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    Yes i know tell me how mature iam . See if I give two shits.

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    dude just chill



    If you guys ban J’s all it will be doing is hurting us the guy is clearly on the road to healing and is doing great and can give two shits about this forum , the only reason hes sticking around is to help people who gives a shit if he comes off harsh sometimes be a man and take it big fucking deal , if you guys do get rid of him it wont matter one bit for him as hes figured out hes plan and its working great for him but the rest of us are still trying to figure it out so any help including hes is really valuable , so that being said if you guys get rid of him unfortunately ill have to book it to.





    this forum needs more ppl that arent idiot spirit chi energy believers too.



    by the way u cant blame js, his testosterone is blowin through the roof last i heard =D



    agree with Akira. I’m booking it too if you guys ban him.. but I know you guys wont. That would just be stupid.

    , ya Js has been a bit of an asshole lately but you really cant blame him. People like Sameer really need a wake up call. I’m not talking about his marriage.. I’m talking about him repeatedly asking the same stupid questions.

    Sameer dude: we can’t give you a one sentense answer on how to fix your problems. Instead of asking silly questions.. crack open a book.. study physiology first.. study how hormones work.. get tested for hormones.. post results here.. study what every deficiency means.. only then can we help you. This is the cold reality son. You’re in for a rough ride. You start at the bottom just like everyone else. Theres no chance you’re gonna recover unless you do all those things.

    But I’d say recovery is possible for anyone living anywhere. Even if you’re from a village in India.. thank god you already speak english.. you work for as long as you need to to make the money to get the tests.. then you self treat with no doctor because you got no choice. but you got our help and the folks at musclechat. you order all the supps online.. they ship anywhere in the world. Even if you live in hellish conditions where this is not possible.. then you wait and work and then move somewhere else where its possible.. ya your whole life will be devoted to recovery for a few years.. but theres no other choice. You either do it or you dont.



    Lol True.



    IMO nobody deserves to be banned from this place. Yea we know JS sometimes speaks a tad harsh but honestly I don’t really mind it. We are all here to help each other and not to fight and get rid of each other via bans. Our neuro-endocrine systems are messed up and it is just obvious that at times emotions run high. And when someone like Sameer dude repeatedly asks the same question and refuses to hear anything said to him it does make people angry. I (and so many others) have asked him where he is from and he doesn’t respond to that basic question. How can anybody help this guy??



    I feel like the forum is turning into propeciahelp , we got to kill this negative shit. I feel for sameer yall keep telling him work get money and etc. like this dude is in a third world country. I had a college class just this past semester that showed how messed health care in india is and how doctors just glance over patients, the patients have to become guinea pigs testing diff drugs just to get basic healthcare needs.

    if js was to get banned it wouldnt hurt all of us , because all of us have different symptoms and problems.



    I know that he is 19-20, but since he has a small mind he interperted with my message in the wrong way…and he screwed him self rather than accepting the fact that he is a dickhead

    any way, i will keep an eye on him

    as for Sameer and others, i will make sure none of them shall hijack others threads.


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