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    I have a question the people who are sexual exhausted , is your PC muscle still strong. because my pc muscle was strong before this and now its like I can hardly feel it, if I try to flex it. but when I urinate I can stop the stream as before with the strong PC muscle. The reason I ask is I want to make sure its due to being sexual exhausted and not a penis injury.

    when I was trying to have sex with a female when my SE happened , I could not get up only with stimulation and the condom I had was smaller than usual. the female had a hard time trying to put it on and take it off she did about 2 times and it kinda stung alot of pressure around the base of the penis.

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    There are exercises to strengthen the muscles down there. One of them involves tensing the anus while breathing in, holding for a little bit, then releasing with an exhale. This works quite well if you do it regular. The other is to tense the penis muscles, as if you were trying to pull it inwards, holding and releasing. Both good exercises but need regular use to gain strength



    yea I know , my question was my pelvis floor was strong before now since S.E its not the same I was wondering is that due to S.E ???

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