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    For reasons that escape rational thinking, conventional medicine persists in using serum tests rather than saliva tests. The results have been disastrous. When using hormone creams or gels, the hormone is absorbed through the skin and into the blood without first passing through the liver. Thus, they are essentially all absorbed in the �free� form. When given orally, they pass first through the liver and 90% of them become protein-bound. For this reason, transdermal dosing is at least 10 times more efficient than oral dosing. If one uses serum testing to measure the blood levels achieved by transdermal dosing, the test will fail to measure all the hormone carried by red blood cells. As a consequence, physicians are apt to greatly over-dose their patients.

    When using saliva testing, it is found that the transdermal dose of testosterone when treating someone with testosterone deficiency is only 0.25-0.5 mg in women, and 1-2 mg in men. As the New Yorker article indicated, the transdermal doses of testosterone ranged from 5 mg to 100 mg a day. The same is observed in estrogen replacement therapy � the doses are generally all greatly excessive. The same hormone that brought good health without side effects when in normal endogenous levels will bring on very bad side effects when given in grossly excessive doses.

    The problem is not the hormone, per se, the problem is the dosing.

    Some physicians have attempted to measure �free� hormones in serum. Regardless of how well this is done, such tests fail to measure the �free� hormone being carried by red blood cells.

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    You are gonna get saliva test for your hormones then? I think you shouldnt. The few people I have seen talking about this issue stated that saliva is only good for cortisol ( and I guess for some more things that doesnt count for us) Just a good intentioned and humble advice, im not sure about this and feeling awfully brainfogged today lol



    Yea i dont know either but i thoguht that article was interesting.



    Thanks Charlie for the article.



    Serum is good for specific items,

    Saliva is going to be good for cortisol nothing else.

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