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    Iam 19 years old and this sexual exhaustion bullshit began happening to me this year. started cranking it around age 9 and did it pretty regularly till now. However when i got to college this year i really became addicted and over did it( prob every day sometimes more). My first symptoms of sexual exhaustion was premature ejaculation with my gf something that had never ever been an issue(used to have delayed ejac if anything). Then I progresivly began losing my erection until now I am at the point were I never have morning wood and am even impotent when i try masterbating by myself. I have discontinued all sexual activities and began taking multivitamins, fishoils, 5 htp, l tyrosine, gaba and lechithin supplements along with a growth hormone releaser. I am also very physically fit and have discontinued all drug and alcohol use since this began happening. please anyone who knows how long this SE condition generally lasts or if im taking the right steps to correct it please enlighten me cuse this shit is killing my life and relationship. thanks.

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    Well I’ve been sexually exhausted for years now, 6 years of which i knew about it.

    You have to change your habits now, and keep on the right track, because recovery is so fucking hard you wouldn’t believe.

    You’re on the right track, keep on it, i recommend Acetyl L Carnitine (ALCAR) to help with Acetylcholine. Lecithin is pretty useless at raising acetylcholine levels in my opinion.

    If you have sex with your girlfriend, try and F*ck her to orgasm without ejaculating. This way you can practice semen retention and help strengthen you sexually. Do this as many times as you can, only ejaculating when you can’t control it. After a few months when you’ve recovered somewhat, you can ejaculate every time you have sex.



    this shit is terrifiying me you said recovery is really hard? i was taking the lechithin for that reason but i guess ill swich to that product. I also ordered love longer III from herballove shop, spoke to one of their customer service people and they said at my age sexual exhaustion is easily reversible but i figured they would say that no matter what. I think my parasymthetic sexual nerve is complelty depleted because i am complelty impotent right now and even when i try to get a boner nothing happens. i wish i could F*ck my girlfriend but its gotten to the point where i cant. i cant believe the medical community doesnt study and know about this problem totally pathetic. I have an apointment with my doctor this saturday and i printed some articles offline about sexual exhastion to show him im not crazy but im not very optimistic about his response. If that motherfucker tries to say its just anxiety im gona fucking kill him. i wish it was that simple. anyway any info on how u guys recovered what supplements you used, how long it took etc etc would be greatly appreciated. thanks.




    Do you have any other symptoms other than the total impotence? Being 19 and not being able to get any kind of erection I would get checked for diabetes. How long have you been like this?



    my total impotence just set in about a week ago its just weird because it happend after i stopped masterbating for 2weeks or so then i wanted to see if i could get a boner and i got a weak one and had seminal leakage as i got the boner and since then havnt been able to get hard what so ever. I really dont think its diabities but im going to my doc to get tests done this saturday so ill ask him to check it out to just in case. i was able to get erections easily before my sexual exhaustion set in wether it was with girls or by myself. i think the impotence is a sign of a total exhaustion of my parasymthetic sexual nerve and nervous system. another sign of that is that i never suffered from premature ejaculation or seminal weakage of any kind before all this set in. Im just hoping that with abstinence and the neurotransmitter supplements im taking everyhting will return to normal. I literally wake up every morning hoping for morning wood. does any one know how long most cases of sexual exhaustion last if the person is truly dedicated to restoring their body? honesly any imput would be appreciated.



    Well it depends what you mean by truly dedicated.

    For example if you:

    # Exercised 45 minutes, 3 times a week

    # Stop drinking and smoking

    # Stopped masturbation and porn

    # Took supplements daily

    I reckon you could recover in about 2 months minimum. 3-5 months more likely.

    The real game here in all this is patience and consistency. Like anything, it takes time and repetition. For example you want a muscular body, but it won’t just come by going to the gym once and training your hardest. It comes from months of training and dedication. There is no quick fix. The same with sexual exhaustion, years of abuse can’t be solved by taking Dr Lin’s products (or any supplements) for a week. It takes time, patience, and dedication.

    And remember you don’t have to have the perfect diet, or exercise perfectly, or have the perfect supplement regime. The key is to do it consistently, persistently, regularly, and habitually.

    It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forwards.

