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    not exactly. its just like i said muscle spasms, or twitches. they happen all over, sometimes more intense then others.

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    hmm it does sound like a nerve has been pinched or so. have you checked your technique when weightlifting? and possibly a sign of neurotransmitter deficneicny



    i usually hold good form through my reps, in the past i have been known to get sort of sloppy when lifting heavy, but this didnt start till i started lifting again and the way i am doing things now is slightly less weight keeping perfect form.



    ok if its nothing heavy and your form is good just watch how it goes.



    i read something where dr. lin was saying muscle twitching could be pre-parkinsons due to neurotransmitter insufficiency. google that



    some common causes of muscle twitching:

    A diet deficiency

    Drug overdose (caffeine)

    Drug side effect (such as diuretics, corticosteroids and estrogens)


    stress or anxiety

    I suggest you ease slowly int your training. I think the twiching should go away, through the weeks, once your body gets accustomed to the weight-lifting since you said you were off it for a while.



    I also get muscle twitching mainly in my neck but it hardly occurs and isn’t really that noticeable. I think my twitching is down to stress and anxiety as Blueshark mentioned.



    i get a stiff neck if i sit at the PC for too long. its just one very bad psoture for the body.



    I have had muscle twitching as well.

    And I’d also like to note that Jay20 is yet another member who lifts weights.

    Anyone who has taken a statistics course should see a connection by now.



    it seems i’m all alone in this

    so what sort of exercise is recommended for such individuals then?



    We’re all active men, so ofcourse we are gonna lift weights. Everyone lifts weights, except for people that just dont care about themselves. Lifting weights is apart of exercise.



    i have them all over, i think its a pinched nerve possibly but i did do some searching and found the parkinsens disease info. i dont know but thats scary.

    i think im gonna steer away from this forum now, because everytime i come on here and read stuff or post stuff, i feel shitty. i noticed today at my first day back at work i felt great all day, not tired, not bumbed out, checking out girls all day. then i come home and go online adn now i feel like shit again. i’ll try to get into a nuerologist, and go from their. for now F*ck this worrying shit, i avoided the internet last time when i recovered for that week and had enough labido to jump on any girl that walked past at any time. then i blew that by masturbating 4 days in a row and came back on here and am all upset about this.

    so i’m just gonna do what i did last time, ignore everything and go on as nothing is even happening.



    yep do just that.



    and btw thanks to everyone who has given me advice.



    you most welcome.



    Thats a good idea. I keep trying to do that, but I become so bored out of my mind that I just go on the computer anyway



    sometimes i wish there were no computers. sadly the’re a must these days.



    I understand exactly what you’re talking about. If there were no computers, I would have never gotten my hands on porn. I didnt have access to porn any other way…damn it.



    not only porn bro, althought i feel myself guilty of that too, but sitting for hours writing up lab reports and assignments gives my body the worst kind of stress imaginable. tight hip flexors, weak lower back, strained neck and traps, groin pain if sitting for too long etc…. sometimes you wish life returns back to its simple ways.



    i know how you feel. i spend lots of energy on se. se se se! but theres hope. with recovery comes renewed energy, motivation etc. i hope for the day i can start concentrating on other things in life.

    quitting will not help



    so | any update on your condition as of yet?



    hi. i want to post my history, current conditon and my proposed solution in my log in a day or two






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