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    I not taking anything testwise or steriod wise but my penis is the smallest it has ever been , and shrinking daily my testicle are about the size of peas now and basically inside me also soft as shit and its impossible to get a erection at all. seems like the more the testicle/penis shrinkage has been happening daily the worse my erection srenght has been. I understand the penis shrinkage and testicle shrinkage many experience but why is mines getting worse daily no matter what I do, im not taking test, hcg, etc. im so confused and lost im thinking about filling my prescription of androgel and start taking that with hcg (self treatment route)

    only things im am taking are Nac, vitamin d3, and tablespoon of fishoil since my nutrients were off balance from my bloodwork,neuro,nutrient test. I was taking arimidex from my doctor at 1mg a week but I have stopped could lowo e2 shrink testicles and penis this bad as well.

    I have tribulus from naturopath I saw last year but never really took them figured it wouldnt work but I think I will start taking them to hopefully cause a clomid Lh esque upgrade.

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    Get your prolactin levels checked.

    and check your thyroid levels. thats my 2 cents.

    see a urologist man.



    Natural Test BloodWork

    Aug 2010

    Total Testosterone

    410 Range 300-1080


    20 Range 11-80

    Testosterone Free

    96 Range 47-244

    Testosterone % Free

    2.3 Range 1.6-2.9


    0.63 Range 0.36-43.9

    Sept 2010

    Estradiol 55pg (13-54)

    FSH 3.5 (1.6-8.0)

    LH 6.3 (1.5-9.3)

    Free T3 1.27 (0.93-1.70)

    TSH 0.67 (0.27-4.20)

    Prolactin 5.2 (2.0-18.0)

    Free Testosterone 117.2 pg (35.0-155.0)

    % Free Testosterone 2.47 % (1.5-2.2)

    total test 475 (250 – 1100)

    Nov 2010

    Estradiol 67 (13-54)

    FSH 3.4 (1.6-8.0)

    LH 6.6 (1.5-9.3)

    Free Testosterone 106.8 (35. – 155.0)

    % Free Testosterone 2.15% (1.5-2.2)

    total Testosterone 497 (250-1100)

    Vitamin D 25h 33 (30-100)

    magnesium 1.96 (1.6-2.2)

    Cortisol am 20.11 (6.2-19.4)

    DHEA Sulfate 293 (110-510)

    BioIdentical Test Cream Bloodwork

    started bioidentical testosterone cream 1% superlow dose in Jan 2011 stopped after 3 weeks made shrinkage of penis/scrotum/and testicles worser.

    FEb 2011

    Testosterone total 322 (241-827)

    Free Test 9.0 (6.0-27.0)

    SHBG 16 ( 13-71)

    Gonadortropin 5.0 (4.0-8.0)

    PSA 0.5

    Cortisol 5 (2-25) (7-25)am(2-13)pm

    FSH 6.9 (1.3-11.4)

    Progesterone 0.5 (.15-1.15)

    Prolactin 2.8 (3.0-30.0)

    Free t4 1.26 (.73-1.95)

    TSH 0.8 (.3-5.1)

    Free t3 3.3 (2.3-4.2)

    estradiol 22.1 (10 – 42)

    estrone 10.7 (9-36)

    total estrogens 32.8 (19-69)

    March 2011 Saliva Test

    progesterone 89 (5-95pg/ml)

    androstenedione 480 (151-350 pg /ml)

    testosterone >200 (60-110 pg/ml)

    dht >125 (22-72 pg/ml)

    estrone 88 (30-58 pg/ml)

    estradiol 7 (1-3pg/ml)

    FSH >750 (<125 uiu/ml)

    LH >250 (10-25 uiu/ml)


    6-8 am 10 (13-24)

    11-1pm 11(5-10)

    4-5pm 6 (3-8 )

    10- midnight 3 (1-4)

    dhea >25 (3-10 ng/nil)

    March 2011 bloodwork 200iu of hcg daily for about a week

    total test 584

    April 2011 one 400mg shot of Test E

    total t 1490 (250-1100)

    free t 410 (35.0-155)

    tsh 0.400 (0.340-4.820)

    I know everyone has advised me to stop dealing with local doctors but I got a appointment tommorrow I need to get current baseline to know what my damn e2 , dht , and etc is.



    are you still on the t shots and the hcg?



    Holy crap, that’s alot of tests. Maybe you’re HTPA didn’t recover after coming off test?



    I let that 400mg clear my body its been bout a month since I got that. while I got the test results my bp wasnt high , but I had a followup at local doctor which showed my bp was thru the roof and I just felt off in a sense.

    I have only been taking my supplements from doctor and anastrozle 1mg a week. Idk where my e2 is not but I think it may be too low. well the daily shrinking is still happening so I finally went and picked up my script for androgel I put one packet on today.

    my theory for using the androgel was most people say it turns more into dht than e2 or etc. I dont know if I will use the androgel daily or not, dont want to throw my bloodwork I plan on getting.

    also if you notice the 2011 bloodwork are the only time I started with test, hcg.



    its official I do not have a penis anymore , everything is small as shit and soft as rubber. no matter what I do I have shrinkage daily. the worse case of trt dont even deal with shit like this, what is going on.



    if you have CPPS i can only guess that the muscle tension is cutting off blooflow to your genitals. if thats not he case. go see a urologist as soon as you can.

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