    I honestly believe exercise helps a lot. Look up Jack Lalanne, he’s 95 and exercises 2 hours a day. He says, and from what I’ve researched I agree, exercise makes use of all the nutrients and food you put into your body more efficiently. It really helps the digestion and absorption of nutrients, which is key! Because whats the point of taking a multi-vitamin, or eating cherry tomatoes, if it comes out the same way it went in (cherry tomato thing happened to me once). You could take 100 supplements, but if your body doesn’t absorb them, then they’re wasted. Exercise helps increase absorption and efficiency. Same as eating only what you need (not overeating). BTW I’m not saying take your supplements and then exercise straight after, this has been shown to decrease digestion. Exercise normally, and your body efficiency will increase.

    Another tip is don’t get lazy on your supplements, take them everyday. I put mine in a toolbox i bought from homebase, which has 14 compartments to hold different screws. This way I fill up all my supplements every 14 days, and they’re easier to take daily. You don’t need to do this, especially if you don’t have many supplements, but you do need to take them daily!

    Also add borage oil to your mix. 3 x 1000mg caps a day.

    Another thing is your brains dopamine levels need to readjust. You see if you’ve been masturbating and watching porn a lot. Then you just stop for 2 weeks, your dopamine doesn’t get released in the high amounts that it was consistently. So now you might seem impotent, but the longer you abstain from porn and masturbation, eventually your dopamine receptors in the brain will become more sensitive again, and you’ll start getting erections from just fantasy or looking at girls you’re attracted to. For example with me at the moment, I can get erect easily if I watch porn, but not just through touch or sheer hornyness (like i did when younger).

    And I’ve gone through cycles, up’s and downs. Sometimes I’ve abstained for a month or 2, then i watch porn once, and masturbate the next 2 weeks. Or I eat perfectly, then a eat junk. The lesson here is there is never “just one last time”. Like I said you don’t have to do everything perfectly, but definitely consistently.

    However it should help to know, one slip up can set you back big time. For example i remember when i exercised for 22 days in a row and didn’t masturbate. Then I watched some porn, and was surprised I didn’t have any precum/seminal leakage (which I usually get with porn). However I knocked one off, ejaculated, and the next day when I looked at porn again, my seminal leakage was back. So you don’t have to be perfect, but you should stride towards it as much as you can, slip ups can screw you over. Getting too drunk is another major slip up.

    I’ll end on this. The thing is, is if you do the right thing now, and learn this stuff, you will exceed in the future over others. At the moment it may seem unfair that others have health and vitality, and they can get drunk, eat junk, and still seem alright. But eventually, like the majority of people, they get the illnesses and diseases from age 40 upwards. The aches and pains of life, they complain, but don’t do anything about it. The norm for exercise and eating healthily has now become optional instead of necessary. The norm for binge drinking and drug taking has become acceptable and common place. People are impatient (norm), they expect a quick fix, a pill to cure them if they ever get ill. They want quick everything. Yet they get ill because they eat crap, overeat, and don’t exercise (among indulging excessively in the pleasures of life drugs/sex). So the journey you’re on now isn’t a fad diet, or a temporary thing. It’s a proper, and permanent lifestyle change! When you recover from sexual exhaustion, don’t allow yourself to get lazy again. I’ve done this a few times, oh I got my erections back, so I can start masturbating again, watch porn, cut down on the exercise and healthy eating, because to me that’s too much effort. I think you get my point.

    My final and very last point is become independent, don’t doubt yourself, care little about what other people think about your goals and dreams and just go for them. You can either be the leader you were born to be, or you can follow the cult mentality that is prevalent in our society today. You know, oh everyone’s doing it, i care so much about what everyone else thinks of me, that i act how they want me to act, and not how i want to act. I’ll drink with my friends, i’ll eat junk food with my m8’s, i’ll take drugs, i’ll settle for less just to be accepted and validated by my peers and not an outcast. I’ll agree with people though I really disagree etc.. Just remember people are scared, they just want to be accepted for who they are, and because they’re not, they will try to bring you down to their level if you have the courage to follow you own life.

