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    Hey guys…

    Don’t get your hopes up….

    But after taking literally 100’s of suplements, injections and treatments I have taken something that has offered some much welcomed relief on the penis size issue.

    Magnesium Ascorbate

    I take one pill, let it work in a few days and it provides with a more normal penis in rest and the most remarkable…It helps maintaining an erection standing up which was previously virtually impossible.

    Maybe it was something else, maybe my body just thought it was time to improve regardless of what I was taken or maybe it was just the placebo effect…..

    But after nog being able to maintain an erection standing up for many years and to find something that actually helps…In an natural way I thought it to be worthwile posting here.

    What I mean by natural is it empowers my body to upgrade it’s abilities rather then depending on the daily intake of the suplement at hand.

    It’s not a miracle cure, my problems haven’t all gone away… but it is what it is…

    I did try take regular magnesium previously btw which didnt do anything at all.


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    Magnesium has hundreds of jobs to do in the body

    including the sexual, brain ,nerve functions…

    hence that taking Vitamin D + Vitamin A in big doses may give a good result but in the end it varies from person to another

    i for my self managed to reduce my joints pain after increasing my viotamin D Level …but the problem is still there so i added more fishoil and it seems that there is improvement

    if you can share your previous experiences it will be great….

    all the luck debaser

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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