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    I’ll keep this short as possible. I’m a 20 year old male. I’ve been battling sexual exhaust symptoms since 14. Erectile dysfunction, no morning wood, shrunken penis/testicles, seminal leakage, watery ejaculation,eye floaters,brain fog,loss of motivation/concentration, chronic fatigue(always tired),insomnia,depression,hair loss, premature ejaculation. The list goes on… Anyways I’ve been taking fish oil and a multivitamin for about 2 years now atleast. I also tried taking herbal supplements awhile back(tribulus Tetris,maca,ginseng,horny goat weed,yohimbe,mucan puriens) or whatever theyre called. None of that stuff had any impact on my symptoms. I went to the doctor and told them my symptoms but I was to in embarresed to tell them the real story about overmasterbation so I bassicaly said that I experimented with drugs (exctasy,cocain,marijuana,acid)and that the symptoms were gradual and became worse over the years from ages 14-current (20yrs old). They did a complete blood test and said everything was normal! I was furious when they told me that. How is that even possible? All these symptoms yet The doctors tell me I’m very normal. I got my thyroid,testosterone,and a few other things that I can’t remember tested as well. The only numbers that I remember my doctor telling me is that my testosterone was like 525ng/dl(tested at 8am).I was amazed that my testosterone was normal because I have every single symptom of low T it doesn’t make sense and is very frustrating. I know for a fact that my testerone was a lot higher than it is now. 525ng/dl seems very low for someone as young as me. I remember when I was 13 and I had spontaneous erections every hour of the day ,rock hard morning wood always, high energy levels, overall feeling great. I’m guessing my t levels back then were on the very high level range. Anyways the doctors think I’m just making things up because everything came back normal. They said I probably have a venous leak that’s causing me to have ED. I said so what about the other non erection related symptoms that I’m having? The doctor said I don’t know what to tell you and gave me a trial of cialis, which didn’t help with my erections at all. This whole overmasterbation thing has ruined my life. I can’t get with any girls cause I cant get it up so I’m scared of being with girls now cause I know they eventually want to have sex and I won’t be able to preform when the time comes. I haven’t had a gf since I was 13 I’m 20 now. I’m going crazy. Someone please help me I don’t know what to do!! PLEASEEEEEE HELP!!!!

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    Okay well fist just to say I am not an expert on this but I have done a lot of research and this is my advice :

    over masturbation to the level of sexual exhaustion can lead to a loss of testosterone receptor density – so you can have adequate testosterone but not have enough receptors to “feel” it.

    You could also look at getting free testosterone checked as this is more important then total testosterone – free testosterone is the levels that you can actually use that aren’t bound to shbg or albumin.

    Also you could have a loss of dopamine d2 receptors – often the case with excessive porn which is similar to a loss of testosterone receptors in that you won’t be able to feel the dopamine. I have also heard that over masturbation leads to low dopamine levels via excessive conversion to norephinephrine and ephinephrine ( noradrenaline and adrenaline)

    Dopamine is more involved in low libido then testosterone. Low dopamine can also cause a lack of motivation, loss of pleasure in things you once enjoyed, a lack of energy, anxiety and many more.

    The relationship between testosterone and dopamine is that testosterone increase dopamine. For example, you have normal testosterone levels, you see a hot girl, the testosterone signals dopamine release – (the higher the circulating testosterone the greater the dopamine release) the dopamine release leads to that adrenaline rush in a good way aroused feeling.

    Dopamine also plays a greater part in spontaneous erections.

    In your case your body is most likely; seeing a hot girl, producing the testosterone but your receptors are decreased so only part of it is actually really used by your body – which equals less dopamine release combined with decreased dopamine d2 receptors and lower dopamine release and it’s no wonder you have problems.

    If you get a feeling of adrenaline but in a bad way that could possibly be the dopamine being excessively converted to adrenaline. But this is one thing I am just guessing at.

    The brain fog could well be excessive prolactin which will further surpress dopamine and testosterone.

    For a 20 year old you would probably expect total testosterone at least 100 ng/dl higher then it is now so it is possible that your total testosterone has been lowered as well.

    The hair loss may well be excessive conversion of testosterone to DHT which is common with over masturbation.