    I hope this helps.



    dude the one thing that i have to say, which is absolutely critical, is to keep a positive attitude, relax, and not stress. by freaking out over this shit your releasing tons of cortisol and triggering your body’s sympathetic mode (aka fight or flight), which is our natural way to react to something like this. the solution is counterintuitive, however. by releasing cortisol and making your body sympathetic and such you worsen your condition. basically, your autotomic nervous system is composed of the sympathetic and parasympathetic. sympathetic is the body’s response to stress, which burns you out, and parasympathetic is relaxation and such, which regenerates your body. if your stress, you can’t recover. the parasympathetic nerve is also responsible for ejaculation control. look into how to make your body more parasympathetic and reduce your stress, and you will recover much, much fast and aid your premature ejaculation.

    these are the main things you gotta do while keeping yourself in the parasympathetic mode and avoiding stess:

    -eat a balanced diet. i guess take a multivitamin, but don’t go too crazy with the supplements. they just F*ck with your system more in my opinion. i barely supplement anymore, and am doing much better. i used to have erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation just like u, and i now get morning erections almost every day and can last much longer. anyways. eat vegetables of all colors (especially green ones), quality meat if possible, eggs (not excessively though), and get your essential fatty acids. i highly recommend nuts (almonds, walnuts, peanuts, etc.). they contain protein, essential fatty acids, and l-arginine (which is responsible for producing nitric oxide, which powers erections). so stock up on some trail mix, and be sure to drink plenty of water.

    -get good sleep (at least 8 hours)


    -stay the F*ck away from porn

    i might be forgetting some tips, but those are the essentials. don’t expect results immediately; it takes some time. avoid the quick fixes- they usually just burn your reserves out and further exhaust you. you need to restore your system. give it a month or two and you’ll be feeling much better. best of luck



    to the both of you thanks alot your advice was extremely beneficial. Im actually lucky in the fact that before all this started i was a pretty avid gym goer so maintaining a healthy lifestyle is really a pleasure for me. Im def way to stressed about this i needa chill out cuse its preventing me from getting into a healing parasympathetic mode. Even once i start getting my erections back etc i plan on abstaining for a while and then probably limiting my ejaculatory frequency to once a month. If i reverted back to sexual exhaustion i really think id kill myself id feel so stupid. honeslty everyone on this forum truly was a great help, helped calm me down to. ima keep my supplement regiment up, keep exercising, eat as healthy as possible.and if i start recoveing ill post about what i did and how everyhting went. thanks again



    This is by far one of the BEST responses I have seen here!! Great job muffslayer. I can’t agree more about exercising the virtue of PATIENCE. Honestly we need lots and lots of patience. This battle is not just on the physical level but also on the mental and emotional level.




    alex88, question about morning boners.

    Are you waking up with an erection AND maintaining it?

    The reason I ask is because I wake up with one but start to lose it as I become fully awake… This has been puzzling me for a very long time now.



    when i wake up with one (which has been around 3-6 times a week or so) its rock hard and fully erect. its easiest to maintain a boner in the morning and if im lying down it will usually stay a long time, but if i stand up it goes down within a minute or so (but is still partially erect) and then completely goes away within a few minutes. it varies





    For me I wake up with one (not rock hard but ok hard) but start losing it as become fully awake.. By the time I am in the bathroom to pee its gone completely! Is this normal? do I lack androgen hormones? I have no idea.

    sorry but another question to you -> Can you get a rock hard erection when you are standing?? I used to get it long long time ago… my angle was in the 3 ‘o’ clock position.



    oh and i already said this earlier, but i dont think its smart to supplement that much. a multivitamin and fish oil is fine but all the other shit is just too much in my opinion. your body is supposed to derive all that from the stuff you eat, and taking all your shit as supplements is super unnatural. i used to supplement a lot and i honestly feel better how i am right now by just eating well. your body probably becomes dependent on getting everything in its pure form also since it loses the need to process foods into all the shit u supplement.

    sry for being a buzzkill. i could easily be wrong



    i can definitely get one while standing but it goes flaccid much easier. i for sure can if theres porn or if im with a girl, but its very difficult to get one from thoughts while standing.

    one supplement i took for a while that i think got me on the right track and got really helped with erections was “Virility” by Pure Essence Labs. It’s supposed to relieve, nourish, cleanse, and restore your system. It’s pretty damn expensive though (I came up on it). It’s got a lot of good stuff in there and they seem to know what they’re doing, so i’d give that a shot if u can. and as i just said, its fine to supplement, but u dont wanna overdo it.

    hope your shit works out man





    It deserves to be a sticky post Muffslayer



    Good post. I agree with a lot you said.

    For me, I walk an hour a day. I meditate daily for about 30 minutes. I have recently become a vegetarian (which has has a positive effect on my recovery) and I’m striving to become vegan. I’m still addicted though, but I’m not giving up. I beat the drink and the cigarettes, but masturbating is still compulsive.




