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    So what do you think? Should we abandon masturbation, ejaculation and sexual practices until the morning erection will show up again what do you think? Isn’t Dr. Lin also teaching like that?

    I mean, if the body is unable to have erection spontaneously, are we not doing damage to our bodies by forcing an erection? If the body works really hard trying to initiate an erection and is not even able to do that, using porn and manual stimulation we begin to use the least energy there is left for recharging and rejuvenation. Its that when you start having spontaneous erections and all the symptoms begin to disappear, then the body will recharge itself even more faster speed.

    Also, it seems only has so far been able to go many months without masturbation or ejaculation so it is not an easy task to stop.

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    What do you mean exactly,by spontaneous morning erections.I have a spontaneous morning erection most mornings but as soon as I awake,they vanish.




    I have the exact same thing. Sometimes, I’ll wake up and I have a big hard erection. I stand up, take a few steps, and it shrivels up. So morning erections alone are not an indicator of health.



    I think that morning erections do tell some side of the story. you need good testostorene levels and a healthy functioning thyroid to maintain those erections. this goes hand in hand with the other hormonal issues.



    There are now many members on the forum reporting that once they get up of their beds, they lose their morning erection but they do have spontaneous erections during sleep or lying on their beds. What might be the reason, is it just weak para-sympathetic nervous system ( the stress, cognitive and life supporting systems wake up -> loss of erection ) or is it weakened heart function that is not able to do its work on standing position.

    I wonder if you start worrying and over-thinking right after waking, I remember this few years backwards but never figured out exactly what caused it. I just remember being short of breath and really out of control after waking up. During my panic attack and insomnia years I had hallunications when sleeping: finally when I falled in sleep, I had tremors and being in a state of sleep – awake. I guess my energy was so low, that what there was left was used to the sleeping and when I woke up, the body turned itself too sympathetic. It should not be normal to be even near a state of panic-attacks, this indicates severe deficiency I think.

    My penis has never lost it size though, the size of the testicles seem to vary a lot, sometimes they are bigger and harder sometimes not.



    Might be a stress issue.Recently I dropped all my supplements and tried 200 mg of 5htp by itself.My morning erections,although weaker,did last a lot longer,about 2 or 3 minutes.



    As soon as you wake up, your body kicks in stress hormones to get you going for the day, which is why cortisol is always higher in the morning, even for healthy people. Possibly, the parasympathetic nervous system is too weak to fight the sympathetic system after you wake up.



    if you dont get morning erections you need a test for Testosterone and E2. those probably in imbalance in those two.



    Even if I go two months of no sexual activities I would still get no morning erection so most of you are not in as bad a position as I am. I vote for a yes.



    Max Yeah, I got all that tested. I’ll be real mad if my doctor didnt test for my free test or SHBG. I want to start taking my zinc/DIM. I hope nothing is wrong because I dont want to go to urologist or endrinologist.



    I don’t know, i think we shouldn’t even masturbate than. I think we should only have sex again, if the majority of the symptoms are gone. I get regular morning errection after 1-2 weeks of abstinence now, but i still have all the other symptoms like inflammed feeling in lower abdomen, eye problems, tension, etc.

    I normally start to feel really good, when i get regular SPONTANIOUS Erections, which always comes much later than the morning erections. I think, at least for me, daily spontanious erections are a better sign of regeneration.

    I want to only start having sex, when i 1) have daily morning and spontanious erections again and 2) feel good and symptoms-free for at least a whole month WITHOUT setback.



    Alpha I agree, I think we should only have sex when we’re able and not resort to masturbation. Thats what I’m gonna try atleast. I never in my life had regular morning erections or spontaneous erections…ever. So does that mean my hormones(particularly testosterone and estradiol) have always been out of whack?



    @: Hmm, ravens my friend, i really don’t know. I just can talk for myself: When i was young, i had erections ALL the fucking time, it was ridicules, one erotic thought and there it was again. I mean really strong erection and libido ALL THE TIME. I not only had a morning erection, but also a noon, afternoon and good night erection.

    But i think that’s normal for a teenager. Did you never had them around the age of 13/14? Maybe you just can’t remember. Otherwise you have to think about what could be the cause, the origin. I mean, if you never had spontaneous erections, maybe it’s not sexual exhaustion with you. I mean are there other symptoms you definitely got from over masturbation? Any after ejaculation pains or discomforts?

    And i don’t want to annoy you, but like i said before, i think emotional trauma (which can date back to birth) and repressed emotions are a big part of the problem. So maybe you could benefit from looking into it. Its often the solution for unexplainable dysfunctions and conditions doctors can’t explain. Read any book of Arthur Janov for understanding the concept.

    Whatever the solution, i really wish, that you will find a way and experience the joy and feeling of power when you get a strong spontaneous erection.

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