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    i finally got a blood test and everything is good (my testosterone is at 1004 ng/dl and everything else is fine) except for my SHBG, which is pretty low. what does this mean and how can i raise it?

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    this is supposed to be good because the lower the shbg the more bioavailable testosterone you got

    plz post all your labs



    Did this also include a thyroid check? If your thyroid is borderline at the top range then this could count for your high testosterone. Remember that if your testosterone is high then your DHT could be high also making you more likely to experience hairloss.

    If I remember rightly you are the guy that suspected hyperthyroidism.



    1004 ng/dl is pretty good if not not on TRT or taking anything

    Id like to see your E2 test..

    if your going to Quest Diagnostics get the Estradiol Senstive (4021) test..

    low shbhg is a sign of insulin resistance..

    Do you have a glucose test,insulin or a1c?

    What are your symptoms?




    not every one who has a high DHT will suffer from hair loss

    but dont you see VC that his Testosterone result is out of the normal range????



    If I remember rightly was experiencing hairloss on the head and eyebrows. This is why I mentioned it.



    shell: for an 18 year old, my testosterone level is in range.

    voodoochild: the physician said my thyroid was fine and so was my dht level. i hadnt jacked off for liek 5 days before though, and im pretty sure my levels fluxuate a lot more after masturbating.

    max: i think all my other shit is fine, at least according to the physician. thanks though

    : sounds good, i dont know if im gonna be getting more blood tests but if i do i def will



    Between what is “in range” and what is “optimal” are 2 different things im afraid. Did he not give you a copy of the results? If he did’nt, which they often don’t then I would’nt find this very encouraging. You could be borderline in these ranges for all you know. Its far easier for them to turn around and say you don’t need treatment because you are in range. At the end of the day it will be saving the health service money.




    Sounds like your doctor can get you well. good luck to the both of you




    this is not true.. high or low SHBG are both bad, just like high and low E2..

    low SHBG is sign of insulin resistance and other factors going on.

    the problem is when someone is LOW or there doctors said my results are fine is useless information and means nothing.. “low” and “good” mean nothing.

    my first doc told me my TSH of 5 and Testosterone of 340 were great!… see my point?



    yeah i hear u max.. thanks for the input ill keep that in mind

    the reference range for testosterone is 250-1100 and my levels should have been optimal at the time since im 18, it was in the morning, and i hadnt masturbated for 5 days prior. so im not too worried about my testosterone; i doubt its always that high



    yes your Testosterone is good..

    you need to look into Estradiol and thyroid

    what was your GLUCOSE reading?

    what are you symptoms?



    my glucose was 79 (after fasting). the reference range is 65-99, so i think its fine.

    everything seems to be alright, except for that i always break after ejaculating and i seem to be shedding a lot of hair. i suspect my body converts a lot of testosterone to dht after ejaculation. idk whether this has to do my history of excessive masturbation



    If you can get your thyroid results you should definately post them. Having an overactive thyroid will excessively convert testosterone to DHT during masturbation. Infact your body will excessively convert everything, which probably counts for having high (but “normal”) testosterone to begin with. Your doctor will not tell you if you have an overactive thyroid if it is considered in range and like I told you, you could be borderline overactive. You may be able to control your symptoms by simply reducing your intake of iodine. Omega-3’s will also help to keep hormones under control by helping to regulate them. You said your mother developed graves disease, so it could be in your genetics. It’s better to be 100% sure yourself before taking your doctors words because this could lead to serious health problems in the future.

    If you were not given the results you can do a simple home test with a digital thermometer:

    [MOD EDIT: URL Removed]

    I have done the test myself and lucky for me it claims my thyroid to be spot on.



    voodoochild, do you happen to know what they check for in blood tests when testing thyroid? I mentioned my thyroid possibly being out of wack before the blood test, and after he said it was fine. i’d like to check myself though, and i’ve got all the results right here. thanks

    i just came across this:

    “When you ejaculate, testosterone is converted to DHT. More testosterone has to be made which requires the use of Coenzyme A, this creates a deficiency in Coenzyme A for tasks of lower priority, like metabolizing fats and lippids. This leads the fats to be excreted by the sebaceous glands as oil, the oil feeds p.acne bacteria and inflammation begins. So ejaculating will decrease the amount of Coenzyme A you have available for use with metabolizing fats. This will only effect those who DONT have enough Coenzyme A to create the depleted hormones after ejaculating AND metabolizing fats.”

    So could it be that DHT isn’t the culprit, but a deficiency of Coenzyme A? This would mean I’m not metabolizing omegas well as well. maybe the udo’s oil i’m supplementing is making me break out…

    any thoughts? anyone know how to create more coenzyme A?



    Post results for TSH, T3 and T4.

    If you read your post again you will see that Co-enzyme A is required to replenish the testosterone after ejaculations and is not related in the production of DHT. If you did’nt have enough Co-enzyme A then your testosterone would not be as high as it is right now.



    True, but I also hadn’t masturbated or had sex for a week before the blood test. All I’m saying is maybe all my coenzyme A is going into testosterone production instead metabolizing fats and other acne-causing stuff after ejaculation.

    TSH: 1.63 mIU/L (ref= 0.50-4.30)

    T3: 401 pg/dL (ref= 287-455)

    T4: 0.9 ng/dL (ref= 0.9-1.4)



    Your TSH looks fine, but im not sure if your T3 and T4 is total or free. Free T3 and T4 is a better indicator, but as it seems your thyroid looks ok. Maybe Max or someone could clarify because I’m not entirely clued up on hormones.

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