    This is not something I would recommend. Dr. Lin warns against a vegetarian / vegan diets.

    Dr. Lin is also against abstaining this is why I dont recommend abstaing anymore and following a vegatarian diet.




    i just came back from a weekend with my girlfriend and surprize surpize i was able to get pretty solid boners almost every time i was fooling around with her. However the moment we started fucking withing a few seconds i would feel the semen coming up my dick and id wanna cum. i had to keep stopping and ended up with a severe case of blue balls but at least i didnt cum. This definelty confirmed that my parasymthetic sexual nerve is really weak . Does anyone know if once my biochmesrty is totally back on track my parasymthetic nerve will start to regenerate and heal. I never used to have a premature ejaculation problem so this is extremely frustrating for me. Also does anyone if cuming once a week would actually be better for you?



    I am asking that myself too, because if I ejaculait i need to start over?

    I am feeling then really shit, weak and tired. And i want to be fit.



    what i dont get about this whole thing is i was able to get a boner with my gf……..i guess its cuse i was extremely aroused but withing a few seconds of penetration i wanted to cum. i just tried getting a boner by myself……and nothing as a matter of fact as i slapped my dick around i wasnt even close to hard and i felt an urge to cum……..i mean this all seems to point toward a severe weakening of the parasymthetic sexual nerve and ejaculatory valve. i just dont get why it dosnt seem like my nerve is recharging or healing. alex 88 you said that you used to suffer from premaute ejaculation to, did you have any information or advice on how you managed to strengthen yours cuse u said u dont have that problem anymore. i truly feel like this weak nerve is the root of all my problems i literally went from never cuming from sex to cuming in a minute……so fucking weird and frustrating. plus is sexual exhaustion and a weak parasymthetic nerve the same thing or are they just related?



    Get your hormones checked bro, I am only 18 and had fucking ridiculous sexual exhaustion to a point that id masterbate more in hopes of decreasing my exhaustion lol..shit man I have been at this hard for a long time and it wore on me. I have been fucked for 2 full years of having no boners energy sex drive lifeless and feeling like a zombie…. I went to 10 doctors who didnt do F*ck.. They wouldn’t come outside their box and listen to what I was saying. Forget about supplements until you have fully recovered because they will make shit worse.. Work on getting your doctor to give you hormonal tests and cholesterol and essential fatty acids.. actually just ask him for a full run up and tell him you need neurotransmitters and hormones. I know if you have blue cross blue shield you can a nutra eval test for 250 bucks, that test saved my life.. I had many vitamin deficiences in zinc selenium and magnesium and so on.. Correcting all this shit and still in the process of it and my life is moving faster and faster on and away from porn. keep yourself busy the more you isolate the more of a danger zone you are creating. Start playing sports get manly power compete, spend you time in activities and away from other shit like being on the computer or being at home.. You know your limits, like if you feel like jerking off hit the freaking gym and work out so hard you won’t want to nor have the time to jerk off. It doesn’t matter if you learn or not that porn is dangerous, your body is addicted as shit, same with me and many others and doctors do not know how to properly treat this.. The more ejaculation mean depleated vitamins in the body and essentially life force.. Sperm and sex is life force in many cultures and those smart fuckers practice abstinence, check out their lifespan a lot better than others… The key is moderation learn your shit and read up..

    Testosterone must be checked as well as dopamine and prolactin those are fundimentals of pointing sexual exhaustion in my oppinion and then others should be checked.. come to your doctor with proof medical studies etc and he may tell you are full of shit but say you want certain tests.. if he is not helpful switch and convince others to give u tests.. it took me two years to get to the nitty gritty of my problem..

    sexual addiction murdered my hormones and threw my entire body out of wack.. im in the process of balencing it fixing toxic metal dangers in my body fixing essestial fats deficiences and vitamin deficiency and i keep myself busy as F*ck running track and shit.. competign and working hard as shit.



