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    People, tell me, those of you that experience sexual exhaustion, are you very thin and have trouble gaining weight? I wonder if it is a symptom of sexual exhaustion.

    btw, Thundercat has no trouble gaining weight. I also stopped my sexual addiction over 2 years ago.

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    could be from Hyperthyrodism , gut pathogens specially parasites, poor diet, catabolic state in the body…could be from high cortisol or from low Testersteone, high heavy metals.

    Many causes but thats what i recall.



    not per se

    it might be that you’ve been like this all your life, and that when you came at the sexual age you found out you couldn’t perform

    trouble gaining weight is often a sign of emotional stress and upbringing or some early physical problem

    for me it is being constipated since birth.. my parents had to do crazy tricks to make me go, so basically i inherited a lazy bowel and when stuff gets backed up and rotting/fermenting in your guts you have a recipe for disaster

    solution would be to increase appetite.. a good appetite is a sign of a healthy functioning body

    ways to stimulate appetite:

    – exercise (even mild is good as long as it stimulates hunger)

    – eat food which needs little to no digestion (fruit sugars, good oils, fermented brown rice protein powder, fermented almond yogurt, anything fermented)

    – take herbal stimulants, there are appetite stimulant herbs out there.. a lot of colon cleanse type of products also stimulate appetite because all the waste is finally getting exited quicker from your body

    marvellous things will happen when you are able to eat an amount of calories your body needs for at least survival.. preferably going up a little bit higher so you have some energy to bone

    carbs are not the enemy and i would suggest looking into carbs you can tolerate, preferably brown stuff like brown rice or yams which don’t cause too much gas or fermentation in the stomach and which comes out easily the next day… that as a baseline together with good oils and easy digestible protein should yield some great results

    so again, not a sign of sexual exhaustion, you may have had this always and thought “hey this is normal” until you figured out you didn’t have the energy to perform sex wise at a later age

    so many stuff/options to try, try them and see if they work with your body



    Very well said…

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