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    for prostate sitz baths…if one cannot do the alternation between hot and cold…what is better? hot or cold?

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    I would supplement epsom salts with the hot sitz bath.



    what are those?



    You can buy Epsom salts at your local drug store it comes in a milk carton like container its (Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate) you just put it in your bath water and then soak in it.



    definately will check it out thank you. still wondering..any ideas on hot or cold?



    Gurjas, it’s hot you need for calming a sensitive prostate and for prostate enlargement. Cold (ice water) is used for the tonic effect. Hot is for calming/soothing, cold is for stimulation and for toning up the nerves and prostatic/ejaculatory ducts.

    Make the water quite hot, not just luke warm, but obviously don’t burn yourself.






    had a question. so providing heat to the area will increase bloodflow to it…but if its inflamed dont i want the opposite?

    i have an inflamed prostate and the pains have recently reached my vas deferens and pelvic bone. so the inflammation is spreading…

    just curios cause when one hurts a bone or bruises normally something cold or ice is applied? it seems heat will just promote bloodflow and increase inflammation right?



    Gurjas, yeah it will bring the blood to that one area. I’m honestly not sure how this works but it’s definitely the hot sitz bath for prostate inflammation and pain. Pretty much every source says that. You’ll have to simply believe it and go for it. I’m using them now for different reasons to you but a bit early to say whether they are effective.

    Remember we’ve all known since we were young that hot water is very soothing. That’s the reason we use hot baths with oils and bubbles, right?

    Remember to use cold water on the area afterward.



    thanks man. i tried just hot for about a week. the following day i felt the same amount discomfort maybe more. so i tried hot to cold. and thats seems to help. i do 3 min hot 1 min cold times in a row. much better than just hot.



    i went to target and bought two plastic tubs that are decent sized that i can git in. i add baking soda in the hot water.

    on tuesday im going to an herb shop to see what kind of anti-inflammatory herbs i can buy and take daily for about 3-6 months. currently im taking fish oil and pumpkin seed oil. i dont want to use nsaids. thanks again.



    I have been reading that prostate problems can be caused by excess testosterone. If your body produces too much testosterone then during sex or masturbation your body converts the excess testosterone into DHT within your prostate causing irritation, swelling and pain. This also leads to premature ejaculation. Out of interest do you suffer any hair loss? Have you had your thyroid or adrenals tested?



    my t is 318….



    I cannot see why you seem to suffer with prostate problems. Have you been doing kegel exercises? Either that or wanking yourself into oblivion.

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