    thanks… i was just at my doctors on saturday and I tried so hard to explain everyhting iv learned even showed him some stuff i printed and shit and motherfucker barely glanced at it, he was basically convinced my erectile dysfunction, seminal leakage, and premature ejaculation was all in my head. its just so frustrating knowing im right and having to wait to find someone who will actually listen. He did take some blood and said he was gona do a basic hormone test but i really wouldnt be suprized if it came back fine. Im sure my problem lies with neurotransmitters and my parasymthetic nervous system being fucked up . im trying to set up an apointment with a uroligist for later this week and hopefully he will maybe have seen this before and know at least what to do. you said that i souldnt take any supplements? why is that i figured they would be the fastest way to restoring the proper bio chemistry in my body? i jsut cant believe western medicine knows nothing about this condition its actually pathetic that some chinese doctors 5000 years ago figured it out but current doctors with all their knowledge and technology are complelty ignorant. any way have u noticed any signs of recovery or are you still suffering? the only time i was able to get boners in the last week was with my gf which was really weird but literally everytime iv tried getting one by myself since then i have no success and i feel seminal leakage coming on. Dr lin emailed me saying that its gona take 3 -4 to months for my parasymthetic nerve to heal and to exercise everyday. abstaining isnt aproblem for me either i just really wanna get better im so pist about this whole shit.



    try and cut down the habits

    check your temperature under your tongue with a thermometer to see if you have some thyroid deficiency

    get some lab testing done if possible testosterone, ft4,ft3,t3,t4, vit d, iodine, adrenals

    try some clomid for a month to see if you can restart



    i have experienced both severe premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction just like you, and have basically gotten rid of both of them. once in a while i’ll have a little trouble getting up by pure thoughts, but porn or being with a chick will easily get me rock hard.

    i already told u what u should do but i’ll do a quick recap and emphasize some key points. it is extremely important that you keep stress levels/negative thoughts to a minimum and stay positive, optimistic, and calm/relaxed. This will calm your sympathetic nerve and strengthen your parasympathetic, which is extremely good for u and is what u ultimately need to do. This process can be sped up with good nutrition, sleep, and exercise. I’ve been going on like 20 or 30 min walks on my own to get fresh air, relax, and enjoy nature. I don’t know what works for you, but this is one thing have started to do which sedates me and helps with all this. Also focus on your breate when you are relaxing; take long, deep breathes. i’d read an article on breathing.

    i think u get what i have to say. it may seem simple but its actually harder than it seems. really make a conscious effort to oppress stress and negative emotions when you feel them. this natural approach is by far the most effective and healthiest in the long-run.

    Earlier I said that it take a while to notice results and I will once again reiterate that. Your symptoms may not seem to improve or even feel worse over the next week or two, but stay with it and I promise you’ll get results. Just trust that your body is recuperating is just shut off at the moment and you’ll be doing much better in a couple months. When you have sex make sure to stay calm and breathe and don’t flex your dick and that will help a lot. All this relaxation/parasympathetic strengthening stuff is the key to fixing PE, and having sex once a week in combination with all this stuff will fix your erectile dysfunction. and no porn. good luck

    oh and eat nuts- walnuts, almonds, peanuts, and seeds are really good for fixing erectile dysfunction. they have a lot of essential fatty acids, protein, and l-arginine in them



    thanks alot i really appreciate your help again. Hearing someone who has the same problems say that there healed is really comforting. ill do my best to implement what you said.




    Dude I am telling do not make the mistake of rushing into things with this addiction at full throttle, it was cause for falls. I took clomid for a while bbut found my problems were in other areas and whenever I masturbated I would get missed off and take more clomid.. increasing sex drive with a porn addiction at the same time does not mix at all. lol, start to check things out but be careful if you wanna try clomid make sure you are active as F*ck and away from porn..

    My advice is get to a good doctor and check everything out from head to toe with blood tests



    Dude I just shot you a pm.. This is the same shit I went through and it’s tough.. Getting your bio chemistry back is fucking tough bro.. Shot gunning with supplements may make the situation worse if u are still jerking off because of the erg to buy more get more and take more.. I found out my problem didn’t even lie with my neurotransmitters but it layed within having a toxic metal in my body as well as missing essential fats and a zinc magnesium and selenium deficiency.. shits tough took me two years to figure out.. I really think if you listen to me on this I can help you out.. I didn’t have much time to write this but I would have added more, its a complicated situation



    honestly all this shit is way to complicated for us to understand. even the doctors don’t know what the F*ck they’re talking about in the big scheme of things, especially these dumbass western doctors… i don’t even want get into it.

    my point is we have obviously thrown off our body, and as sad as it sounds, there isn’t an easy solution. joejoe u said ur problem is b/c of metal toxicity or something… that complete bullshit man. you’ve got a lot of problems, more than you could imagine, and so does everyone on this forum. Our bodies, however, are amazing machines that have been programmed over millions of years (I don’t know exactly how long, but we’ve been evolving for quite some time) and can fight these imbalances NATURALLY. Give your body what it needs, and it will do the job. Your parasympathetic nervous system is the main component that will help us regain homeostasis, but nourishing your liver, kidney, and other organs/glands will also help I’m sure. I wish I knew more details; I’m about to go to University of Michigan next year and plan to research these things and become more knowledgeable about all this. Helping the sexually exhausted would be a good business. lol.

