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    I have noticed long ago during my healing research that when our bodies work as they are supposed to, it will manufacture the so called ‘feeling good energy’ so that our daily lives becomes less of a struggle every day.

    It is then easy to avoid ejaculation/excessive masturbation when you feel your energy and shen ( spirit ) become better every day. It can be called also warm chi, since it creates a warm and cozy feeling on a person.

    It is very important to understand that if for some reason the body does not recharge properly, you are just wasting your time because there is little if any improvement in energy/health. Work harder to find these blockages and reasons why body does not recharge.

    So here is my list:

    – tend to cry easily ( blocked lungs ). This is due to emotional stagnations, or physical stagnation where phlegm and dampness has accumulated to the lungs and middle part of your body due to weak metabolism. Crying releases this blockage, although does not cure why it is caused in the first place.

    – feeling of plump in the throat. Same reason as above.

    – aggressive, even violent sexual thoughts. When the system is blocked, the love energy is not manufactured. Negative emotions together with abstaining ( due to increased sexual energy ), will cause the person to release this tension in the form of violent and aggressive behaviour which often manifests as a negative attitude towards women.

    -having hate and hatred towards some person(s), for reasons which can not be explained with rational mind. This is another form of releasing the negative energy in the organs.

    -pale vision

    -gas and hard masses in the stomach, digestion

    -problems in bowel movements, or stool

    -general feeling of not benefiting at all from the approaches/methods you are using.

    Rubbing the abdomen, together with stretching and massage is very effective for solving the physical blockages which are formed everyday easily, especially if you spend much time in front of the computer. I rub my stomach very well every night before retiring, all the blockages are solved in the stomach.

    Solid diet, with careful focus on the preparation of foods. These are hard to digest: red meat, cold and raw vegetables, dairy, cheese

    These create dampness and phlegm if the digestion is weak: candies, milk, cheese, chocolate

    True relaxation ( consciously trying to relax all the muscles, so that you actually feel the body relaxing ), emptying the mind and deep breathing through the nose ( using the deepest parts of your lungs, not surface breathing ) are the essential things, based on my research and observation.

    After that regulate your ejaculation so that you feel your warm chi becoming better every day. You can use your energy, but do not shed it or the body will seriously fall apart.

    from Tao Te Ching, part of chapter 52. Light equals chi in tao te ching.

    ” As observing detail is clarity,

    So maintaining flexibility is strength;

    Use the light but shed no light,

    So that you do yourself no harm,

    But embrace clarity.”

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