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    anyone tried these?

    I see them alot on the net for overmasturbation issues.

    ayurvethic medicine or some crap..

    i ordered them online and they arrived today

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    I use it for detoxifcation with people with good results.

    Better of been $75 or more per 25 grams other wise you got pure crap.

    TO many fake companies out there cashing in..



    Hmm well it came str8 from india so im assuming its legit.

    i also paid close to 100$ (when you factor in taxes and S&H)

    for 60 caps of shilajit 500mg and 60 caps of NFcure



    If it is real shilajit you should see some improvement.

    I have always thought NF cure and Kohinoor Gold were crap… even worse than Dr Lin Pills… but who knows, I havent tried them.

    Lets see how it goes with you, good luck!



    not a magic cure guys and way over priced. here in india i wud get the same shilajit for 2 us dollars!!!! anyways hope it helps



    Anyway charlie, wasnt prostate your main concern, and pretty painful if I recall well? Those you bought are for semen leakage, erectile dysfunction, in short for Sexual Exhaustion. May help with prostate though.

    Why dont try something like this? fucking good ingredients in my opinion.

    Except for Saw Palmetto, check that fishy herb out before using it.

    And this or this

    Just trying to help, charlie!

    May you could buy them all, it costs like 100 $ also. I bet you can expect a lot of improvement



    If he doesn’t experience any improvement then you will send him the refund LOL. $100 is a little much for supplments IMO.

    Raising glutathione will help the th1/th2 balance common associated with inflammatory responses.



    thanks sarg I might buy those.

    currently I have spent upwards of $2000 on my problem if you include all the testing and all the supps and doctor visits.

    not to mention the testing and ultrasounds that were covered by health canada.

    but yea my problem is predominantly with my prostate and PE.

    I think I know exactly what my issue is but I just need to know how to solve it!

    My prostate has developped too many testosterone and DHT receptors (causnig PE) and ive also ruined my prostate ducts, not to mention having an enlarged prostate because of all this.

    So how does one heal damaged prostate nerve endings? I heard it may take up to a year. which is fine by me as long as i know that IT WILL HEAL.

    but does anyone know whats the best way to do that?



    DIM causing down regulation of T and DHT receptors in the prostate because why ? ITS AN ANTI ANDROGEN



    anyone have a link to DIM supp?



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    Have you guys I’m currently on nfcure and shilajit i see some results. Its not a month yet. I take NFCURE, SHILAJIT and mast mood oil.
    It takes apperently 3-4 months. But prior to that i checked This guy Dr Richards told me i have to take multivitamins and arginine. Stop completely for a month or 2 and then 2-3 times a week for 3-4 months. I went with Ayurveda but if that dosen’t work will try Dr Richards. THIS WHOLE THING SUCKS.

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