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    Just got “The edge effect” from the library… it’s interesting that high serotonin causes shyness and anxiety. I’ve always thought that low serotonin has that effect due to excess dopamine conversion to adrenaline. And according to Dr.Lin, serotonin is the social hormone, a lack of it will cause social withdrawal. It seems like with every new book there is a new contradiction to old knowledge.

    Anyways I have only scanned through the book quickly so I will have to read the whole book…

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    yeah that is a very interesting thing. serotonin is linked to so many thingz



    I’d believe Dr. Braverman over Dr. Lin anyday of the week. Dr. Braverman was head of Princeton’s Brain Bio Research center and his entire medical career is based around the brain and neurotransmitters

    Dr. Lin isn’t even a medical doctor. He doctorate is in Civil Engineering. That being said, he is definite on to something and I think he is mostly right what happens. He is definitely 100% right on the symptoms that result. But generally he is a very dubious guy. He sends out those (2) sentence emails “Take Viapal, you’ll recover in 2 to 4 months”. He doesn’t tell you to avoid ALL forms of stress. He puts DHEA in his products when people might already have sky high DHEA (like I did). He just wants to sell products. I’m sure there are lots of emails that people send who aren’t happy with the results. Those never seem to make on his site.



    Low dopamine also is a cause of anxiety/introversion…

    Found this a while ago: [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]



    the article mentions that l-theanine increases both dopamine and GABA levels and also crosses the brain-body barrier quite quickly and doesn’t cause drowsiness nor is it addictive



    I’m trying to figure out if it’s weak adrenal function, high prolactin, high serotonin, low serotonin, low dopamine or high adrenaline that causes social anxiety and other anxiety disorders. I know the same disease can have multiple causes but this is complicated. I just hope your neurotransmitter levels are not genetically determined.



    I don’t think deficiencies are genetically determined. But I believe that dominant neurotransmitters are genetic.

    And if you live your life out of balance because you ahve a neurotransmitter that is TOO dominant, you might cause deficiencies. For example, when heathy, I was a strong dopamine nature. Strong Dopamine natures tend to over indulge and over do everything, which can lead to deficiencies in neurotransmitters.

    I sent the Braverman test to (2) of my sisters. They are also strong dopamine and tend to work too hard and over do every thing. One has even developed some deficiencies as well.

    But again…I think it is result of living out of balance for too long. If we had known better over the years and worked on meditating, yoga, etc. to balance our high energy personalities, we might not have burned ourselves out.



    according to that test it seems i’m dominant in dopmaine and acetylcholine. however even though i’m deficient in dopamine it is far from being my dominant neurotransmitter. its actually more so GABA than any of them.

    not sure what acetylcholine dominancy makes you do

    GABA makes the most sense since my horoscope is a GEMINI and those kinda people tend to be very moody, which is exactly what i am. but the test made me realize how important GABA is which is a good side notice.



    I was also strong dopamine & acetycholine. It would interesting to it more of us are the same. Stong dopamines tend to overindulge, which is likely why we overmasturbate



    yep interesting question. its seems there is a lot to those neurotransmitters than meets the eyes

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