    Hair loss could also possibly be due to lack of minerals such as zinc but me saying that is again just guessing.

    Premature ejaculation could well be caused by damage/irritation to the prostate and urethra nerves – which will heal in time and low levels or dysfunction of serotonin and acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that has a role in controlling muscles in the pelvis area – dysfunction could cause excessive squeezing and PE.

    No morning wood could suggest – low dopamine, low testosterone night time production or low testosterone receptors or low free testosterone.

    Watery ejaculation is probably caused by deficiency in various nutrients and minerals needed in ejaculation and obviously too much ejaculation.

    JUST noticed that you mentioned insomnia. Over masturbation can cause deficiency of GABA and serotonin. GABA helps relax you and serotonin converts to melatonin which helps you sleep. Dopamine also has a role in insomnia that I am not too familiar with.

    Insomnia could well be contributing to your symptoms as poor sleep;
    -decreases testosterone
    – messes up neurotransmitters – as they aren’t fully replenished
    – lowers Human growth hormone
    – at first increases cortisol levels
    – can cause mood problems
    – can affect thryoid function as poor sleep is a stressor and can bind up t3 or circulating thyroid level.

    However one of the worst things is that sexual exhaustion combined with insomnia and depression can lead to adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue, KILLED my libido.

    I’m not suggesting you have it but it is a possibility.

    I don’t know what you have tried apart from the supplements but my advice would be:

    Fish oil; you are already taking this so keep doing so it helps lower inflammation including excessive prostaglandin E2 which is common with overmasturbation and which can contriubute to premature ejaculation.

    A multivitamin is a good idea but often fails to provide high enough levels to recover from a deficiency although it is better then nothing.

    tribulus terrestris; most extracts of this are junk. I once used a very high quality one with the best standardisation and I felt a little hornier and a little more aggressive but mostly placebo effect tbh. Tribulus terrestris doesn’t increase testosterone but it does elevate Luteinizing hormone which can increase your libido a bit – but NOT worth it in my opinion.

    Maca is an adaptogen that has no impact on testosterone levels. It can be useful in the early stages of adrenal fatigue but in the later stages it can make it worse.

    Ginseng, depends which type; siberian ginseng can help the adrenal pathway go towards Dhea instead of cortisol but I have no real experience of the the ginsengs and don’t know enough about them.

    Horny goat weed I’m pretty sure has been shown to have a very mild or non existent effect on testosterone if I were to use it, it would be to increase sexual sensitivity.

    No comment on yohimbe as I don’t know much about it.

    Mucuna pruriens; this contains L dopa which converts directly to dopamine. The conversion require vitamin B6 and zinc – so if you have a deficiency in vitamin B6 or zinc then you may well not be able to produce as much dopamine.

    In my opinion Mucuna pruriens is the best dopamine booster I know of, I have had a good experience with it when I had bad adrenal fatigue and poor sexual function due to excessive masturbation and when I ended up having sex after about three weeks, I managed to ejaculate about 5 times that night and I liked the way it made me feel.

    If you have had no benefit from mucuna pruriens I would try taking a high quality product – with a good L dopa content and also supplementing with a b complex and zinc.

    It is important not to take it for too long as it will eventually decrease dopamine receptors but a month or so should be fine.

    If it didn’t work for you, it could be a poor product, a zinc or b6 deficiency or because you have low dopamine receptors.

    If I were in your situation what I would do is;

    1. Quit all sexual activity; no porn, no masturbation, no sex no orgasm, no touching yourself for anything other then necessary. No looking at any pictures of hot girls – on facebook, google, no sexually suggestive music videos and limit exposure to soft porn tv shows.

    I would do this for at least 1 month and then after 1 month re-introduce sex and orgasm and see where you are at – if it’s not helped then try going another month and so on I would quit porn and masturbation for at least 3 months though. Make sure that if you choose to completely abstain for 3 months that you have sex or ejaculate after – to test your progress and so you don’t end up shutting down out of inactivity.

    NOTE: It maybe that you are already doing this, if so keeping going and be patient

    2. You need to get your sleep sorted.
    This will speed up your progress and some of your problems may well be due to insomnia.

