multivitamin, and Amino Acids



    The answer seems to be that I need to strengthen my ejaculation valve. What vitamins/herbs should I take for that? Will that also improve my issue with premature ejaculation?



    It seems that you may have a kidney deficiency either yin or yang or maybe both, involuntary seminal emmissions is a good sign of this. Cordyceps is an herb that will help but it only supposedly works over time and another thats suppose to strengthen the kidneys is the famous horny goat weed. It would be best advised to consult a Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist first before purchasing anything.



    you need to correct your thyroid/adrenal/testosterone deficiency.

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