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    hi guys

    can anyone provide me with info on the finger pliers technique and positions dr lin advocates for orgasms??

    i hope to get some videos on this and get the technique behind it…

    pm me if you know more plz


    (anyone success with these techniques or do you think they are bull?)

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    well a reallly great technique, is when a girl lays on her back and your palm is facing up, you use a few fingers and use a “COming HERE MOTION with your fingers” they love it, and if you do that and use your mouth on them at the same time, they’ll be in heavon



    Once, just once, about 3 years ago, i pulled off the multiple dry orgasm things that Dr Lin teaches.

    I must say that was the greatest 30 minutes of my life by a considerable margin.

    Sadly i’ve never been able to repeat that experience.



    Hi Max,

    Could you please explain clearly the technique. I still don’t understand what you meant palm facing up and what is this “COming HERE MOTION with your fingers” ?

    sorry, for bothering. can you provide me a link where can i find some pictures





    like ur palm up, like ur receiving food or something

    with 1-3 fingers use them in the vagina, facing up and gently apply pressure to the upper vagina, u can also use soft mouth on the clit

    just google search ” HOw to make girl orgasm, oral sex, etc.”

    theres tons of information on it

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    basically just listen to ur girl, she’ll let u know what ur doing right or wrong.



    Hello MAx,

    I want to be so honest to you so that you can help me. Please consider me and aid me to have a good marriage life. I am 28 years old and I have started masturbating when i was 16. I do almost once per day or sometimes 3 times per day or not at all. Unfortunately I did in bad way (TMS).

    next year, I think I will marry and Im still virgin.

    what to do now?

    i tested my blood and it’s fine. The only problem i found with me now is when i get horny, i have some liquid in my penis. But it takes some time to explode.

    is it serious problem?

    can i have baby?

    can i do normal sex life?

    please understand me and help me

    thank you so much




    i dont understand your problems?

    are you talking about pre-cum?

    are you able to get an erection, ejaculuate, orgasms?

    please post all your most recent blood work (numbers, units, ranges)



    Hi Max,

    thanks for answering.

    I did blood test ‘cos I wanted to donate blood. After having my blood test, doctor told me that I am absolutely normal and I can donate my blood.

    Well, I don’t know whether I have problem. ‘cos still im virgin and I don’t know what is pre-cum, etc?

    Yes, i can erect, ejaculate and have orgasms. But my concern is the following,

    Imagine Im seeing a porn, after some time, there is a liquid in my penis which is so watery. is it symptom of premature ejaculation?

    will I have normal sex life with my wife when Im married?

    thank you




    Yes of course you can have a normal sex life and marriage.

    depending how much liquid, thats probably just pre-cum

    try some Borage Oil + Fish oil. that should help.

    when you give blood they test for STDs, i think.

    if thats your only problem, than i wouldnt worry about it

    just stop porn of course.

    if your able to erect, ejaculate/orgasm. i see no problems.

    but a blood test never hurts

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    these tests should give a good overview of how you stand sexually.

    its best to test all those hormones, than makes changes, then test, repeat this process until you feel good.

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