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    I’m a 27 years old male who had some sexual problems

    I start masturbating since I was very young (approximately 12), and

    sometimes can go up to 2 to 3 times daily. But a certain time, I gave

    up the habit and was caught up by so many health problems such as

    frequent flu and many sickness, I’m having trouble to sleep, my penis

    is curving to the left hand side( since I was around 19).

    Few months ago, I was seperated with my girlfriend. She used to

    masturbate for me. But I frequently have premature ejaculation. I

    never go for prostitute. And now my life is a mess because:

    – I frequently having thick mucus which I usually spit out.

    – My penis is curved to left hand side (since age 19)

    – I have anxiety disoder

    – Felt like my heart is beating fast and having problems to relax

    – I’m having trouble to sleep, so I have to consume some sleeping

    pills prescribe by the doctors and consuming lexotan pill ( have calming

    effect to help me sleep and calm my anxiety)

    – I like to turn left and right when sleeping, having anxiety to calm

    down and rest

    – Having difficulty to errection, feels like no power to errect

    – If I masturbate, I will ejaculate very fast without having perfect errection less than 1 minute

    – I felt like my body is not fit, I’m having difficulty if I’m

    exposed to aircondition too long, feel like the cold is inside my bone

    Now I’m working, give up on masturbation, but I’m having trouble to sleep if I don’t masturbate. If i masturbate in the morning, then I can sleep very very well at night. But only will last for 1 week max. If I don’t mastubate for 1 or 2 weeks, then I will start having insomia. Even if I sleep, it felt like I’m not sleeping, then I will start having thick mucus like flu on my throat.

    I saw few articles on

    Some of the simptoms is the same with mine.

    Can I trust Dr. Lin and their product?

    Please help me, I’m so desperate

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    Welcome to the forum. I would suggest you go through the posts on the site. You will find most of your problems are common. This will give you some understanding of the deficiencies you have – dopamine, seratonin, acetylcholine, PGE-1, etc THEN ask your questions. Most people on the forum use Dr. Lin’s concepts but not his products



    hey, your symptoms are mostly related to a defiency in serotonin and a weak parasysmatic nervous system. you could also have a damaged structure in your penis which bends your penis to the left or right.



    your curvature is because of build up of scar tissue, which is esentially collagen. you need lots of pge-1 and frequent erections with massage to draw fresh blood and get rid of the scar tissue



    For anxiety, you probably need to boost your GABA.

    Try taking L-Theanine. It worked for me.

    Here is an excerpt:

    “Theanine, on the other hand, crosses the blood-brain barrier with

    relative ease. This makes theanine rather than GABA itself the supplement of choice for relieving anxiety and stress.”



    GABA by AST is a good product as well. pimicalon you can also try



    Sorry guys, I’m a newbie here, have gone through some of the post on this site, but I still dont have a clear picture of it. Will go through more post later. I saw ‘s post on getting the Seven Seas High Strength Cod Liver Oil. I straight away rushed to Guardian store and I got Seven Seas Jointcare High Strength Cod Liver Oil in capsules. I start taking them last nite.

    Now I realized that jacking off too much really cause me so much problems. I was so stupid back then

    Anyway the summary of my problems are:

    – Weak errection, but get horny easily

    – Strong urge for sex, but having premature ejaculation

    – Semen leakage, sometime ejaculate a bit if I hug my girlfriend

    – Sleeping problems, restless, having problems to calm down when sleeping.

    – Sometimes having stress problems and strange anxiety

    – Having dark area below my eyes, looks like panda…

    – Curved penis, can I still cured it? Since it curved to the left long time ago

    There are times that I can only slept very late and have wet dreams then only I can calm down.

    Need your advise and expertise on this matter. What supplement is recommended for my problems?



    Your dopamine and testosterone seem very high. You should get your testosterone levels tested though.



    How to get it tested? Been reading through the previous post, saliva test.

    Is there something like pregnancy test kit or do I have to go to clinics and get it tested?



    yeah your doctor can do a blood testotserone test. if he refuses then go for the ZRT testing. you could test for testosreone only but u can also do a full hormonal test.



    It is bent to the left hand side around 17 to 10 degrees. It seems like the right hand side of the penis have more tissue than the left hand side. It happened quite sometime ago and according to doctor Lin, I over stimulate myself already. Is it still curable?

    I find my balls and penis shrink when having sexual desire, what happened?

    Any supplement recommendations?



    penis curvature takes a lot of time to heal. usually 3- 12 months maybe even more. You need the fish oils and you also need to have spontaneous erections.

    has the curvature increased since you started masturbating up to now? or is still the same

    i think the shrinking of your testicles is kinda hormone related or maybe dopamine. i hope manny will give the answer to this.

    penile shrinkage is due to low test levels or weak parasympathetic nervous system caused by low levels of acetylcholine. i suggest you do a blood testoterone test first



    The bent happened long long time ago. I think it remains the same.

    I cant be sure because I’ve been having erection problems and doesnt have spontaneous erection for sometime

    For the penis shrink it happens sometimes only, I can suddenly have the urged to have sex, penis and ball shrink and felt like my heart is beating faster.

