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    related articles fyi

    I got interested in this topic while reading a book by victor frankl “The Doctor and the Soul”…in the chapter on “Obsessional Neurotics” he briefly mentions the sexual neurotic, this is what he had to say

    “…The normal person desires to surrender himself to the one he loves – while the sexual neurotic strives for orgasm, aims at that in itself, and thereby impairs his sexual potency”

    if anyone has anything to add, any related material, please do

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    We are surrounded with teasers and stimulaters that arouse our sexual desire 24/7

    this type of life is bad…our ancestors used to have more life

    now days…i think we lack many of the old time good

    nice to see you riseand fall…tell me how are you progressing



    Thanks for post.

    This is an area of interest I’m following and an approach I’m using in my recovery. I believe for me it’s about the ‘hit’ when I orgasm. In fact all my activities when masturbating has been leading to getting an even bigger high. I really think I’m a classic case as Frankl describes.

    I’ve read his other book: Man’s Search for Meaning.



    Wow, one the best and most enlightnening articles on sexuality I’ve read so far!

    Makes me want to get the whole book.

    Many thanks for posting.



    Hey , I am a lot healthier than I was back when I joined the forum. I have found that more important than diet or exercise is attitude and your perspective of yourself, others and the world. Your psychological condition impacts your physical condition and vice-versa.

    I agree with you, our ancestors were protected from many of the distractions we face today. Life now requires a lot of responsibility and conscious management else we get swayed wherever the wind blows us.

    He is quite an insightful person, I have still to complete the book, I pick it up now and then and page to a section I find interesting. Are you familiar with his logotherapy?

    its a very good book. the link I posted in my opening post has nothing to do with the book though, its by a different author.



    That sure is important… If you can maintain a constant positive state of mind, nothing can bring you down really. Maybe for a few minutes, but with the right attitude you get right up and forget it. You can even have a neutral attitude to your SE symptoms. Nobodys forcing you too weep over the symptoms. You do it all by yourself, and it is not helping you, it is making things worse. I think the first step of healing is to accept the symptoms of the disease and learn to live with symptoms. When your life is fulfilling and you feel that nothing is missing, your lesson is learned. Maybe you will even heal.


    Oh, well the author and the book sound interesting anyways.



    Are you familiar with his logotherapy?

    I read the book a while back. But I remember the bits about what he called the ‘existential vacumn’. That struck a chord with me. I also believe it’s what’s called ‘psychic tension’ as well. I’m using masturbation to release general tension (stress), along with normal and healthy sexual tension.


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