Since im almost sure of having candida

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    I have decided that candida its part of my problem and it needs to DIE.

    The diet doesnt seem to be helping much. I need to implement the STRICT diet. Or maybe that doesnt matters much since its very healthy already and I dont have money for doing the rest of the protocol.

    Lee, about antifungals, I want to try Jatoba and Neem oil/leaf. When I can I will try them (god knows when will be that) The bicarbonate enema, I need to hold it more! 15 minutes at least. And I am gonna get water kefir to do enemas with this. Yeah and when I get the jatoba (if I need it, maybe nutritional balancing takes care of the candida over time) I can do enemas with it. I feel like my problem lays more in the small intestine though.

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    Looks good. Im sure I want to try antifungals and antiparasitc herbs at one part of the recovery, preferebly sooner. The only good thing about all this time waiting to do so its that now im pretty certain which herbs/supps work. For example, for parasites the best are Parastat, Rantree A-P or Humaworm.

    Gonna try the bicarbonate enema again just in one hour or so. Goal its to hold it as much as I can.

    The water kefir,coffee and bicarbonate enemas are nearly free so im gonna hit them hard lol



    Have just realised that one of the supps included in Wilson´s protocol its actually mildly anticandida.

    Will receive the supplements in two weeks. Hope this shit strikes strong and I feel the detox. I have to say guys, that coffee enemas really do the job. Make me feel jittery and overal worse so obviously they are stimulating the liver and speeding detox.

    Did the bicarbonate enema for 10 minutes, no effect I think.



    you need to confirm it first thru the comprehensive stool test

    with the other pathogens (if iam not mistaken they include the resistance test with it)

    a good interpretive guide by meta matrix

    the candida can be responsive to drugs and natural anti-fungals herbs


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