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    hello everyone I am starting to get on this forum as much as possible but my case keeps getting worse and worse ok I have masturbated since the age of 12 very heavily anywhere from 7-12 times daily and recently the last year I have noticed signifcant difference in legnth and girth and I was just writing t see if there was anything that anyone would recommend I am definately going to get test done but I know th last test that I had taken my e2 was not where it was supposed to be maybe this has something to do with it and I also had high testosterone but now I know my results for testosterone will be way different any advice would be appreciated

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    I’m learning lately about e2. That could totallyyyyyy be affecting you




    Stop masturbating that often for one.

    Get testing done and wait, that’s all you can do, once you have testing done from an endocrinologist, or a reputable lab, or a repuable doctor then you can go from there.



    testosterone effects penis size?…how do i find having shrinkage problem as well…what test should i get?.Please help..




    Yes it may affect. The ideal would be for you to check all the hormones that MAX posted in the sticky.

    However if your just interested in the shrinakge part then





Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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