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    I will update the list once I find more. I have lost many sites unfortunately.

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    nice site about what is leading to sickness. The whole portal is useful reference, check out the other pages too. It states

    “Excessive Sexual Activity

    i.e., leading to ejaculation or orgasm

    Depletes Kidney Jing, mostly in males.

    Male sexual fluids are external manifestation of Kidney Jing: hence loss of these lead to temporary loss of Kidney Jing. Female sexual fluids primarily Jin-Ye.

    Normally this is made up (by postnatal Jing) and does not lead to depletion. However, when sexual activity is excessive, body does not have time to restore the Jing.

    What is “excessive” = resulting in marked fatigue, especially if accompanied by dizziness, blurring of vision, low back pain, weak knees, and frequent urination.

    Adjust sexual activity according to constitution, age, physical condition. (See chart in book pg. 138 as broad guideline).

    Seasons: increase in Spring; decrease in Winter.

    In treating sexual problems, i.e., impotence, often a decrease in sexual activity is important.

    In men, the Kidney Jing is depleted by excessive sexual activity; in women it is depleted by repeated childbirth.

    Lack of sexual activity can traditionally be a cause of disease.

    Sexual desire is measure of strong Kidney Qi and Kidney Yang.

    Deficient Kidney Yang: lack of libido.

    Deficient Kidney Yin: excessive interest in sex and inability to be satisfied, erotic dreams and nocturnal emissions.

    Other important causes of unsatisfactory sexual life: (e.g., lack of warmth and love, relationship issues) can be causes of disease especially where they cause a lot of anxiety and unhappiness. “



    Yingyang, you are a great help here, please keep up the good work!

    Another thing, what is the Kidney yin in scientific terms?




    Thanks. I will update new articles once I find them.

    I don´t think its possible to say what kidney yin, kidney yang or kidney qi is in scientific terms. I have never come across a single method/herb that would regenerate the kidney essence nor know I any person who has been able to recover from real kidney deficiency quickly. One most eliminate the destructive habits/optimize lifestyle and start eating well prepared foods and slowly build the essence. The more young is the patient, better chances to get healed. If patient is old and deficiency is very severe, there is no much hope. Often there are other deficiencies that will deplete the kidney energy ( i.e. eating too much cold/raw foods will first deplete the spleen/stomach systems resulting in weak digestion and cold diarrhea and then depleting kidney energy resulting in real exhaustion ).



    I strongly believe researching the spleen/stomach system and putting effort to eating high quality/tasty/well prepared foods ( and stopping destructive habits ) is the key to health. There won´t be any new energy, unless the stomach and spleen are able to convert the foods to body fluids and energy.

    Remember, overthinking hurts the spleen, stress hurts the stomach. Mind racing is sign of spleen deficiency.

    Good reading:

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    emotional instability creates disease too. One must “let go” and start resting, or if one holds to an one emotion too long the energy will become stagnant in that area and create disharmony/disease.

    Joy = heart. Too much joy will mess the heart function and cause hyperactivity and insomnia, although generally enjoying joy is beneficial. Lack of joy destroys the spirit ( shen ).

    Worry/Pensiveness = kill stomach/spleen function and when worrying too much, there won´t be good appetite or efficient digestive process. Appetite can disappear completely if stressing too much.

    Grief/Sadness = kills vital lung qi. People who are constantly sad have weak breathing and weak voice, they cry easily and have to gasp breath once in a while. Their eyes become dry easily ( lung moisten eyes ) and so their eyeballs look red and over wet.

    Fear = depletes kidney essence. One can handle fear some time, but when it becomes constant part of every day life, one start feeling cold sweat easily, bright face will follow and strong kidney yang is a thing of past.

    Anger = causes liver qi to become stagnant. Plum pit -syndrome ( one feels emotional lump in the throat, and nothing can be seen with medical toys ). Keeping liver soothe is one of the most important things.

    Everything will work vice versa too, diagnosing the symptoms tells which organs are out of balance ( roughly ).

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    Interestingg… =)



    Yingyang, I got a whole book on the spleen and stomach and yin fire.

    Kidney yin deficiency is related to weak spleen and stomach which is the focus of this book but I haven’t got time to study it yet.

    I’m also currently researching Cortisol and it’s link to kidney yin.



    Thats good. Hopefully you find new information about the kidney yin and how to build it. I know that calcium is somehow tonifying kidney yin though I have very bad experiences with calcium supplements after long term.

    Here is good site about kidney functions and formulas.

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    Kidney energy serves as original energy to other organs, so maybe if we can get other organs in balance, can the kidney start building essence.

    not relating to kidney yin:

    Garlic seems to put me very happy mood almost instantly, I eat one clove with apple ( which prevents liver to catch fire ). Few years ago I eat many garlic cloves every day, and got terrible symptoms.

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    Someone has too found garlic beneficial. It is not though recommended when yin -deficiency is present.

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