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    i feel overmasturbation when i was growing up is the major factor that i am a socially awkward person..does anyone else have this problem?

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    Yes, very much so, I have social anxiety. I have always been a little shy, but the anxiety has increased as I have got older and is probably due to the sexual exhaustion. I am very self concious talking to certian people and my mind runs a race when I am out with friends. I am constantly monitoring myself and wondering weather I am doing the right things but it may just be self asteem and confidence issues.

    I have found that a major change in diet has helped to REALLY control my symptoms. I could’nt suggest this book enough:

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    wow that sounds exactly like my situation. do you also exercise? thanks for the info



    Yes over masterbation can cause one to become socially awkward. You may have difficulty socialising with people in general and especially the opposite sex.

    You feel guilty for your abuse, have low self esteem, feel abnormal. Society is a new thing for you as you have spent so much time indoors living an unnatural life whereas others have been living more normal lifes.

    Thankfully you can recover and it is all in your hands. You can forgive yourself, stop masterbating, have high self esteem, exercise, socialise with rather then distance yourself from people etc forget about the passed, overcome the psychological barriers, make yourself the best man you can be.



    Yes it does… My self-esteem has dropped significantly because of this dirty addiction…. porn has also ruined my looks and has given me an old man appearance… Each and every day I burn with regret for doing this to myself




    No problem

    I do exercise occasionally. I did it quite solid last year and I must admit I felt good for it. I find a good diet works much better for me though. Perhaps doing some exercise would make things even better.



    i avoid looking to people into their eyes



    anybody else have any tips? i started eating healthy this week and taking vitamin b complex…ive been staying home in my room all summer avoiding friends phone calls because of this




    Good advice.

    OP, I suggest going for a walk each day for at least an hour. I know this sounds difficult, but if you start in short walks it won’t be long before you’ll start to feel the positive benefits.



    Tips to recover

    1- stop masturbating completely

    2-Exercise daily[2 hrs], proven to reduce the anxiety ,stress and to make you more happy

    3- Eat healthy food , fruits & Vegetables , Nuts, Green tea.

    4- Include some supplements in your diet such as Fish Oil ,Borage Oil, and other Multi Vit Min.

    5- Donot sit alone, Get busy .




    Now you have started the diet and vitamin b complex you should maybe think about adding the essential fatty acids. Your brain contains a large amount of fat. Concentrate on getting some Omega-3 fats in you. Eat plenty of oily fish such as salmon and mackrel. At the moment I am taking an organic oil from a health store containing Omega 3, 6 and 9, with a higher ratio (2:1:1) of Omega 3. Your body needs a healthy balance of these for your brain to function properly and I think it is really helping me socially by clearing up my anxiety. Either way its a supplement thing to introduce to your diet. Another book I suggest is “Fats that heal and fats that kill” by “udo erasmus”. He does his own blend of oils that I am yet to try. The book goes into great depth about fatty acids and their every role in your body.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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