    I would personally take in the evenings around 90 minutes before bed;

    1. 5 htp : to increase serotonin and eventually melatonin,
    2. Melatonin: this helps me fall and stay asleep
    3. GABA: This will help you relax

    The 5 htp and GABA may also help some of your sexual exhaustion symptoms.

    Other tips for insomnia are;

    1. Quit caffeine; gradually
    2. Stop using all electricity; tv, laptop etc.. 2 hours before bed and sit in the dark ( being serious)

    3. Install flux onto your laptop to decrease blue light emissions and increase red light.

    4. Eat adequate calories but don’t eat within two hours of sleep
    5. Exercise regularly in the morning to flush stress toxins out your system
    6. Exposure to early morning sunlight to resync your circadian rhythmn
    7 Keep well hydrated
    8. Perhaps the most important is to WIND DOWN, this means around 3 hours before sleep, stop any stimulating activities and do a relaxing night time routine ( not masturbation) e.g put on some relaxing music, watch a comedy, dim the lighting etc or try a brainwaves video on youtube for sleep etc..

    The best advice for sleep quality is to;

    1. Go to bed by 10.30 pm
    2. Get 9 hours sleep – get up at 7.30 am ( if possible)
    This helped me with my insomnia and the sleep quality at this time is so much better.

    If you do have an adrenal problem, then this advice is very important as sleep is one of the best treatments and your adrenal glands will repair best at this time. Also avoid going to bed at 11 pm of after as your adrenal glands get a second wind and will keep you awake and it will stress them further.

    3. Exercise; weight lifting is good, avoid catabolic exercises such as jogging. Also walk regluarly. Avoid exercise too late at night as it will keep you awake

    4. Supplementation;

    NOTE: I’m not providing links or suggestions of any products as it will seem like I am trying to sell you something. It’s best if you do your own research on that.

    If I were you I would follow a similar supplement plan;

    1. B vitamin complex every morning for 1 month – important to take them all together. Involved in many different functions and conversions of precursors into neurotransmitters

    2. Zinc around 30-50 mg each morning – don’t overdo it as it can upset copper levels and you can get toxicity. If you are deficient then you will need more then 15 mg a day. It is likely you are deficient as zinc is lost through ejaculation and over ejaculation could cause deficiency. Zinc is partly responsible for conversion of L dopa into dopamine and low levels of zinc can decrease testosterone and increase estrogen.

    I would take 40 mg of zinc ( as you probably get 10-15mg in the multivitamin too)a day for 3-4 weeks and then just take the multivitamin for zinc.

    3. Magnesium oil/spray. This is very good for relaxing for sleep and many people have a deficiency in magnesium. The spray will bring your levels up very quickly. Magnesium oil can also eventually convert to Dhea which can elevate testosterone and help your adrenals but this as far as I know is not proven.

    4. I would definitely take something to support dopamine as this could; help sleep, improve libido, improve energy, improve mood and IMPORTANTLY it could help you with porn, sex and masturbation withdrawal when your dopamine is low this may help with cravings.

    It would be best to take either L tyrosine or Mucuna pruriens with a decent extract of L dopa. Mucuna pruriens has evidence to suggest it elevates testosterone levels as well.

    If you don’t feel any benefit after around 3 -4 weeks ( which is when I really started to feel the mucuna pruriens) then it may just be that you need dopamine receptors to restore before you can feel it.

    5. L – Arginine; this is good for nitric oxide which will help blood flow to the genitals and will help erections an speed recovery – potentially.

    6. Cod liver oil – as this contains Vitamin A – which in the form of retinol is very important for testosterone production and a lot of people don’t get enough – it’s different to vitamin A you get from vegetables such as carrots. Cod liver oil also contains vitamin D3 – essentially a hormone that is often deficient in people who don’t get enough sun or wear excessive sun cream. Vitamin D3 is important for lots of different reasons – including the immune system, helping with depression, muscle strength and increasing free testosterone levels.
    Often people don’t get enough when it isn’t sunny as they usually get less then 500 iu from diet. You need more like 1000-5000 iu as you get more like this amount from the sun. Cod liver oil also contains omega 3 just like fish oil.

