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    Im just curious.

    Anyone here also used or use to watch “shock sites” and crazy shit on the internet? Like gore or something? I think that internet is very dangerous in the hands of wayward people, or with autodestructive tendencies.

    Just porn alone was enough to F*ck us up, but there is more shit to avoid.

    I am just wondering if Internet is worth for someone like me…

    I did this post triggered by the words of shell about hating that he watch images that harm his soul somehow and that steve said about looking to a authopsy.

    Dont get me wrong, I have just watched a very few times really crazy shit in internet and it was in the past but I think it was enough. I

    think this is directly related with the masturbation addiction and so.

    At least I have never go into 4chan, I think it is scary.

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    Yep it is bad and it will screw you up just like SE.Not only autopsy by the way.All the things you can imagine,accidents,murder,things that would haunt a soft hearted person for the rest of his life.

    You can’t erase these images from your mind if you keep visiting these gore,reality sites.

    But if you never visit them again you will get better in a few days,weeks.

    Brain fog and weak memory comes handy in this case.

    Just the curiosity of how bad our World is drives you to these sites and when you’re bored and got nothing better to do you visit it AGAIN and brain washing begins.

    You’ll become a disgusting,pessimist,wicked person inside.

    This World is fucked up and if you don’t want to be a part of this shit you never watch any gore videos because then you wan’t more and more.I know what I’m speaking…



    , free time is a Killer



    Yes I think that is the type, the common shit in us, thinking that the world is fucked up (and it is) because you have been exposed to porn and muslim beheadings or mexican, is the same gruesome filth. Or dont taze me bro lol And you connect all that violence with the violence of the normal days, the behaviour of people in school and streets and you can get a wrong picture.

    But this is my hope, my actual thinking. The world is not really fucked up, WE are. And so are the people in the elite groups that rule the world. Most of people I know are actually GOOD. I feel that there is light somewhere, but it is just like I cant be on it permanently, because darkness seems to be my nature. From my childhood I always chose the bad guy in videogames and I was fascinated with Evil, but I am becoming aware of how DUMB that is.

    I hate to say that maybe I will need to stay away from the computer hahaha.




    Sure, I want a job to complete my days with university (and ca$_$h) but my country have actually like 5 millions of unemployed persons



    Wow bullseye.

    Stop watching these if you don’t want to end up like me crying all the time in my topic with everyday panic attacks.




    Oh I stopped like a year ago. I was also obsessed with snuff films and after that mexican clip sure I had enough. I am confessing here my stupidness…

    My case is not that severe, I only get, I wouldnt call it panic attacks, in my case they are more like “psycho” attacks when I take coffe or smoke weed. In one case I get the panic ones and with coffe I get maniac and I need to do something frantically or I get violent and fantasize about doing bad things. So avoid coffe, Steve!

    I was just curious about people here, because I know that if you have enough time to become a porn addict probably you have been exposed to more shit. It is all related.

    All people here have harm theirselves in some degree.

    In our case it seems like in a considerable degree.

    Now we need to fix all the physiological imbalances caused for all we have done and also begin a long journey to become positive persons.

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