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    Has any one tried Shilajit and/or Safed Musli? If yes what is your opinion on this? Did you feel any positive effects?

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    can some one plz help?



    What is it, is it some kind of herb.



    yes both are ayurvedic herbs. have you tried it?




    I looked from internet, Shilajit seems to be the most important ayerveda herb. From what I know, at least those ayerveda herbs which should help digestive strength really works.



    oh you mean any herb that helps with digestive strength is also useful for sexual recovery?



    Anything that makes the digestion more powerful is very good.



    wow… this is really interesting… how is digestion linked to sexual health?

    i am sorry to sound gross but i notice that whenever i take Cod Liver Oil my stools become well formed, solid, and coiled… it feels really good.. if i stop taking the cod liver oil i can immediately see a difference…



    When lots of energy in stomach/spleen and no blockages or stress,

    the foods will powerfully transform into sexual energy and body substances.

    When body is messed up, digestion stops working how it is supposed to work

    -> weakness and energy deficiency occurs.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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