    I’ve got the fish oil in cap, for the curved penis, what do i have to do or take?



    well you need fish oil to reduced pge-2 and borage oil to increase pge-1. these will make the spongy tissues more relaxed and they can help reduce collagen which is the scar tissue

    you need to imrpove your erections. if u have high urgency i doubt that you have a dopmaine deficeicny but the shrinking of the penis is definitely due to either low acetylcholine or low test levels. i think the same for the ball shrinkage. but it could be other hormones as well. but first thing is first you have to do a blood testosterne test.

    i think because your serotonin is too low, you are getting an excessive conversion to adrenaline and this may explain the big black patches underneath your eyes.

    do u experience any pains when u get an erection?

    if the oils don’t work together with a good erection then the only way to fix the curvature is through surgery.



    Will get borage oil tonight, so caught up at work.

    No pain when erection

    So when I have a good errection, do i have to massage the side with more tissue with 2 finger like Dr. Lin said?

    Goin for blood testosterone test this weekend, not sure whether my doctor will approve it since I’m in Singapore

    I can suddenly have panic attack and anxiety, out of nothing… then having bad moods and etc

    How to fix patches below my eyes, they are not so bad, but sometimes when i cannot sleep, it really made me look like panda…..



    yeah the massaging as dr lin is good but u need to have spontaneous erections to allow fresh blood to flow through plus the fish/borage oil combination.

    u suffer from mood swings and panic attacks you have low GABA levels.

    you definitely need to improve serotonin and acetylcholine and maybe testoterone/dopamine to improve other symptoms.



    Ok. So for curvature is fish oil and borage oil

    for GABA improvement is L-theanine

    what about sleep quality improvement and panda eyes?

    and how to improve the erection?



    the oil may or may not work for curvature. you really have to wait and c. you might need surgery. unless you can penetrate with no problems.

    for serotoinin 5-HTP is good or you could try craniyums from

    for acetylcholine there are various options: acetyl- carnitine, alpga GPC, lecithin is a cheap and easy one to get.

    for GABA, l-theanine which is the major ingredient for green tea is recommended. you can also experiment with GABA itself. AST GABA is a good product or so i’ve heard. picamilon is another good one.



    Thanks a lot blue shark. I’ve been having these problems for quite some time. Especially those anxiety problems, giving me a hard time to sleep for around 8 years already. Then I accidentally come across Dr. Lin’s website (dunno how I ended there) and found u guys later on. U r my saviour . Really really …..

    I will try to get the supplement from Guardian tonite



    i suggest you also go by any advice some of the other members give as well. they are more experienced than me. but yeah what i gave u is a general guideline.

    you could take them all together or as you desire.

    i think the curvature will be the most difficult one to cure



    for testicle shrinkage you need to do a blood test for LH, FSH and Testosterone.

    you should have not brought the seven seas capsules. you will need to take 10 of them for the eqivalent of 2 teaspoons. you will need the “seven seas cod liver oil extra high strength”



    thanks manny, will get the cod liver oil extra high strength in syrup

    any other suggestion beside the one gave me?

    Is it good enough?

    What about the dosage of the borage oil n stuff?



    One more thing manny, the borage oil, what brand do you recommend?



    for borage oil the maximum dosage is 3g. i suggest you start with 1g and work up from there.

    i’m not sure about the kind though. i’m getting mine from



    Hi Blueshark, seems like supplements is hard to get here. I went to GNC yesterday and get

    – GNC Borage oil 1000 mg – take 2 caps

    – Lecithin from soy oil 1200 mg – take 1 caps

    – Trying to get L-theanine, but they gave me GNC green tea extract – take 1 caps

    In the supplement facts stated : Green tea leaves extract (Camelia sinesis) 315 mg ( 14% polyphenols = 44 mg) —> dunno what is that

    Is it ok to consume it to replace L-theanine?

    Anyway, my penis and balls turn to normal, but sometimes they do shrink for few hours. Taking all of the supplements yesterday nite, they made me feel relaxed, calmed my anxiety. But I cannot sleep well. Seems like waking up for few times. Previously if I have this problems, usually I masturbate in the morning.Then only I can have a good nite sleep. But if I continue this, my body always felt weak. Anyway its been 1 week since my last masturbation

    Trying to get the Seven Seas High Strength Cod liver oil, but they said the product was discontinue??? Can I substitute it with other product?

    What are the important things I have to look for? Most of the fish oil I found is in soft gel. Syrup I can only found the normal seven seas syrup or scotts emulsion…..

    Just found website in singapore who sells GABA, is this one ok?

    One more thing, what is the use of saw palmetto? Is it ok for me to consume?



    you need to increase serotonin to sleep better. if u have low levels u will get insomnia. green tea is good but make sure its actually green tea and not something marketed to be green tea.

    u don’t need saw pameltto



    I was wondering if ams ever took any synthetic testosteorne steroids, that would shrink your balls



    , I never took them. It just come and go. Sometimes it will shrink for few hours, then after few hours they will gone away.

    I forgot to mention that few months ago, something happened with my penis, It give me very itchy sensation and there are time I saw the blood vessel on my penis swollen, like there is something inside the vein. Then I go to to traditional chinese medicine and he gave me some chinese mixture powder to take. I was healed in 1 week. But my insomia still not cured. Gettin 5 http, flaxseed oil and gaba



    i think your balls are normal. remember there is a reason why the’re outside your body. i think those swollen veins are because of low pge-1 but were they sort of sticking out too much. they might very well be varicose veins.

    the itchness sounds like a hormonal deficiency if i’m not mistaken






    Ams, what is your situation now ? Are you healed ?

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