Severe Exhaustion!! Need Input.

Sexual Reboot Forum Severe Exhaustion!! Need Input.

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    Okay, I’m new and this place looks great. My topic title might be alittle deceiving because I’m just trying to garner attention, anyways I’m currently 17 and have been masturbating since the tender age of 5. Yah it’s pretty sad and embarrasing but the truth has to come out. Anyways I suffer from Premature Ejaculation, Memory Loss, Lack of Concentration and some headaches. These symptoms only arise in close proximity to when I have just ejaculated [masturbating or sex]. I dunno if I have a soft erection but I still believe I can achieve a harder one.

    My main question is how can I recover without taking suppliments and pills and such. I’d like to cure my premature ejaculation and mainly solve all my chemical levels and parasymphetic levels as they are probably worn out. Please help and ask questions if need, i’ll be surviallencing this topic closely.

    Thank you everyone.

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    the only thing you can do is to limit ejaculation to once every 2 weeks and drink lots of milk and eat carbohydrate and protein meals on their own.



    and NO porn



    The ability to recover without supplements really depends on the state of your condition.



    Thanks for your replies, how long do you suppose it will take for me to recover. And is it manditory that I still have sexual activity once every two weeks? or can I just cancel it all togheter.

    And machine how would I be able to determine my state of condition?

    Thanks again.



    you cannot quit masturbation totally. this is because you have to release the old semen. if you dont release the semen then harmful pge2 will accumulate and will lead to premature ejaculation and other things.



    Is there anything else I should know? Should I exercise less or more. I’m just really worried because I do not want to have any long-lasting effects on my mood or heart.



    Hey , after how long would you say is safe to ejaculate (im 23). Thanks in advance.



    Anything else that would help?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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