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    Has anyone heard of this technique or put in into practice?

    Actually those of you who have vowed to stop ejaculating are already practicing this technique, but it’s also the subject of a book.

    I learned of this concept after reading “Anytime…for as Long as You Want: Strength, Genius, Libido & Erection by Integrative sex Transmutation” by Charles Runels MD.

    Basically the premise of the book is that by abstaining from ejaculation, you’ll increase your intelligence by channeling your sexual desire into educational endevours and your ability to last longer in bed by not “training” yourself to ejaculate by masturbation. He cites people like Ben Franklin and Henry Therou who both practiced this technique which aparently aided in their ability to think/reason.

    Perhaps the most important part of the book is where he reveals an ancient TCM method for calculating maximum amount of ejaculations one can experience. The equation is as follows:

    Your Age / 5 = Least amount of days one must wait before next ejaculation.

    For example, since I’m 20 / 5 = 4, I should limit ejaculations to once every 4 days. I would have given anything to know of this equation years ago

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    why 5? Why not 7 or some other number?



    Thats the number practitioners of TCM decided upon…

    no idea why though.




    I was using 1.0 for 20-years



    I had a roommate who could stay hard for several hours naturally and could have at least 3 orgasms (correction “ejaculations”) each night… He had sex just about every night and I can tell you he never got sexually exhausted… Lucky bastard.

    Not sure of this number theory but wasn’t Ben Franklin the one who flew a kite with a key attached in a lightning storm? (Guess he must have masterbated on that day.)



    I think most men could go once a week just fine for the rest of their lives no matter how old they are, if they get their bodys so that the healing and restoration takes place.

    I also like the equation

    age / 5 = at least amount of days one must wait

    Other good basic rule is once every two weeks.

    Each has his/her own best cycle. Its not that bad waiting for 3-4 days even as teenager. Adult men should have no problem waiting one week.

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