    The reason I keep writing so much is because I feel so bad for all of you and I think that everyone deserves a second chance and a fair opportunity to recover. I think that a lot of people on this site aren’t taking the right approach and are in fact sabotaging themselves. I’ve already said what I believe multiple times, so I think my job is done.

    Last points: Anything in excess is bad, including supplements and all the other crazy shit people do in hopes of recovery. Relax. Stay positive. Eat a balance, nutritious diet. Drink plenty of water. Exercise. Try to sleep at least 8 hours a night. Avoid porn and excessive perverted thoughts. Save you sexual vigor for actual sex if you can.




    Shit bro I totally agree but when it all comes down to it I AM FUCKED UP/and FINE at the same time.. I mean shit bro. I have been at this shit for years and F*ck it is tough, I mean I know lot about nutrition, hormonal balancing, neurotransmitters, psychology, toxic metals, detox, supplements, many things that would go beyond your current mind frame of knowledge.. I have been on this computer every day for years trying to figure this shit out that doesn’t mean though I didn’t live an average healthy life at the same time because for the most part I did. I had one hurtle which was porn and to this day porn is like a knife ripping through my body.. My body is at a point were many things are out of balence and in reality it’s not even my neurotransmitters it my consistant porn addiction, lack of fats, toxic metals, bad nutrition, lack of essential vitamins and minerals, as well as adrenal exhaustion… Shit man for the most part I have overcome a lot and I went through periods were I didn’t watch porn for months at a time but once my sex drive came back I was right were I was again even with all the knowledge I have… In my oppinion I have done a fucking number on my central nervous system because of porn addiction for one and two toxic metal starting to kill my central nervous system as well.. Many doctors do not see the correlation between sexual and porn addiction to dangerous and even killer health problems. I have proof on all the shit that is going on via blood tests and I and my health consultant were able to figure shit out and I have started feeling better and better. Figuring out exactly what my body needs and such but I always dread the fact that when I am fully better I would launch skip a beat turn some porn on and for months I would be fucked and end up in the same illness spot again.. It’s scary and I don’t want that shit to happen.. I am getting better feeling better becoming for active and I wanna stay better permenently.. I need to stop porn and masturbation luckily I have gotten a grip on shit. Gotten my masturbation/sex down to usually once a week for a good long time now though.. You guys may not know this but my father is narsisistic and I blame many of the problems I have plus the porn addiction because of the way he acts and the way he portrayed him self since I was very young, I have had constant fear and shit… He has been known as the hitler of mental warefare as many pyschologists and counselors name him.. They say and I agree that he can break someone down mentally to a point of death or near death. His whole family has left him and I am the only one left, they refuse to talk to him to save their mental health but jesus I am still here dealing with him putting so much energy into him.. Now a days I ignore him and to some extent have learned to deal with him. The god darn sad thing is that I am becoming him he created another of himself and he did it well. I have many steps to take to get out of this shit hole of a mess. it’s insane, my life was based around fear and being uncomfortable and it’s all I really know porn is an excapt from the reality that I live. And jesus its a miracle I am still alive. I have so much will power to get through this and honestly I am in this to help myself and save the lives of others with similar problems, I prepare to go into the profession of becoming a doctor not exactly sure what but the process is underway..

    Life is tough but you can look to the future it only gets better you can do anything when u set your mind to it anything.. shit man train your mind train your self and figure what works.. it only gets better though it only gets better




    This is not something I would recommend. Dr. Lin warns against a vegetarian / vegan diets.

    Dr. Lin is also against abstaining this is why I dont recommend abstaing anymore and following a vegatarian diet.


    Thanks for your post Max.

    I am feeling much better since going veggie though. I seem to have more energy; I’m in a better mood generally; less anxious; and more grounded. I’ve lost a lot of weight and people have commented on how well I look.

    I should say that it is only a trial thing with me because I don’t want to end up defecient in any way either.

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