    It is important to get a good quality cod liver oil though and I would take 4 teaspoons every day – for enough vitamin D3, omega 3 and vitamin A

    OR ; Take;

    – Vitamin D3 supplement 1000 – 5000 iu daily
    – Vitamin A retinol supplement – 10 000 iu a day
    – keep taking fish oil

    For testosterone;

    L-Carnitine; has been found to increase androgen receptors – including testosterone receptors

    Divanil; this is a high quality extract of stinging nettle root, it has been shown to increase free testosterone levels. I would look into this yourself though but from my research it was one of the best options.

    D – aspartic acid: May be worth a go as some studies have shown a 40% increase in testosterone, although I’m not really sure it did anything for me. It tends to work on older people.

    Tongkat ali; Is a mixed bag, depends on dose, quality of product, too many factors to say for sure

    pomegranate juice; Been shown to improve sperm quality and testosterone levels but also packed with sugar

    protein powder such as whey; contains various amino acids to help with neurotransmitter levels, also helps increased testosterone/reduce cortisol ( not good if you have low cortisol though)

    There are various Aromatase inhibitors that increase testosterone by shutting down estrogen. This is questionable in my opinion but there are so many enviromental estrogens that it might not be that bad.

    some AI are;

    P zole


    Resveratrol ( questionable)

    It would be worth looking into DIM to remove bad estrogens from the body which will help testosterone and good estrogen function.

    I don’t want to overwhelm you but I would give some of the supplements I suggested a go.

    Add in one at a time and carefully observe how you feel after a week or two and how you feel when you stop.

    It can be difficult to seperate the placebo effect from actual benefits.

    One option is to do more testing:

    – Test for levels of vitamins and minerals and correct any deficiencies

    – Test free testosterone and re test testosterone. Then take a testosterone booster I mentioned for a month and retest both to se any changes.

    Of course if you are abstaining though this could be responsible.

    – Test neurotransmitter levels, I guarantee something will be off with them

    Just a few more tips:

    . Eat a good diet; eat adequate calories as low cholestrol decreases hormone production – so don’t limit fats.

    . Avoid any added sugar – obvious reasons and it also decreases testosterone for several hours after ingestion. Exception would be glucose after a workout when it is needed

    . Eat plenty of protein for optimal amino acids and to avoid any catabolism ( muscle breakdown)

    . Eat a diet rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

    I hope you have read this and it had helped. I’m not sure when you posted this question though.

    If you google things you are curious about then you will find answers. Just make sure that information is consistent.

    I’m not a doctor I just researched this a lot online.

    If you do read this and you need anymore help then mention it in your reply and I can always email you too.

    Good luck.




    Thank you so much for such a detailed response. I just have a few questions because I don’t fully understand. 1. Are you saying if I increased my testosterone and dopamine receptors that I would be getting erections and morning wood, and that 525ng/dl is adequate?
    2. Would I benefit from a 25mg dhea supplement? If so What would it do? How long should I take it and when? I read it possibly increases estrogen so I don’t know wether to take it or not.
    3. Would hcg/clomid benefit me to jump start natural testosterone production? My doctor won’t do anything unless my testosterone is below 350ng/dl. (Just curious)
    4. Is it possible that I’m so sexually exhausted that no matter what supplements I take I’ll never get better? I’ve tried some of the things you’ve recommended like you said but time just goes by and nothing happens.
    4. I’m exhausted constantly, I believe I have adrenal exhaustion as well I will follow what you recommended already.
    5.Is there any prescriptions I should ask my doctor about that could help my severe sexually exhausted state?

    Note:I’ve been abstaining for the most part for the past two years with maybe masterbating a maximum of 10 times within those 2 years but I’ve had plenty of nocturnal emissions(without any erection) on top of that usually once a week. I believe that testing after abstaining will just hinder any progress, and I figure I’d listen to my body before I stimulate my self on a regular basis so I’m doing just that.

    I’d like to fix in order as somethings are generally more important to me at this time. 1.erections and morning wood nocturnal emissions2. Constant fatigue 3. Brain fog/memory problems

    Thank you so much once again, you’ve been great help and I’d like to be able to email you because I have no one to talk to about this and I need help!



