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    I’m new to this site. Very glad I found it. I’m pretty sure I’ve been suffering from Sexual Exhaustion AND Adrenal Fatigue for at least 5-10 years now. However, slowly but surely, I’m starting to get over it. I’ve reduced my masturbating, and eating better and trying to practice meditation (very tough!) My question is this: has anyone out there with Sexual Exhaustion and/or Adrenal Fatigue ALSO experienced symptoms of OCD? Keep in mind many people feel OCD isn’t a stand alone disorder but instead is just one of many “anxiety disorders”. My situation is that about 7 years ago,I started getting these very distrubing thoughts, which everyone gets once in a while, but most people just brush them off as nonsense (as I used to). But for some reason, they stuck…”what if I really do do something like that!”. Anyway, at the time it totally freaked me out. I’m better now, but the thoughts are still there every now and then. Except now, I seem to get more Depressed about having them as opposed to having extreme anxiety. I’m thinking it’s all linked to Sexual Exhaustion AND Adrenal Fatigue, which, apart from all the other stress in my life (and there’s lots), I believe has largely been caused by excessive masturbation over the last 30 years (it used to be multiple times a day..and until recently still was).

    Any thoughts?



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    There was most likely a predisposition to underlying psychological disorder (genetic or past trama) which was lead you your current health status. This would be an incredible thesis for a Docturate for a psyhcologist to investigate.




    Mine started about 5 years ago and it’s been only 1 month since I know that what I’m doing is not normal and it even has a name,OCD.It’s pretty fresh and pretty painful to realize after all this.

    I don’t know about adrenal fatigue but I’m sure if one can fix the neurotransmitters the OCD goes away by itself.

    I mean there could be people who born with brain damage and had OCD to start with but you say you only started to notice these 7 years ago?

    I think it can be reversed…it can be reversed so much that you would forget about all this in a year or so but you must follow the steps,tests.

    The guys are currently experimenting and are 100% sure our problems are either:

    1.digestive,gi tract

    2.adrenal fatigue

    3.clogged liver


    We have trouble with AT LEAST one from those.One thing doctors would suggest you for the OCD is to take antidepressants.DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You don’t want to end up scared by your own shadow like me,ok?!?

    Also you should read this: [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    It’s about methylation and very informative.You should check your histamine levels by bloodtest.

    Don’t try to experiment.First you must get the bloodtest.

    Here: [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    OCD sucks but you are not alone with it.It can be reversed.

    We,our thoughts are all made of neuros,hormone levels.If you fix your levels,you fix your thoughts.That should give you enough willpower to dump porn,masturbation.

    Good luck man!



    Hi :

    Thanks for the reply; much appreciated. I agree that OCD is linked to neurotransmitters, and we all know that excessive masturbation over YEARS and YEARS definitely messes up the natural balance of those.

    Here’s to being anxiety/OCD free. Good luck to you as well, and thanks again!




    Your welcome!

    You must make a lifestyle change.

    You need to sit down with a clear head and acknowledge:

    “This is an addiction and I can’t deal with it.I need help.”

    Here are the possibilities to overcome porn/masturbation:

    1. (the best one) Caring,loving,understanding girlfriend/wife,socializing,sports,hobby like fishing,cycling

    2. ditch the pc & tv,socializing,sports,hobby like fishing,cycling

    Doesn’t matter what you choose it can take a looooong time.Also a therapist if you can afford it.

    If you feel really bad like having symptoms of thyroid,adrenal problems you need to post your bloodtest results on the forum and we’ll be keen to help you!

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