    I still need help guys. Lifestyle changes and multivitamins and fish oil isn’t working. Everything is in the “normal” range my doctor said, he says I’m perfectly healthy, even though I have every symptom of low t and severe sexual exhaustion. I have no energy and my reproductive organs are completely shot, small, and lifeless. I’m 20yrs old and my testosterone is 524ng/dl that was taken at 8am. I’m thinking about getting blood work done in the afternoon to see if it will get lower than 350ng/dl so my doctor will prescribe me something. I got several things tested including thyroid and everything’s normal he said. That can’t be true why am I feeling like this? Why do I have no morning erections or erections at all? Why no energy? This is bullshit and not “normal”. The only thing he says pretty much is that I might have a venous leak since all the testing came back normal. I need help!! This is killing me I feel like killing myself if there’s no hope, I’ve been trying everything possible for years and I’m severely depressed cause of this severe sexual exhaustion. But my testing says I’m normal, it’s driving me insane




    how often do you watch porn or masturbate?



    Hey john. I don’t masterbate or watch porn at all anymore! I quit at about 18 till now (3/21/15) which I’ll be 21 in May. I started masterbating from ages 14-18 everyday atleast once up to about 4 times in a single day. I had raging hormones when I was 14 and got addicted to masterbation. This is killing me I’m so depressed. I’m young and I’m missing the best years of my life and I’m still a virgin cause I have Ed from the severe sexual exhaustion symptoms. I’ve abstained from both masterbating and porn for almost 3 years. I’m still always tired,depressed,I have no ambition,no erections or morning wood,trouble sleeping,my testicles and penis have reduced in size. Pubic hair is not as full as it was. Semen ejaculation is watery and barely any comes out.orgasm is very weak and non existent,low energy,trouble sleeping/light sleep with no dreams,I feel emotionless(nothing excites me). My testosterone is at 525ng/dl by the way. Please help me john! Thank you!

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    One thing you need to be careful of when diagnosing yourself with a condition is that if you treat yourself, experience little improvement, and then become depressed, the depression and anxiety you develop can hold you back and keep you from finding out what is really wrong.

    If you have successfully cut out all porn use, which includes any visual or auditory stimulation which excites you sexually (even fully clothed girls on Facebook for example), then it is odd that you still suffer from ED.

    However, if you’re not watching any of this stuff, how do you know you have ED, since you’re not having sex either? You say you’re suffering from severe sexual exhaustion, but after 3 years of abstinence it simply doesn’t make any sense that this is your problem.
    And you go on to say how your semen is and how weak your orgasms are, but didn’t you stop that 3 years ago?

    Please clarify exactly what is going on here.



    I stopped my consistent porn and masterbation about 3 years ago. I might have masterbated a total of 3 times since then with no porn just for the hell of it. Of the three times My erection was extremely weak “(beating a dead horse)”, ejaculated within a minute, my semem was watery, my orgasm just felt like nothing besides like a weak pressure in prostate area. I also have nocturnal emissions with no erection weekly that could be hindering any progress, and possibly semen in urine. When I was healthy I never experienced any of this. I believe those symptoms come from the prostate inflammation damage that I’ve done from overmasterbation. I highly doubt my problems are from porn as I have physical changes and damages. Thinning of pubic hair, penis/testicles have shrunk drastically, complete Ed (no morning wood ever anymore), prostitis, chronic fatigue, brain fog (can’t think clearly), Nocturnal emissions. These are clear side effects of physical damage I have done with excessive ejaculation. I have not cared to watch porn for the last 3 years because I’m trying to heal as best I can. But I think my body is so weak and damaged that it can’t recover on its own just from abstinence of porn and masterbation and adding good diet and exercise hasn’t helped much. I think I may need a prescription of clomid and hcg to re amp my testicular axis to start producing hormones at the level my body once did to when I was healthy and some prostate inflammation medication as well. This is just my semi educated guess based on symptoms and research. I completely dropped porn and don’t see these physical damages coming from that?



    You still there john? Or anybody with any answers for that matter?



    Hi, u are still very young dont give up.pls find an ayurveda practitioner nearby n seek help. Pls send ur dob , date n time of birth details ? Time in gmt ,pls. I will c ur chart n tell u remedies for free. U do them. Try tai chi n yoga n pranayama.

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